Toronto Anti-Semitic Insane Asylum Fights Stephen Harper

A ragtag crowd of anti-Semites, fans of Arab terrorism, Trotskyites, native extremists, union freeloaders, welfare bums and plain crazy people gathered yesterday at the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto. The reason was the presence of Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the annual Negev Dinner.


The alternative to Steven Harper


Future Members of the Parliament

You can see highlights from the event in the video below, but I still want to make a few points. The rally started in the park behind the building with a few fiery speeches. All of them were furiously anti-Israeli and much worse than what was spoken before at such rallies.



The young commies

The speakers didn’t even pretend to make the distinction between “Zionists” and “Jews” – the dominating opinion was that Israel should be destroyed as an occupational project, which is built entirely on “stolen Palestinian land.” The chants “Occupation is a crime!” and “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” dominated the event and “energized” the crazy crowd.

A weird guy from the Communist Maoist Party of India blamed Mossad for singlehandedly holding the Indian workers and peasants in submission by providing instructions and technology to the Indian capitalist ruling class. The Canadian imperialism was also a part of that cabal, which on top of everything is keeping the liberation movement of Kashmir under tight control.

“Brother Hasan” from the No One Is Illegal movement (who was credited for organizing transsexual dating events) observed that the Canadian imperialist colonial project is occupying illegally Turtle Island, which should be liberated. (Turtle Island is one of the Indian names for North America – supposedly the continent looked like turtle to them. What satellites the Stone Age Indians used to make that conclusion still remains a mystery).


The hit men from Turtle Island

After condemning the Canadian colonialism, Brother Hasan called for free movement of everybody on earth, according to the principles of his organization. It is hard to explain how the idea of de-colonization could co-exist with the call to millions of “oppressed” to move to Canada. Wouldn’t that be another colonization? Only in the schizophrenic leftist mind could two contradictory ideas co-exist in harmony.

A crazy “Palestinian” woman bashed Harper for “sipping wine, nibbling on cheese and listening to Mozart” at the dinner, while the Bedouins of Negev are moved to larger cities. Obviously, listening to the International or Arab music is preferable to that bourgeois poster boy Mozart. She also insisted that Canada should be destroyed by giving everything to the Indians.

A major attraction at the rally was the call to boycott Sodastream. It is insane that a relatively small company that produces carbonated drinks machines and provides work for Jews and Arabs could become the target of such vile hatred. But nothing is sane in the twisted leftist mind. A strange creature and a guy with a Harper mask made a pathetic attempt at satire, denouncing the “apartheid water.”



Fighting the apartheid water


The insanity continues

It was impossible to miss the inevitable group of self-hating Jews. Other than the ubiquitous Independent Jewish Voices, wearing their lovely kefiyes, I spotted something new – United Jewish People’s Order. Is that some new communist Illuminati project?



United Jewish People’s Order


The disappearing minds of the self-hating Jews

Supporters of the organization held the set of maps, showing the “disappearing Palestine.” Of course, from the comfort of Canada, those idiots can easily attack their fellow Jews in Israel and condemn them to destruction.

After all the speeches ended, the crowd took action. The idea was to go to the main entrance and sabotage the access. On their way they stopped at the parking’s entrance and enjoyed themselves by blocking the way of the cars and booing the drivers.


On the way to the main entrance

Once they reached the main entrance, the Turtle Island liberators started to bang the windows trying to attract the attention of the bourgeoisie inside. They got soon under the control of the police and had to limit their action to shouting obscenities and drumming.



The attack failed


The struggle continues


“End Israeli apartheid!”

They kept drumming for over an hour, booing in the process every person, who was entering the Convention Centre. At certain point, one of their leaders, while wrapping up the event, congratulated her warriors for blocking the door for 20 minutes – it was a great success. That was a strange remark, because there were several doors and none of them was actually blocked.

That was it – another stupid protest with recycled signs and speeches, organized by useless people, who mooch money from union dues and social services, while deluding themselves that they advance the world revolution. Of course, that fact doesn’t make them more likable or less dangerous. Under the right circumstances they may become the new totalitarian force – don’t forget that in the chaos of 1917 in Russia, a similar ragtag gang lead by Vladimir Lenin managed to take over and exterminate millions of their fellow countrymen.

Yesterday the retarded anti-Israeli gang wanted to destroy Israel – tomorrow it will be Canada’s turn.


© 2013

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Given the fact that it is the same loons that keep showing up to these events, I’m surprised you don’t know them all by name by now!

  2. Anonymous says:

    United Jewish People’s Order was created by the Winchevsky Centre about 7 to 10 years ago.

  3. The Hammer says:

    No One is Illegal is itself a contradiction. They advocate for immigrant rights and unrestricted immigration on one hand. Then say Canada and the US should not exist which implies that all immigrants and their descendants are illegal and should not have any power.

  4. SM ISAC says:

    FYI, Sodastream is on sale at Walmart for $118. A friend of mine has just purchased it and I helped him assemble it. The unit is compact, easy to use and works like a charm. In just a few seconds the plain water turns fizzy. I can see why they are predicting that all cola products will soon go out of business.

  5. The Lone Ranger says:

    Sodastream? Just what we need in -30 degree temperatures in Alberta. I’ll rush out and get mine today!


  6. Wolf says:

    I fully support the militant Native people. I just think that we, as Natives, should focus on our own problems at hand & let others fight their own battles. Too many confused movements try to co-opt the Native movement to lend some sort of credibility to their own mish-mash set of ideals. Too many ingredients in the soup make for a really screwed up flavor, so to speak. Have we not learned from the Wiccans?!

    1. admiwrath says:

      If you want a dialogue, you need to get jobs before demanding anything. What’s the deal with Wiccans? They are delusional idiots. If Wicca had any power, they wouldn’t be in their current ridiculous condition.

  7. Wolf says:

    P.S. All the name calling & generalizations in this article put the author right on the polar opposite “loony soap box”. Just another frustrated, intolerant, overbearing, over-opinionated voice in the crowd.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nothing to see here – just another reserve parasite, who wants to keep the stolen taxpayers’ money coming. Here is solution for you – get a job and stop stealing our money. Right, Chief Wolf?

  8. Cartman says:

    Youtube account closed?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I have been the target of several cyber attacks over the last two months. The leftards and the homo-troopers never sleep. I’ll see what will happen, then will cover it in the blog.

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