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The United Church of Canada warmly welcomes the Hamas supporter George Galloway


Recently through the newsletter of the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre I learned about a document of the United Church of Canada dealing with their Israel/Palestine policy. The report is supposed to be presented in August 2012 to the General Council. FSWC criticized it as insensitive and deceptive on many issues.

That didn’t surprise me – there were not many points in the report that the church didn’t make before. About two years ago I lost whatever little respect I had for them. In October 2010 the Trinity-St. Paul United Church in Toronto hosted an event with George Galloway, a British MP. Other than being a slimy creature who got caught misusing charity money, he is also a vile anti-Semite (masking his position not that successfully as anti-Zionist), and open supporter of the Hamas terrorists (he collected money for them) and a devout defender of the theocracy ran by the mad mullahs of Iran.

I had to endure the event to record his speech. I covered it in detail in a blog post.

He openly advocates the destruction of Israel by flooding it with over 7 million Palestinian “refugees”. He is confident that we have to collaborate with Hamas, because they are the legitimate Palestinian government. He also thinks that he is not an anti-Semite, because he admires the “greatest” Jew – Karl Marx (I wonder if he has read what Marx wrote against the Jews in “The Jewish Question”).

Together with the church officials, they had in the church all kinds of lefties, Muslim PLO supporters and other sympathizers of the Palestinian terrorism. In the document that I am going to cover below, the writers mention several times the importance of the Christian love.

I wonder how Christian love could fit with the hostile slogans and signs, displayed in the church.

“Stop Terrorism, Boycott Israel & USA”:


Message of “love” and “hope”


Or the assortment of the Palestinian flag, the “Troops Out Now” sign with bloody stains, and the wordy call to “Free Palestine! End Israeli Apartheid! Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions.”


UCC’s extremist corner


The place looked more like a club of the International Socialists; there was not much of Christianity left in the desecrated church. They may argue that they just provided a venue for Galloway, but giving space in a church to hatemonger like him is inexcusable. I don’t recall the Catholic Church in Germany ever hosting an Adolf Hitler speech event.

I hope this old event helps you understand who the UCC’s darling is (it’s not Israel, that’s for sure).

The following paragraph from the beginning of the report (dealing poetically with the Holy Land) could give you a hint:

“…this land has also been shaped by an awareness of the sacred and transcendent. Whether it is the night journey of Muhammad, the vision of Solomon, or the prayer of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, here heaven and earth have come close to each other.”

Notice the order of the religions – first comes Islam, THEN Judaism and Christianity is last. Jesus Christ lived and preached there; however, putting the Muslim religion before the Jewish is very odd. The only link Islam has with the Holy Land is the hallucination of Mo, the medieval goat-herder who never set foot there, that he flew to Jerusalem, but his delusion is enough to ignite his followers to demand full control over the area.

Meanwhile, not only did the Jews have holy sites there, but their own state existed in those lands for thousands of years. It’s ridiculous to compare both claims.

Then we read:

“Israel came into existence following recognition of the horrors of the Holocaust. There was wide support throughout the world for the creation of a Jewish homeland.”

Yes, the old tripe resurfaces again – the Jews got their state from the World War II victors as an act of charity for the butchery they were subjected to. Not a word about the Zionist movement in the XIX century, about the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and all the international decisions, agreements and practical steps taken long before WWII that eventually led to the restoration of the Jewish state.

As if the belittling of the Jewish history is not enough, the wise men of the UCC make things worse as they invent a glorious Palestinian history:

“It is also unacceptable to question the existence of a Palestinian people. To suggest that their identity has been recently manufactured or that the true Palestinian homeland is elsewhere ignores history. Palestinians have lived in Palestine for millennia.”

Well, they haven’t… The records of historians and travellers show that what was known as Palestine (name given to the land by the Romans after they expelled the Jews) was barren land of deserts and swamps, which didn’t exactly inspire the Arabs to move in there in droves, so their presence was never significant. The Jewish immigrants from the early XX centuries were those who cultivated that place through hard work and dedication. Only after the arable land became a fact, did the Arabs start to move en masse into what was supposed to be the future Jewish state as planned under the mandate entrusted to Great Britain (and the British sabotaged the process by silently approving the Arab immigration and restricting the influx of Jews through the White Paper of 1939, which had catastrophic consequences for the European Jewry). But of course those are only facts that mean nothing from the United Church’s preconceived point of view.

Things get even worse when the UCC explains its reasons for criticizing Israel on page 6 of the document:

“The working group also takes seriously charges that church actions disproportionately criticize Israel in comparison to other countries in the region or other situations globally. The working group believes that Israel can and should be held to a higher standard than surrounding non-democratic countries or authoritarian regimes. It is precisely because of Israel’s close identification with democratic ideals that it needs to be challenged on its policies around the occupation.”

This is one of the most entertaining parts – a tiny nation, surrounded by Muslim barbarians whose only goal is to destroy it, is required to act from a “high moral ground” as defined by the United Church people. It is the same mean approach, which is supposed to induce guilt in the Western countries, so that they can keep wasting money on useless third-world projects.

In the case of Israel the underlying point is that although somebody is trying to kill you, the deranged church people expect that you act with dignity and never resist – so when you perish, UCC can say “Wow, they all died with dignity”. We have seen this before – that’s how many Jews in WWII acted and now they are dead. I am sure if given a second chance, they would act very differently, just like the founders of Israel in 1948 resisted the Muslim invasion and built a prosperous state.

UCC won’t let Israel even defend herself. Here is what they have to say about the wall:

“There are strong arguments that security alone does not justify the location of the barrier inside Palestinian territory; if security were the only motivation, the barrier could be constructed on the Green Line. The working group is also not convinced that the separation barrier was solely responsible for ending suicide bombings. Suicide bombings ceased even though many sections of the wall remain incomplete. Other factors likely led to the cessation of suicide bombings, such as strict measures the Palestinian Authority implemented against militants, a ceasefire, and a widespread consensus in Palestinian society that violence has been counterproductive.”

The authors contradict themselves – they just said that Israel was surrounded with authoritarian and non-democratic countries. There is absolutely no evidence that those countries, after a collective meditation, found a nobler approach to Israel. And the notion that the “Palestinian society” found a consensus against violence is laughable. Israel reduced the violence by being stronger and taking all measures to limit the access of the militants to the country (the only language the Arabs understand).

“The United Church of Canada has consistently condemned all acts of violence by all parties in this conflict. Because of this position, the United Church has chosen not to comment on specific incidents of violence on either side over the past few years. Statistics about deaths and injuries are available and show a large and disproportionate impact on Palestinians.”

The church uses another mean trick to present Israel as the bad side. There isn’t a single word about the fact that the Palestinians have always initiated violence. Nothing about the daily anti-Semitic propaganda by the Palestinian media and the vitriolic indoctrination of school children with the ideas to destroy Israel.

And that’s not all – UCC attacks the Jewish character of Israel, brings up the Palestinian refugees “right to return” while keeping silent about the right of the Jewish refugees from the Arab countries to compensation.

Make no mistake – UCC is no more the church of sweet old ladies and compassionate Christians, it has been taken over by lefty political extremists to whom George Galloway is the new Messiah. Their mind-boggling worship of Islamic fundamentalism is unlikely to bring new people to the churches.

Years ago, in Canada we had a chain of department stores called Woolco. In 1994 they went out of business and were bought off by Walmart. I see the same in the future of the UCC – one day Saudi Arabia will buy all the empty UCC buildings and convert them into mosques. I am sure the General Council would cheerfully approve the move.

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Where are the good men and women of conscience within the United Church? You are right on Blogwrath when you said the church has been “desecrated” by those hideous banners. Thank God for your strong stomach to withstand the stench.

  2. Anne says:

    The United Church is crazy. Or disgusting. Or something.

  3. Robert says:

    Israel is the only nation in the Middle East where the Christian population is increasing.Throughout the Muslim world, Christians are now fleeing for their lives.

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