Toronto Gay Pride Week 2013 Kicks Off with a Jew-Bashing Lecture

It was enlightening to see that the first official event of the Toronto gay pride week (after the raising of the flag) was an Israel-bashing lecture.


The homosexual bullies who run the gay parade activities seem to be obsessed with Israel to the point that every year they support the participation of the anti-Semitic group Queers against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) despite the risk of losing the city funding. This year it happened again – in addition to the naked perverts who expose themselves to children at the parade, the funding also went to the anti-Semitic wing of the homosexual movement.


The only person who protested

Of course, many would vigorously argue against using the term “anti-Semitic” when referring to those people. But what else could you call that attitude when homosexuals single out a tiny faraway country where they have all imaginable rights, while ignoring the horrible way they are treated in Africa, Asia, South America, Russia and most of Eastern Europe, and with the Muslim invasion, things don’t look better in Western Europe either.

The lecture “Pinkwash, Greenwash, Hogwash: How Israel Uses Sex and Marketing to Distract from Apartheid” was delivered by Ali Abunimah, a co-founder of Electronic Intifada, an internet anti-Semitic rag. He would be offended for being called an anti-Semite.

Ali fights the evil Zionists

Ali fights the evil Zionists

On the surface he might be right – other than the shaved head he has very little in common with the ordinary skinhead. While a skinhead usually yells “Kill the Jews!” Ali speaks in a sophisticated manner about the need to organize a resistance movement to cripple the Israeli economy and force the return of the “Palestinian refugees”. Unfortunately, both desire the same result – whether they actually kill the Jews or weaken the defenses of the country so that Israel’s fanatical neighbours do the dirty job, we are dealing with two different methods to achieve the same goal.

Ali relied heavily on half-truths, omissions and outright lies to make his point. His audience, which consisted mostly of lefty homosexuals, had no problem believing everything he said.  

The presentation started in the best traditions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion – the sinister pinkwashing strategy was a brainchild of a secretive Zionist think tank. They determined that the struggle for Israel is not fought on the battle field. It is fought on campus through delegitimization. It also includes a worldwide network, in which Toronto plays a very significant role.

(You don’t need a think tank to figure that out – a few hours spent among the York University idiots should be enough.)

This paradigm was adopted by the Jewish lobbyists and the Israeli government – that the main danger is delegitimization. Its purpose is the end of Israel as a Jewish state and turning it into a pariah state. The remedy against it is to promote the softer side of Israel, not its criminal actions. They want to hide the abuse of the human rights of the Palestinians.

The gay strategy is part of that. Pinkwashing means presenting Israel as a destination for gay sex tourism. It is supposed to mask the real violent nature of Israel. Here he showed a movie made by anti-Israeli activists, attempting to show in “satirical” way how pinkwashing works. That strategy is an attempt to change the subject. The big corporations also use that strategy.

To make his point, Ali showed a TD Bank poster in support of the gay parade, which he saw in Toronto (at 19:15 in the first video), and noted that it is also an example of pinkwashing by a large corporation. Obviously, Ali and his gay boys were not that bright. Otherwise, they would’ve known that TD Bank is one of the largest sponsors of the homosexual week. Looks like a homosexual biting the hand that feeds them is something normal.


The audience

Then he showed a “propaganda” video made by an Israeli lobby organization about Tel Aviv – showing an upbeat image of the city through many happy people taking part in some homosexual event. He said that those images are constantly repeated by the Israeli government propaganda. That includes the army, where a gay soldier can get involved in mass violence against the Palestinians, especially children.

Then we saw a video of confrontation between Israeli soldiers and Arabs in Hebron (from 28:15 in the first video). He didn’t explain what led to the confrontation and didn’t translate what they were saying. He said that the children in it were arrested on their way to school for no reason. His only comment was that Hebron is a Palestinian city where thousands of Jews live in violation of international laws.

(The lying scumbag conveniently omitted the fact that Hebron is an ancient Jewish city, where the Tomb of the Patriarchs is located. There has always been a large Jewish presence there, which continues today. In their provocations against the Jews the Arabs often use children. However, his ignorant audience wouldn’t know that.)

Then he read from “testimonies” collected by anti-Israeli NGO’s – an example with a 16-year old who tried to get a work permit to work in Israel and while doing so was arrested for no reason. Another example was the admission of a soldier who likes to create riots. According to him, the Israeli army personnel loved to break store windows or disrupt prayers in the mosques just to start fights with the Palestinians. Ali didn’t explain why the soldiers would deliberately get into such life-threatening situations.

Then he displayed “evidence” of the brutal Jewish racism, which threatens the lives of the African immigrants. The movie showed a very small group of young Jews walking the street and shouting something (allegedly) against the Sudanese immigrants (at 45:00). Supposedly, they were followers of MK Michael Ben-Ari.

Again, he conveniently forgot to mention that those Sudanese Muslims have been smuggled into the Jewish state with the purpose to destabilize it. Many of them were involved in various crimes and they strain the welfare services. Considering the damage they do, a few shouting kids is a very mild reaction.

After providing that questionable evidence that Israel is hell on earth, Ali moved on to the homosexual issues.

He attacked a poster showing execution of gays in Iran as Zionist propaganda.

Then he tried to debunk the “myth” of gay persecution in the Muslim world. It is a lie that in Palestine you are persecuted for being a gay – there is no such law, in the West Bank they follow the Jordanian law and homosexuality is not persecuted. The same applies to Egypt – there are very few prosecutions, but they are mostly for prostitution and indecency. In Gaza the law outlawing homosexuality is a 1936 British law. Nobody is executed, there is only ostracism and social taboos.

Again, Ali revealed himself as a bold-faced liar. Both sharia law and the Muslim clerics are against homosexuality, for which the punishment is death. Ali’s ignorant audience had no idea that Islam has total control over those societies and they don’t need a due process to convict somebody of homosexuality – the Muslims themselves do the dirty job. When visiting Israel last year, I used the Lonely Planet Guide to Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Despite being “progressive” they warned a few times in the book that homosexuality in Gaza and the West Bank is illegal and one should avoid any displays of such affection.

Ali revealed even more vile Zionist plots, like the propaganda that Yasser Arafat was gay and died from AIDS, for which the Zionists used unconvincing arguments based on pictures. That’s using homophobia to discredit Arafat. (I didn’t get that – if, as Ali said, homosexuality is not an issue in the Muslim countries, what’s the big deal with Arafat being gay?)

Another sinister plot was revealed at a gay parade in San Francisco – they paraded a float with a statue of Ahmadinejad with a rocket stuck up his ass. For some reason Ali thought that the insulting situation and the fact that the Iranian president was shown with a big nose, were supposed to represent anti-Semitic imagery. Again, the Zionists spread rumours that Ahmadinejad is gay or Jewish to discredit him. (That madness starts at 1:02:28 in the first video.)

In the end Ali proudly said that the worldwide resistance against pinkwashing is getting stronger. Its activists have sabotaged a few homosexual events in Israel.

Although Ali said in the beginning that he will leave plenty of time for question, he didn’t keep his word. The questions and statements were limited to 2 minutes and he made a good use of that by interrupting the questions he didn’t like. The few Jews, who tried to question his presentation, were accused of promoting Israeli propaganda. Apparently, suppressing opinions is part of how the Electronic Intifada operates.

He also used the Q&A period to promote the BDS movement, aimed at sabotaging the Israel economy. Ali didn’t forget to trash Canada for supporting Israel, and then proclaimed that the anti-Israeli movements in Canada should work more with the Canadian Indians. Of course, we always have to listen to what the Arab American anti-Semites have to say.

You can see most of the “discussion” in the second video.

Toronto Gay Pride 2013 Opens with a Jew-Bashing Event, Part 1:


Toronto Gay Pride 2013 Opens with a Jew-Bashing Event, Part 2:

It’s not a big deal that the Toronto homosexuals are taken advantage of by an anti-Semitic liar like Ali Abunimah. After all, there is no law in Canada against stupidity.

The trouble is that we, the taxpayers, pay to finance the anti-Semitism promoted by the homosexual bullies. Displaying anti-Jewish bigotry, while whining about “homophobia,” definitely is not a reason to be proud.

Here are the videos. The first one shows Ali’s lecture. In the second one you’ll see how he deals with the questions:

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  1. mrzee says:

    Regarding the “illegal” Israeli presence in Hebron (from which Jews were ethnically cleansed betwen 1929 and 1967), the palestinian authority agreed to the Israeli presence there in the 1996 Hebron Accords.

  2. the Lone Ranger says:

    The ignorance and gullibility of that audience simply astounds me, not to mention their willingness to listen to an errand liar and a barbarian to boot.

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