Valerie Price on the Ugly Reality of Honour Killings in Canada

Valerie Price, founder of Act for Canada, an organization dedicated to preventing the creeping Islamization of Canada, recently had a presentation in Poland at an international conference of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Warsaw. Her topic – the honour killings.

That ugly Muslim custom is downplayed by the mainstream media in Canada. They often interpreted it as incidental to the otherwise happy-go-lucky flowery religion of universal love that Islam is supposed to be, or they see it as one of those fascinating multicultural phenomena that we must understand and accept (or else we will be branded racists).

The ugly truth is that the honour killings are an essential way to solving family conflicts prescribed by the barbaric cult of Islam. This morning we learned that an outstanding Canadian citizen has beheaded his four children in Somalia. We are the architects of our own misfortune, because instead of accepting people who can contribute, we have opened Canada’s gates to third-world fanatical trash that will eventually destroy our country.

Valerie makes her point in the video:

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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    There has never been a truer saying: “You shall reap what you sow.”

    Official multiculturalism has let in huge numbers of people who don’t want to be Canadians, don’t want to work, don’t want to learn English or French, don’t want to integrate, and don’t want to live outside their own communities where their own like-minded ilk live. Immigration costs us $23 billion a year – more than we spend on national defence. And what do we get for it? “Honor” killings, imported diseases that were eradicated from Canada decades ago, driving tests in nine languages, socialized housing prioritized for Third World families, public schools accommodating religious (Muslim) prayers & services to the exclusion of all others, etc. The list goes on.

    Eventually, Canada will no longer be Canada. When white Canadians become the minority in their own country, what will become od Canada’s laws, institutions, education system and even our military? When Muslims run Toronto and east Indians take control of a huge portion of BC, will they allow gay “pride” parades? If another global war breaks out, how many people of different cultural backgrounds refuse to fight for Canada, claiming loyalty instead to their countries of origin? Indeed, what if that war involves a Muslim country, Russia or China? Will our tiny army be required to fight insurgents here at home instead?

    The word “diversity” should be replaced with “death,” because this is where we are heading as a nation.

  2. L. Hosk says:

    hundreds of yrs ago, and Present Today, mohammad persecuted non believers, threatening their very lives, (killing), their Peace, economics, children..
    via jihad , terrorism, war in the Qur’an, all thru out this ‘book’
    a written statement of war, intent for worldwide submission
    via jihad law in the Qur’an

    having No tolerance for other cultures, personal beliefs, laws, democratic govt systems, human rights by all who practice such ideology
    hate crimes against Humanity, horrific racism against Canada, govt, law, human rights, freedoms . . no loyalty to Canada, laws, govt system etc
    a weapon
    used Today Presently by all Islamic law muslims in Canada, who practice this ideology

    Islamic law Is islam in the Qur’an, a political jihad law (not religion)

    a clear and present danger on Canadian soil

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