Stephen Harper at a Massive Rally Hosted by Rob and Doug Ford

Yesterday’s rally organized by Rob and Doug Ford was held in a full hall, which could barely accommodate all people who showed up. Prime Minister Harper was introduced by Doug Ford who talked about the economic policies of the Conservative Party and warned against the possibility of turning Canada into a mirror image of Ontario (if the Liberals win) with its economic decline, high taxes and high hydro bills. Stephen Harper discussed the conservative platform, especially its economic aspects (see my video for highlights).

It was funny to hear the whiny Justin Trudeau condemning Harper for associating with the Ford brothers and giving as an example excerpts from a book on Rob Ford by a disgruntled employee. It’s odd that Justin never condemned the prominent Liberal politician George Smitherman, a self-confessed former cocaine addict, whose “husband” also had severe problems which ended with his suicide. He also had no problem associating with Kathleen Wynne, who banished her husband to the basement when she took her lesbian girlfriend to live with her in the bedroom (there is a chapter about that in the book “Reconcilable Differences: Marriages End. Families Don’t” by Cate Cochran). And I even don’t need to mention Wynne’s government of crooks, thieves and perverts (like the convicted pedophile Prof. Ben Levin) that makes the Sopranos look like a Sunday school board.


Stephen Harper speaks at the rally


Doug Ford


Rob Ford arrives


How the Liberals will increase your taxes


The audience


There were not enough chairs to accommodate everybody

harper-ford-rally-1The video shows highlights from an election rally organized by Rob and Doug Ford, held on October 17, 2015. It was attended by Stephen Harper. The Prime Minister was introduced by Doug Ford, who talked about the achievements of the conservative government in the field of economy and reducing taxes. Prime Minister Harper outlined the election platform of his party and showed with visual aids the damage that a Liberal government could do to Canada by running large deficits and increasing taxes.

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  1. Dom says:

    The boneheaded decision to have a rally with the crackhead ex-mayor and his drug dealing brother may well have been what was needed to give the Liberals a majority government. Great strategy, Steve.

    1. admiwrath says:

      As opposed to the dumb drama teacher Trudeau who can’t even wipe his ass without help from George Soros.

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