Anatomy of a Muslim Blackmail – the Case of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, two fearless activists who have fought for years against the creeping Islamization of North America, are scheduled to speak in Toronto next week. When defending a cause, the number of those who hate you is just as important for measuring your efficiency as the number of your admirers. A strong reaction always means that your work has a real effect.


There is no shortage of haters in this case. The people, who have a vital interest in imposing Islam, have tried to stop Pamela and Robert for years and continue to do so. Shortly after the event was announced, the Islamists snapped into action. CAIR-Canada sent an angry letter to the management of Hilton Hotels.

Maybe I should say “the artist previously known as CAIR” because just like Prince did a few years ago, they recently changed their name to National Council of Canadian Muslims, and just like Prince, who continued to play the same crappy music, CAIR keeps peddling the same crappy ideas. Their fax settings still say CAIR-CAN though the logo is different.


CAIR carries so much baggage that it could be considered a benevolent human rights organization only by lefties, ignorant people and the pathetic Canadian media, which would cover up even the worst ideas as long as they are expressed by a multicultural entity.

CAIR-Canada is an offshoot of the main American organization. Founded in 1994 by leaders of the Islamic Association of Palestine (Hamas reincarnation in the USA), it was to promote the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, namely making Islam the dominant religion in the world and destroying Israel in the process.

CAIR took the task seriously and a few years ago some of its leaders were declared unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation, a scheme designed to provide funds to the Hamas terrorists in Gaza. CAIR/NCCM never tried to hide its links to the main organization. They were proud to use the trade mark.


True to the spirit of such an organization, the letter is full of lies, misrepresentations and threats. I will get back to them later. Now I just want to quote the final paragraph, which is very interesting:

“We urge the Hilton to immediately reconsider providing event space in Toronto on September 17, 2013 for the speaking engagements by Ms. Geller and Mr. Spencer. In the event that the Hilton does not take this matter seriously, we believe this would negatively impact the Hilton’s reputation with Canada’s fastest growing faith group – the 1 million-strong Canadian Muslim community, and indeed the 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide as the Hilton would be seen as doing business with hatemongers and anti-Muslim extremists.”

The attitude is typical for a bullying Muslim group, which knows exactly what to demand in an unabashedly arrogant way. They are used to making demands, which are almost always accepted. That has always worked for Hamas in Gaza.

Admitting two speakers on Hilton’s premises would have almost apocalyptic consequences caused by the wrath of the “1 million-strong Canadian Muslims community” and even the “1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.” Although it sounds flattering, I can’t assume even for a minute that 1.6 billion people are aware of the work of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer. I can’t imagine a sweaty Bedouin in Oman or a half-naked Indonesian guy in the Borneo jungle wailing: “They let Geller and Spencer speak? Damn, I’ll never use Hilton again!”

The real problem lies elsewhere – that Islam is a totalitarian cult, which has well-oiled mechanisms to make the Bedouin and the jungle guy worked up and angry over things they have neither seen nor heard about. The Pope and the Patriarch in the Muslim-occupied Constantinople don’t have that power. The Muslim attempt to move that “wrath-by-request” to the West is exactly what makes the work of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer so important.

There are some similarities between Islam and the Mafia. They both exercise strong control over its members. The only way out of those organizations is in a coffin. However, the Mafia is much more rational and business-like enterprise. True, you can get killed if you stand on the way of their interests, but they don’t go insane if you don’t wear a certain type of clothes. And it’s hard to imagine that John Gotti would summon the whole Gambino Family to avenge a cartoon. In Islam not wearing a hijab could be deadly (ask Aqsa Pervez) and a set of cartoons can send thousands of Muslims on a killing spree. Their cult makes the Muslims react in ways, which are devoid of any logic, and show signs of mass psychosis. Just a few days ago the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks survived another attempt on his life by a Muslim idiot.

Organizations like CAIR/NCCM or their more extreme versions – Al-Qaida, Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram – have total control over the minds of the devout Muslims. And through the fear they create, they also control the pussified Western intellectuals and the corrupt media. They have the same goal though pursued by different means. In that sense I totally agree with the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan that there is only one Islam; it can’t be divided into extreme and moderate. Sultan Recep the First knows what he is talking about… though he forgets that anywhere where Islam is dominant and there are no natural resources to finance the madness, the country is a failure.

Of course, the flipside is that when you claim to speak for 1.6 billion Muslims, you are responsible for both the good and the bad. Last year we witnessed another mass outburst of Muslim psychotic behaviour. The Muslims worldwide went berserk over a YouTube movie about their “prophet.” Other than being poorly made, the movie was factually accurate. It turned out in the end that this was a campaign orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, which culminated in the murder of the US Ambassador to Libya. That didn’t stop Muslim Brother Barry Hussein and his trusty sidekick Hillary from expressing theatrical indignation over the violating of Old Mo’s honour in the movie.

The “1 million-strong Canadian Muslims community” also played its role – thousands of them showed up in Toronto to protest the movie and demand sharia laws to protect their “prophet” from being attacked.

Is this really Toronto?

Is this really Toronto?

It was a bizarre demonstration – many of the protesters looked like they crawled out of Osama’s cave – it was hard to believe that any of them knew how to use a computer, let alone watch YouTube. Many of them didn’t even speak English and couldn’t read the signs they carried. However, they were united in their rage and some of them called for the murder of the film’s maker. One of them even admitted on camera to Blazingcatfur, he wanted him hanged.

No word from CAIR on those demands, maybe because they themselves were involved for years in promoting sharia law, although in its “milder” form as a family court, and in 2005 they were vocal about that.


However, sharia, even in a family court, is incompatible with the West. You can’t have a “law” which allows a man to divorce a woman by simply saying it, while a woman should be dragged to sharia courts forcing her to stay in an abusive marriage and taking away her kids after a divorce. But CAIR’s goal has never been to uphold Western values.

Every event organized by Muslim fanatics in Canada has been so far accepted with the quiet support of CAIR/NCCM. At last month’s Al-Quds rally at Queen’s Park (an anti-Semitic event started by Ayatollah Khomeini) over a thousand people gathered, holding flags of the terrorist group Hezbollah. Speakers were openly applauded for speaking against Israel and one of them openly stated that the Jews should be given a few minutes’ notice to leave Jerusalem and then be shot, as you can see in the video.

As usual, the CAIR extremists pretended that nothing like that happened.


Silence is not the only tactic they use. CAIR/NCCM also supports the most despicable members of the “1 million-strong Canadian Muslim community.” Last year they had an event at the University of Toronto in support of one of the most disgusting creatures with Canadian passport – the convicted murderer and terrorist Omar Khadr. It was moderated personally by their director Ihsaan Gardee (wearing a suit in the picture) who signed the letter to Hilton Hotels. While the millionaire Maher Arar was overseeing it by Skype like Big Brother, Rick Salutin, the ancient lefty who was the token Jew on the panel, kept praising Khadr’s complexity. The spirit the event was conveying was that Omar Khadr as a “Muslim victim” should be a subject to different laws.


Recently they also tried to censor a Jewish school. In a hilarious complaint about the curriculum (uncovered by Blazingcatfur) they said:

“The entire chapter devoted to Islam presents a pernicious and extreme portrayal of Muslims and the Islamic faith (pages 41 – 46). The material further denigrates the Prophet Muhammad as a “rabid Jew-hater” (page 41) and falsely portrays Islam as inherently anti-Semitic and devoted to hating Jews. Further, the descriptions refer to an ongoing attitude – not one that is static in history – defined as being “a combination of wildness and civility […] towards the Jews throughout history” (page 44).”

Another case of the cartoon syndrome – nobody but you considers old Mo a prophet. Besides, the Muslim scriptures proudly boast how he exterminated the Jews on his way to conquering the Middle East. And if CAIR/NCCM finds the “diversity and multiculturalism” so wonderful, they should get used to the fact that the people from other religions think that Muhammad is a nobody. And criticizing the “prophet” pales compared to the calls to shoot all Jews in Israel made at a public Muslim rally.

CAIR/NCCM is not the only one in the loony bin. A few days ago we learned that another prominent imam in Brampton, Sheikh Faisal Hamid Abdur-Razak, wants even more sharia:

The Brampton cleric explained that a Muslim who is sentenced to death by stoning under Sharia law actually benefits from this gruesome punishment as his or her soul is being purified even as the stones rain down on their sinful head.

It’s hard to believe that this caveman lives in one of the most developed Western countries. With “spiritual leaders” like CAIR and Sheikh Faisal it’s no wonder that the young Muslims in Canada fall under the influence of the most repulsive jihadist ideas. They even go to fight for terrorists in other countries, like Syria. Even CBC admitted recently that the situation is alarming:

Estimates vary as to how many Canadians are jihadi fighters in Syria. Government estimates and others who track jihadi fighters put the figure at a range of a few dozen to as many as 100 fighting in Syria against the government, a figure that should cause alarm, given that the public number of Americans fighting there is much smaller, meaning Canada may be overrepresented.

We provide more terrorists than the USA, which has ten times our population! If CAIR/NCCM is so peaceful, shouldn’t it use all of its influence to fight that trend, instead of smearing two people, who have the courage to oppose jihad?

The situation is so bad that the federal government found it necessary to start a program to teach the Canadian Muslims not to kill family members to preserve their “honour.”

“They are different amongst different ethnic groups; they are different amongst different cultural groups. They require, sometimes, a different approach.” With that as backdrop, Ms. Leitch announced $306,040 in federal money for a project to curtail domestic violence linked to cultural practices among some Muslim families.

If the bureaucrats need to spend over $300,000 of the taxpayers’ money on preventing something that is a no-brainer for every other culture in Canada, there is something fundamentally wrong with Islam. Any thoughts on that, CAIR?

Now I can be accused that I paint all Muslims with the same brush. There should be some, who don’t share those extremist values, right? So where are the moderate Muslims? Hiding and afraid…

A few months ago moderate Muslims organized a rally against the Islamist terrorism. Only about 30 people showed up at Queen’s Park and the majority of them were Christians and Jews.

In contrast, at the Al-Quds rally last August thousands of Muslims cheered when the speakers called for the Jews to be killed. And not a single “moderate Muslim” joined the counter-protest organized by JDL-Canada.

I should state again that there is something fundamentally wrong with a religious doctrine, which is so easy to be taken over by intolerant extremists. The “moderate Muslims” in Canada have practically zero influence over Islam. They are good and honest people, but their activities create the false impression that Islam is being reformed from within. The truth is that organizations like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA and so on are calling the shots. They have zero interest in reform – after all Islam is a “perfect” religion and we all should submit to it.

With such an abysmal record it is hard to believe that CAIR/NCCM would have any moral authority to go against Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, but they do it anyway. In their letter to Hilton the organization claims that they “promote hatred,” but doesn’t provide even a single example from their writings or speeches in support of the statement.

Instead, they rely on the opinions of the British Government, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Well, SPLC is a charity scam, which scares people into donating money by exaggerating the importance of “extremist groups.” Their pro-Islamist bias is well known – they tend to ignore the danger of Muslim extremism while blacklisting almost everybody, who dares criticize Islam.

ADL is one of the many Jewish organizations, which now lean to the left. Their attempt to appease Islam by condemning its critics is not very successful. Unlike Islam, which is controlled by unsavoury characters, who demand complete obedience, the Jews are divided into countless groups with various views. “Zwei Juden, drei Meinungen…” That encourages different opinions, because none of them has a monopoly.

The most ridiculous part is quoting the British Government as some kind of a moral authority. Banning Geller and Spencer from entering the country is one of their many concessions to the militant Islam. Governments from the both major parties imported in the last two decades millions of uneducated fanatical Muslims. The result was the quick Islamization of the country (a process that Geller and Spencer are trying to stop in North America).

Many of those Muslims don’t work and strain the welfare system. Many militant groups are working openly to transform the UK into an Islamic state. Over 100 sharia courts make sure that the women are kept in their sub-human status, as prescribed by Islam. Proven terrorists and extremists cannot be deported, because their “human rights” would be violated. Two Muslim animals with extremist record recently beheaded a British soldier in broad day light and the media did everything to downplay the Muslim aspect.

The authorities covered up for years the crimes of Muslim gangs that raped mostly white children (a practice acceptable in Islam – the “prophet” raped a 9-year old child). The cases went public after it was discovered that also Sikh and Muslim children were targeted. Thousands of girls in the UK have become victims of one of the most barbaric Muslim customs – the female genital mutilation:

More than 2,100 victims of female genital mutilation have been treated in London hospitals since 2010, it emerged today. Almost 300 women needed surgery to help them recover from the brutal ritual, new figures have revealed. Among those treated in the capital’s hospitals included 12 children, including one girl who had been left with an ‘open wound’ following the criminal act.

The British Government is a hostage of the most disgusting forces of Islam. The extremists can kill and rape with impunity. The bureaucrats are scared to death. Is it any wonder then that two critics of the Muslim extremism would be stopped from entering the country? That looks like a much easier “solution” than addressing the danger of Islam, which is destroying England.

CAIR/NCCM didn’t forget to attack in their letter the organizer of the event – JDL-Canada. They quoted FBI, which considers the organization a “right-wing terrorist group.” Just another Muslim lie. JDL-Canada is independent from any other organization anywhere in the world. Last year CBC had to apologize publicly after calling them “terrorists.” The same is the case with JDL-UK. The sharia-compliant British Government can’t find a reason to ban them, because they oppose Islamization with peaceful means.

JDL-Canada is one of the few organizations, which are not afraid to confront the Muslims fanatics and their lefty ass-kissers. Such a confrontation goes against the fake image of a peaceful mosaic of diversity that the Canadian media are trying so hard to sell. JDL-Canada was the only organization to oppose the notorious Al-Quds rally last August. If it weren’t for them, nobody would’ve recorded the incitements to murder that the Muslims at the rally liked so much.

The Canadian media follow the principle: if we didn’t cover it, it didn’t happen. Ignoring extremist events won’t make them go away. When the speakers at the Al-Quds rally are not confronted, the many kids who listened will think that it is perfectly normal to call for killing of the Jews. And a few years from now they may not just go to fight for terrorists in foreign countries. They may try to apply that here in Canada. So far most terrorist plots had been uncovered way before causing any damage. With the advancement of the Islamization preventing such events will become more and more difficult.

That’s why they want to smear and silence Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

And that’s why the least we can do to support their cause is to listen to what they have to say.

Don’t forget to attend their event:

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Spencer and Geller have been banned because they are “not conducive to public good” under the UK’s “Unacceptable Behaviour Policy” according to Teresa May, the British Home Security. In Britain, one can also face deportation under this same policy. Funny that Muslims carrying “British Soldiers Go to Hell” “Behead those who criticize Islam”signs don’t seem to fall under “unacceptable behaviour.”

    You make an excellent point Blogwrath that when you claim to speak on behalf of 1 million Muslims in Canada and 1.5 billion Muslims worldwide you must assume responsibility for both good and bad. I have notice on occasion that even those “moderate” Muslims who shun violence identify themselves as part of the 1.5 billion which makes me assume that there must be some universally agreed upon Islamic core belief. I would like to hear Muslims articulate that.

  2. Janice Fiamengo says:

    Thank you for this brilliant, informative, and hilarious dissection of the tactics of such organizations as the National Council of Canadian Muslims. I hope that everyone who reads your post is planning to be at the Markham Hilton on Tuesday night to hear Geller and Spencer: it promises to be the ‘event of the season.’ I am driving down from Ottawa to be there!

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