Toronto – Anti-Semites and Terror Supporters Rally against Israel



A large rally against Israel took place yesterday in front of the Israeli Consulate in response of the new developments in the Middle East. After being bombarded for months with Hamas rockets, Israel finally responded and decided to liquidate the terrorist bases in Gaza. Naturally, anything that Israel does (other than roll over and die), causes an enormous rage in the hearts and minds of those who hate the country. And there are plenty of them.

According to the event’s Facebook page nearly 3,000 people were supposed to show up, but the actual number was probably around 1,000. After the fiasco during the demonstration at Palestine House a few weeks ago, the Toronto Police took the issues more seriously – they started building a buffer zone between the rally (at the Royal Ontario Museum) and the counter-rally of Jewish groups and their supporters across the street. The police presence was heavy, with plenty of officers, vans ready to transport the arrested, and even horses.


The Jewish rally was attended by more people than you usually see in such situations. Although it was organized by JDL-Canada, many supporters from other organizations, as well as students, showed up. The mood was upbeat, with plenty of singing and dancing. After the event started, Meir Weinstein and Julius Suraski spoke to the participants (that will be shown in video).


One of the students brought a replica of a Hamas rocket to show to the other side:


However, the anti-Israeli rally was the amazing part – as always, looking at those people, it was incomprehensible how they could be gathered at the same place. Their goals, ideas and platforms are so different and often opposite to each other, yet they were united at the rally. That is the power of anti-Semitism. That irrational prejudice is such a strong adhesive that it can bind together totally incompatible people (albeit temporarily).

The event was organized by Palestine House and Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, which was hard to figure out, considering the negative stance of Hamas on homosexuality (though the useful Western homosexual idiots like John Greyson are tolerated).


United homosexuals for Hamas

There were unions present, like CUPE, which don’t mind wasting their members’ dues on anti-Semitic events. Even our old friend Ali Mallah showed up.


The CUPE flag is at home near the terrorist flags


Comrade Ali Mallah graced the event with his presence

The far left was also heavily represented. It was funny to see the flag of the Communist Party of Canada flown near the Iranian flag and the pictures of Ayatollah Khomeini. The murderous Ayatollah personally took care of destroying the communist movement of Iran. However, the communists are too square to catch the irony.


Khomeini and the communists

The communists at the rally did their best to promote their cause. They had a table with a few of their propaganda booklets and periodicals for sale. It was strange to see that one of their activists peddling the literature was a woman with hijab.


Long live communism!


The new Pravda for Canada




Even more propaganda

The communist woman even preached her ideas to a few veiled gargoyles:


Veiled Muslimas for communism

There were plenty of lefty weirdos at the event, like the Independent Jewish Voices, the kapos from Neturei Karta, and even Atheists Against Ethnic Cleansing. Sadly they were mostly staffed by leftover hippies, who try to relive their glory days by taking part in rallies organized by Muslim fanatics, like the Allen Ginzberg fan below.


Atheists Against Ethnic Cleansing


All the way from Montreal – the kapos from Neturei Karta


The ancient fan of Allen Ginzberg, who…


…blends perfectly with the sweaty Muslimas

Of course, the useful lefty idiots were accidental to the event – needed only to show a pan-Canadian solidarity with Hamas. The Muslim fanatics were the real driving force behind the event and that wasn’t hard to notice.


The raging gargoyles

The Muslim fanatics even conducted prayers in their usual arrogant way, taking public space. I still wonder why the communists at the rally didn’t use the occasion to explain to the Muslim Marx’ maxim that religion is opium for the masses.


Look at us, we are Muslims!


Let’s kneel and…


…do some asslifting for everybody to see

Naturally, there were plenty of the flags of the non-existent state of “Palestine.” That wasn’t enough – to show their loyalty to terrorism, the participants brought plenty of Hezbollah’s and other flags and pictures.


Hezbollah, Turkey and Iran



Even more Hezbollah


Hezbollah and “Palestine”


Hezbollah and Khomeini


More of the same…


Proudly posing with his idol’s pictures


Khomeini is popular among this crowd


The Al-Quds flag


Another terrorist flag

The Muslims didn’t limit themselves only to bringing flags. They also brought plenty of signs, in which they loudly and clearly announced their positions on Israel and the Jews, like the one that Israel is a Nazi state:

Nazism=Zionism; Not Another Dime for Israel’s Crimes

Nazism=Zionism; Not Another Dime for Israel’s Crimes


The swastika speaks for itself


Holocaust in Progress; Zionists=Nazis; Fuck Off Israel


“35 Palestinians kidnapped daily” – are you out of your mind?


John Baird’s hate speech







The police managed to keep the peace during the event, although a few Arabs attempted to infiltrate the Jewish side a few times. At the end both groups were escorted in different directions, but a group of violent Arabs tried to start a fight with a small group of Jewish students (that will be in the movie). It was hard to believe, but the police actually stopped the Arabs.


Minutes after the police stopped the Arabs from attacking Jews

In conclusion – that was one of those repulsive events, which show how quickly Canada is deteriorating. The broken immigration system, which, in the name of multiculturalism, is bringing to our country fanatics, savages, murderers and God knows what else, will eventually turn Canada into the same shitty place they left.

Contemplating that terrible Muslim/lefty event, a police horse made the best possible comment:


More about the event at BCF and Eye on a Crazy Planet.


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  2. ScreamiMimi says:

    I greatly appreciate your reporting on these events. I am beyond disturbed by the current rise in antisemitic/antizionist wrath, among many other bizarre changes. I do not recognize my Canada at all these days. We haven’t deteriorated as much as our poor neighbours to the south yet, but it is coming I fear. Bad times indeed! Please keep up the good work. God bless!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. It’s a pity the mainstream media pretend those events don’t happen.

  3. WinstonCDN says:

    Canada has been invaded by these anti-Semitic Nazi thugs too.

  4. Paul Cerar says:

    It is not hypocritical for left-wing fascist Communists to collaborate with right-wing fascist Islamists. Hell calls to Hell.

    Did you hear most members of QUAIA joined the Nazi Party by mistake? They misunderstood the old propaganda slogan “Out of every Hitler Youth emerges a Stormtrooper!”

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  5. jAN says:

    All of these people should leave canada since they do not care about canada and they love their own nations more than canada and its people. This is a huge huge huge disrespect to our nation and to our country and flag.

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