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On Sunday, November 23, JDL-Canada is going to hold a vigil for the latest victims of the Palestinian terrorism in Israel – the four Jewish rabbis and the Druze policeman, who were killed by Arabs in Jerusalem. This is the third similar event in the last few years. The first one was to commemorate the extermination of the Fogel family by Muslim terrorists, the second took place just a few months ago after the kidnapping and brutal murder of three Jewish teenagers in Judea and Samaria.

The vigil will start at 2 p.m. across the street from Palestine House and the address is:

It is not an accident that the event is held in front of that “institution.” Palestine House is a well-known nest of supporters of the Muslim terrorism and Hamas. Anti-Semitism is the norm at that place. Last year, at the annual Al-Quds rally in Toronto, Elias Hazineh, former official of the House, called for the Jews in Jerusalem to be shot. This summer at a pro-Hamas rally another official called for a third intifada, which has to be carried out by the “Palestinian” diaspora as well, thus promoting terrorism in Canada. Naturally, in our politically correct society both of them got away with promoting violence.

It was a disgrace that this anti-Semitic institution was receiving millions of dollars in federal funding. It took years to stop that. The lack of taxpayers’ funds did little to curtail their vicious propaganda. A major mouthpiece of that propaganda is the newspaper published in that place (in Arabic) – Meshwar. Thanks to its editor Dr. Nazih Khatatba the Arabs can enjoy what is considered humour in their circles, like the blood libel cartoon, which appeared recently in Meshwar.

meshwar3After the latest terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Palestine House’s officials made sure to make public their joy that Jews have been killed. In an editorial Khatatba called for an armed fight against Israel (the quotes, which follow have been translated by Jonathan Halevi and posted on his blog):

“While confronting the Israeli racist activities in al-Quds [Jerusalem] and the repeated incursions into al-Aqsa Mosque, the people of al-Quds and the Palestinians in the [West] Bank and the areas of ’48 [meaning the State of Israel] had to react and even with primitive ways available to them according to the circumstances in order to counter the occupation. The security apparatuses of the Palestinian Authority and the occupation cannot spot [in advance] and thwart the newly innovated modes of operation like the ‘run-over’ and stabbing operations in al-Quds, Tel Aviv and the West Bank. [Based on that] observers believe that its [‘run-over’ and stabbing operations] scope will expend into a new intifada…”

“The adherence to the heritage of Yasser Arafat [founder of Fatah, PLO and Palestinian Authority], his principles and fundamental positions, for the sake of which he and tens of thousands were martyred, will come through continuing the path of national reconciliation [between Fatah and Hamas] based on sound foundations, achieving national unity [between Fatah and Hamas], supporting and assisting the national unity government and adhering to the option of all-out struggle with the rifle, which for its protection Yasser Arafat and thousands of martyrs died.

“There is a need to reconsider the functions and missions of the [Palestinian] Authority in a way that its first and main mission will be supporting and assisting the all-out struggle and this requires the immediate cessation of the security coordination [with Israel] and the security cooperation with the occupation…”

And of course to make sure that the call for turning the Palestinian Authority into a Hamas-like entity (not that there is a big difference at this point) that will deal with killing Jews, the mad doctor adds another dose of Arab humour – cartoon where a tiny Jew is about to be crushed by the jihad wheel.

run over cartoonThe fans of Muslim terrorism are good at using the social media to promote their cause or simply to make threats. The same doctor wanted to convey to the Jews the message that what he promotes as the fate of Israel also applies in Canada. Referring to the planned vigil on the 23rd of November, he warned JDL-Canada on his Facebook page:

The Jewish [Defence] League [JDL Canada] decided to hold a sit-in in front of the Palestine House next Sunday to protest against comments posted on Facebook with regard to the events in al-Quds [Jerusalem]. It [JDL Canada] blames Nazih Khatatba and Monira Kitmitto [both are board member of the Palestine House] of incitement of terrorism and antisemitism. You are welcome in the Palestine House if you didn’t learn the lesson from [your] last visit [on July 3, 2014].”

The previous event (on July 3) that the mad doctor refers to was the previous protest, where the Arabs crossed the line of verbal anti-Semitism and physically attacked the participants. A Japanese woman was pushed and the racist Arabs yelled racist slurs at her. A few other people were beaten with wooden sticks and one had to be taken to the hospital.

MVI_0217015MVI_0217102As if that wasn’t enough, Khatatba even boasted in another Meshwar editorial, published in issue 108, July 11 2014, page 6 (translated from Arabic by Jonathan Halevi):

“Had the Police not intervened with very large forces, a massacre would have occurred, as the Palestinians were very provoked…”

Evidently, the rabid Arabs are bringing their intifada to the streets of Canada.

Proving that in those circles women are as evil as men, another Palestine House celebrity joined the Canadian intifada. I mentioned that in another post, but let me say again that the board member Monira Kitmitto used Facebook to praise the two Muslim terrorists.

monira kitmitto facebook postHer comment (translated by Halevi) was:

“In al-Quds [referring to the massacre of Jewish worshippers in Jerusalem synagogue on November 18, 2014] like in the Galilee, the [West] Bank, Gaza and the Negev [referring to similar terrorist attacks carried out recently by Palestinians], in spite of the consecutive tragedies there is a spirit of manhood in the air and heroism on the ground. Ghassan and Udai Abi Jamal [the Palestinian cousins who murdered with a handgun, an axe and a knife 4 rabbis and wounded 8 in Jerusalem massacre], you are role models and an example [for others]. Glory to both of you and to all [others who committed similar operations].”

In the poster showing a man holding a long knife in front of the photograph of the two terrorists there was the following caption: “[Ghassan and] Udai Abi Jamal, you are the pride of our nation.”

However, the fiery Monira didn’t stop there. A few days later she posted another sample of Muslim “humour” – a cartoon openly threatening the Jews. An Orthodox Jew is surrounded by the tools that the Muslim savages will use to kill him – axe, knife, car, AK-47.

monira kitmitto nov 19, 2014She added her opinion to the cartoon: “All land under your feet is hell.” Maybe the land under her feet has also become hell, because soon after that she shut down her Facebook page.

Those are truly evil and dangerous people. Make no mistake – if they had the numbers and the weapons, they would slaughter everybody who opposes their satanic cult. Hatred is the only thing that gives a “meaning” to their lives.

I am not saying that to scare you – those people should be exposed and stopped. The same old saying applies here – for the evil to triumph all that is needed is the good people to do nothing.

Let’s all do something, let’s be there tomorrow with JDL-Canada.

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  1. Vardit says:

    Hope you have a great turnout! I am still a bit sick (bronchitis) after about 16 days or I would be right there with you. Don’t think it would be okay for me to stand outside for that long…

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