Stephen Harper on the Economy and the Syrian Refugees

The election campaign is heating up and the party leaders appear to travel even more frequently. Yesterday I attended another event with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the Toronto area called Scarborough. It took place at Variety Village, a centre providing facilities for people with disabilities. The reason Harper picked that venue was because he made an announcement during his speech about the increase of the contribution limits to the tax-free educational savings accounts for families or individuals, who have children with disabilities.


Prime Minister Harper with the audience

The gathering was hosted in the gym of Variety Village and the place was packed. Before Harper showed up, one of his campaign organizers warned the attendees that they should show restraint in their reactions to the questions that the media were going to ask the Prime Minister. They may not like the media attitude, but it would be better to pour their efforts in the campaign, instead of arguing with the reporters.

In his short speech Stephen Harper covered several issues and the most important was the economy. (You can see the entire speech in the video in the end of this post.) He stated that the Canadian economy is working well, with many new jobs created. There is a fiscal surplus of over $5 billion. His government is maintaining a financially prudent policy, which will save money and avoid introducing new taxes. In fact, there have been many tax cuts during the conservative rules, which allowed people to keep more of their money. In contrast, Mulcair and Trudeau have made generous promises for tens of billions of dollars, for which they have no way to pay.


Stephen Harper speaks

The press conference, which followed was quite a bit surprising, not because the media vultures ignored the issues of the economy (they always do that when things are improving under a Conservative government). The surprise part was that they were too timid – I expected more attacks on the issues they were interested in. And those were only two issues – the “urination scandal” and the Syrian refugees.


The Prime Minister plays with disabled kids at the event

Two different reporters asked an identical question about the Conservative MP candidate in Scarborough, who was caught on video a few years ago in somebody’s home peeing in a cup and emptying the content in the sink. For some strange reason that only the pathetic Canadian media hacks could understand, this was considered a “tragic” event that completely undermines the credibility of the Conservative Party. Harper’s answer was short and clear – the people who don’t share the standards of the party are no longer MP candidates.

A few years ago, during the 2011 federal election, the same Canadian media maggots completely ignored a much worse event involving Jack Layton. It was revealed that some time before that the leader of the NDP was caught naked late at night at a Chinatown massage parlour called The Velvet Touch and the “masseuse” disposed of wet tissue during the police raid. At the time Olivia Chow made a public statement that her “health-conscious” husband visited a community massage clinic. Only the lying Olivia, who had to defend the “party honour”, could come up with such a ridiculous explanation. And only the equally shameless liars from the CBC and Toronto Star could spread that lie with a straight face. There was no outrage over the low moral standards of the NDP, even though Layton used the services of an Asian hooker (most likely brought in illegally by her pimps), which is much worse than pissing in a cup. Yet the pissing MP candidate was dismissed and “Whorehouse Jack” Layton was applauded by his party – it’s socialist morality in all of its glory.

Another two questions concerned the Syrian refugees (one in English and one in French). They tried to push Harper into a reaction similar to that of Idiot Boy Trudeau, who promised to open wide the immigration gates. Harper explained that though the situation was difficult, the safety of the Canadians should come first. The refugee policies of the country are not run on “first come, first serve” basis. His government wants to provide protection to the most vulnerable, not to everybody. Since Syria is a war zone, every potential refugee should be screened carefully to avoid bringing terrorists into Canada.

That approach is in stark contrast with the reckless proposals of Mulcair and Trudeau, who want to let as many people as possible immediately, with little screening. Despite the best efforts of the lying Canadian “journalists,” who want to guilt us into accepting some of the most fanatical people on earth, most Canadians clearly see the danger and resist those proposals. The grim news that comes from Europe, attacked by Muslim invaders (the vast majority of whom are men), is something that they don’t want to see in Canada. The violent Muslims are already fighting with each other and the local population in Greece, Hungary and Macedonia. Germany, which opened its borders to them without any screening, already has its citizens attacked and raped and that’s on top of the tens of billions of euros that will be spent to provide welfare benefits to those parasites. However, for Mulcair and Trudeau the safety of the Canadians and saving their money are things of little importance, even at the time when in Quebec the Muslim fanatics openly threaten people with consequences, if they don’t convert to Islam.

This election is very important, if we want Canada to remain a safe country.

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Sorry to have missed the event.

    Maybe the reporters were not used to be surrounded by the Harper supporters. This may explain their timidity, or maybe they are not used to reporting real news with real people.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Harper is in a tough fight right now, no question. But, where is the outrage over the federal unions campaigning against Harper?

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