“Zionism-Israel-Racism” – a Simple Message from York University’s Jew-Hate Fest

It was another excruciating day at York University. Yesterday I attended there a rally organized by Students Against Israeli Apartheid, called to celebrate the student federation’s endorsement of the boycott of Israel and demand that the university administration comply with it. Plus, I read the local paper, praising John Greyson’s new tranny film project and convincing men to switch to women’s clothing.

Nothing summarized the spirit of the event than the huge sign, in front of which most speakers stood. It read: “Zionism-Israel-Racism”.



Equating these three words demonizes Israel and everybody, who lives there, in the same way that the classic anti-Semites do. Israel and the Jews are not that popular at that university – the unholy alliance of Muslims, lefties and union activists never misses the opportunity to show that in different ways – from hosting the notorious George Galloway to the annual Israeli Apartheid Week.

The organizers tried to soften the anti-Israeli impression by featuring Independent Jewish Voices, whose big sign was also hanging from the wall (apparently the Neturei Karta nuts were not available).


“Insane Jewish Voices”


Adding that tiny group to the York University anti-Israeli Kool-Aid cocktail is not going to fool many people. The only thing that group proves is that not all Jews are smart.

The latest decision about the BDS campaign is not that different from what happened in the past. Even Excalibur (the YU paper, which can hardly be called pro-Israeli) reluctantly admits that Hillel and Hasbara said they were not notified officially about the meeting of the student federation (YSF), where the motion was voted. The devious leaders of YSF even made sure the vote took place during Passover, thus eliminating the Jewish students.

There was even a petition to adopt the motion signed by 5,000  students (out of 55,000). Of course, the opinion of 5,000 Muslims and lefties (if the petition is real) trumps the opinions of the rest.

Over 100 people attended the rally and spent the time yelling and chanting against Israel.


The liberators of “Palestine”


The rally didn’t attract just fans of the Palestinian terrorism… oops, “struggle for liberation” – there were several people from the Tamil student organization of York University, proudly waving Tamil Tigers flags.


The terrorist flags


Obviously, the news that the Tamil Tigers are a terrorist organization still hasn’t reached the university.

The decorations in Vari Hall put up by the organizers were consistent with their anti-Israeli sentiments. One of them called to “drop fees not bombs” – I had no idea that York University was bombing somebody.



Another sign expressed rage over Gaza – “the siege continues, Gaza, apartheid, Israel”. Well, they somehow forgot that Egypt is also blocking Gaza; its government even destroyed many of the underground tunnels. Imagine how terrible the Hamas government is, if even their Muslim Brotherhood godfathers don’t like them.


And it should continue…



Forced exile?


The lefty taste for weird expressions of their “ideas” was visible all over the place.


Bedouin, Guy Fawkes, and Mandela – made for each other


The lineup of speakers was impressive – with representatives from a few kooky organizations united by their disdain for the non-conforming Jews. I caught most of the speeches on video and will put the best moments of them on YouTube, but let me just present the people who spoke.



A fiery girl from YUBSA, the York University Black Students Association, trashed Israel for its racism. She compared it to South Africa. It was curious to hear this from an organization, which offers to its members discounts from black-owned businesses (isn’t that racist?).




My old friend Mariam, who some time ago put a lot of effort to promote Muslim prayers in a Toronto public school, was ecstatic about the BDS decision. She also demanded that her tuition fees should not finance Israel.



A guy from CUPE, the public employees’ union, proudly stated how several locals of the union are already boycotting Israel.



A person from Independent Jewish Voices (not sure if it was a man, woman or two-spirited) assured the participants that most of the progressive Jews fully support the BDS campaign. He or she didn’t specify the number of those progressive Jews.



An especially interesting lefty specimen was a hijab Filipina, who spoke against the Israeli racism in such a tense and rabid way that her speech sounded more like a dialogue with a rattlesnake. She bore close resemblance with Michelle Malkin, but I shouldn’t remind you that appearance often lies. I am going to put her in a separate video.

It is hard to believe that somebody would challenge that screaming and hostile crowd. However, a small group of Jewish students showed up to make their point against the blackmail. One of the students was brave enough to wear a large Israeli flag; another one was handing out flyers with information about Israel.


The Jewish students


Needless to say, many of the people present were hostile and not interested in any new information about Israel. Soon enough it turned out that regardless of how quiet they were, the Jewish students were unwanted. They were sent to the upper level of the hall, most of which was also occupied by an anti-Israeli crowd, although smaller.


The lonely flag


That wasn’t the only case of harassment – I am not particularly liked by that type of crowd and this time I even got special attention from it. A creepy guy began to follow me with a camera, taking many pictures. He had that strange grin, which could belong either to a leering homosexual or a common psychopath. At certain point he came very close to me. literally shoving his camera in my face and almost hit my lens, as you can see in the sequence below.








He did the same to one of the Jewish students – following him with the same leering grin.



Eventually, we complained to one of the security guys. His “helpful” answer was that he is allowed to take pictures and there is nothing they can do. Obviously, the concept of harassment doesn’t apply at York University when the targets are Jewish people. I hope that creep took enough pictures for the Kristallnacht rolodex of the Israeli apartheid activists.

Banishing the Jewish students to the less-populated upper level didn’t stop the harassment. Soon enough they were swarmed by hijabs and lefties, who blamed the Israeli Jews for committing genocide.



The attempt to explain that Israel has never been involved in genocide was scoffed at. When one of the students pointed out that the Jews themselves had been victims of genocide of 6 million, the guy in the picture asked: “Who is counting?”

Very soon the lefties ran out of arguments and continued in the old way – by shouting “Free, free Palestine!” and other nonsense.

The guy who argued more than the rest looked strangely familiar. I recalled that I have seen him before – he was at the Idle No More event at SUN NEW (which I covered in a video), where he argued with Ezra Levant and when he ran out of arguments started shouting: “Ezra, you can hide, but we can see your racist side!” It was strange statement, provided that Ezra had no intention of hiding.



Before that I had seen him helping the illegal Indian occupation in Caledonia with Tom Keefer. He was taunting Gary McHale during his arrest.



It’s a small world for those lefties.

After that incident, the Jewish students were asked to move again. At the new locations, one of them, fed up with the whole thing, started to chant “Free Gaza from Hamas!” Other than being factually correct, the call wasn’t louder or more provocative that the Israel-bashing going on at the lower level. Yet the security showed up again to tell the Jews to shut up.

At that moment, a few of the Jewish students urged the rest to stop, because if they continue the confrontation, the crowd below would continue to harass them after the rally. Yes, that was the classic Jewish defeatism – if you keep quiet, the Cossacks may miss your house. I got the same last month in a comment to my post “A Madhouse Called York University”. A supposedly Jewish student chastised me that by criticizing Muslims and lefties I am destroying the fragile peace between the Jews and them.

It is sad that many people forget how fruitless such defeatism has always been. All Jewish accomplishments (including the history of Israel) show that success comes from asserting yourself, not from lying low.

Judging from the atmosphere in York University, anti-Semitism is just one of the facets of their progressivist agenda. I picked there a copy of Excalibur, the local rag, which had on its front page a sympathetic coverage of the BDS motion.

Along with that there were crime reports – a pervert masturbated in front of girls in a lab; a black guy stole a girl’s phone at gun point. Last month they had a large student rally against the police, which called to fight crime on campus by anti-colonialist and anti-poverty measures instead. It looks like that didn’t work out.

In an editorial the Editor-in-Chief praised the freedom of her paper, which lets you use freely the word “fuck” (I wonder if an anti-abortionist would enjoy the same freedom). Then I saw a full-page article about the new film project of John Greyson. If you remember, that professor, who hates Israel with passion, made two years ago (on public dime) a short movie, which tried to discourage Justin Bieber from performing in Israel.

The article, titled “York film professor uses TTC platform for social issues: John Greyson’s “Murder in Passing” discusses transgender, transit, and transmedia issues”, tells us the plot of the new masterpiece. A bike courier is killed on Toronto public transit property and a tranny detective tries to solve the murder, tackling many tranny issues in the process. Remember folks – we, the voiceless taxpayers, and the gullible York University donors are paying for that tripe.

Another full-page article urges men to wear skirts as an ultimate fashion statement (and I am not talking kilts here). The article “Androgyny from the runway to the streets: Women don boyfriend-blazers, jeans, and shirts, but when will men want to shop in the women’s section?”  tries to convince men that they need to transition from faggy fashion to a full-blown tranny wardrobe. The author ponders the question about when that tranny fashion for men will finally spill from the runway into the everyday life. I wonder how that would be promoted among the York University Muslims students.

Without any doubt, the madhouse called York University is getting even madder – and there is no relief in sight.


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  1. AYorkStudent says:

    You can go see footage regarding the rally of hate here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_-X1FdHpeA

    Also, in this footage, you can see SAIA (Students Advocating Israel’s Annihilation) bullying and calling Jewish students losers here at 2:23 mark right after the YFS vote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=icrbMKaukYw

    By the way, some of these people are the same people who barricaded Jewish students into a room and wouldn’t let them leave back in 2009. You can see footage of that here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12hApMpQlds

    Recently on the Facebook group of SAIA. one of the students posted up a link that basically said that Israel does not have a right to exist and some members supported this, which is against UN resolutions, which they like to quote so often.

  2. [expletive] says:

    Hi I would lie to [expletive] your [expletive]. I am a flaming fag from [expletive] and proud of it, I know you are too so drop them pants and lets get busy. You’re a real cutie, mmmmmmmmm.

    Moderator’s note: Dear readers, this is a nice example of the thought level of the students, who attended the anti-Semitic rally.

    1. admiwrath says:

      A homosexual message from:


  3. PJ says:

    Excellent story. I commend you on your inclusive and thoroughly entertaining work ! Kudos !

  4. Grendizer says:

    It’s YFS* you fucking moron.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you, dear idiot.

      1. Grendizer says:

        lol what a dumbass.

      2. admiwrath says:

        Did you recognize yourself in the pictures?

  5. katie says:

    G-d bless you for having the strength to attend this disgusting event. York U has turned out to be a nasty social experiment in ‘multi-culturalism’. I just hope the disease doesn’t spread to the rest of the nation.

  6. Samuel says:

    Bravo. Thanks for this excellent coverage. As a journalism student at Ryerson I’ve been concerned about how politically polarized students’ unions in Toronto have become. You might be interested in the following piece I wrote as part of an internship at the National Post.

  7. Disgusted former alumni says:

    Once again, Jihad U has bent over and grabbed its ankles to muslim lunatics. As a former student, I am embarrassed to have any affiliation with this despicable school and love when they call for alumni donations.. my response is always “Call al-qaeda or hamas.. since you have so many of their supporters on campus, perhaps they can help out”

    religion of peace my ass.

  8. Fran800 says:

    Excellent coverage. Amazing how Palestinian advocacy goes together with LGBT and tranny promotion.

  9. GOLDI STEINER says:

    Kudos to you for your bravery, and your dedication to uncover this despicable hate filled event. Obviously these demonstrators are well paid fanatics attending York U for the purpose of disrupting order and create havoc instead of attending classes.

    Shame on the Administration for allowing these Anti-Semitic leftists to ruin the once reputable name of this institution, and shame on all major donors of the Jewish Community and others for funding it.

    A word of advice to Jewish students. Move on to other more respectable places of study

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  11. AYorkStudent says:

    I found out the name of the douche who said “Who’s Counting?” His name is Zach Ruiter. He made himself known after he posted on the York Facebook page in response to news of Lassonde’s School of Engineering becoming official by saying “engineering weapons?”

    You can find him on twitter here: https://twitter.com/lifeortheatre

  12. stevieb says:

    What a rotten article…shame, shame..

    1. admiwrath says:

      A rotten place like York University produces only shame and rotten impressions.

  13. Jane says:

    Why dont the moslems and jews take their racist ideals and leave them back in their foreign nations. Before they lived in canada we never had such racist issues in our universities because we all got along. Gee could that be because canada was christian and there were few minorities.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The problem is that they want to turn Canada into one of those barbaric places they came from.

  14. […] “Zionism-Israel-Racism” – a Simple Message from York University’s Jew-Hate Fest […]

  15. […] in this country since 2013 I can show you Jewish students on our university campuses who are harassed and intimidated by anti-Jewish rhetoric calling for the destruction of Israel and hate-filled anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and […]

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