Another Pathetic Muslim Convert Threatens Canada



It appears that the militant Islam in Canada has found an elegant way to pursue its sinister goals – instead of using the “pure” Arab Muslims, it now relies on average Canadian suckers, who have had the misfortune to join that questionable cult. Now we have a whole collection of those losers; not only can you spot those converts at any pro-Hamas rally in Toronto – pale girls with hijabs and scrawny red-haired guys in night gowns – but some of them also do the dirty work of the Muslim terrorists.

Last year an Orthodox Greek from London (Ontario) died as a “Muslim martyr” in an attack in Algeria. Another guy from the same city – a Korean – spent time in jail in Africa for terrorism and naturally, when he came back, our compassionate government didn’t bother him at all. Both terrorists, who recently killed Canadian soldiers (in a Quebec town and in Ottawa) were converts, who could be described most accurately as bums.

Nobody knows how many of those converts are fighting for ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Some of them emerge from time to time either as deceased martyrs or propaganda tools. The latest specimen to make his existence know in the internet universe is John Maguire. In a video released by ISIS a few days ago, he made numerous threats against the country, where he was born and raised – Canada (h/t BCF).

Despite his attempts to look like a scary warrior of Islam (by using aliases worthy of a first-class PLO terrorist, like Yahya Maguire on Twitter and Abu Anwar al-Canadi in the video), he can’t escape the image of a pathetic loser, who would do anything to make somebody like him, including joining a death cult.

He can’t even grow a normal beard and his effeminate look must be a major turn on for his hairy terrorist comrades of Arab descent. I suspect that he becomes the target of their stormy passion when the number of sensual goats present in the ISIS camp is insufficient.

As one may assume, there was nothing remarkable or traumatic in his upbringing:

Maguire grew up in Kemptville, Ont., about 50 kilometres south of Ottawa. His father was a mechanic who used the family garage as his auto shop, and his mother worked in a nursing home. He was one of two children and had a pet horse. He played guitar in a punk band called the Shackles, which held concerts in church basements. He also played hockey, an experience he references in the ISIS video.

A clue about his transformation could be found in the fact that he attended the University of Ottawa. Universities like it (and York University in Toronto) and specifically their liberal arts departments are breeding ground of militant environmentalism, anti-Semitism, social-justice-ism and other forms of acute leftist insanity. Though many of the affected don’t go that far and eventually (almost) outgrow that phase, those who want to do more continue their “work” and Islam provides a convenient channel.

If it weren’t for Islam, the two terrorist murderers, the London guys and Maguire, all of whom had no purpose in life, would’ve led a boring and lacklustre existence with the occasional screams and curses at anti-Israeli demonstrations. The Muslim jihad gave them a definitive purpose, showed them that they “could be contenders, could be somebody” (if not in this life, then for sure in the next, surrounded by 72 perpetual virgins, hopefully women).

Many Muslims, born into the cult, are aware of its problems and keep their distance, though they don’t oppose it (in Islam apostasy is ruled by the principle of separation of body and head). That leaves the poor suckers, who converted, to do the dirty work of achieving Muslim domination, from which all Muslims will benefit. Isn’t it time to treat Islam as a dangerous supremacist ideology (because that’s what it is)?

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