Boycott CIBC – Canada’s Halal Bank

The barbaric sharia law is entering Canada again. A few years ago the attempt to introduce it in Ontario through sharia family courts was defeated. That happened through a grassroots women’s movement, which scared the government of Ontario. If it weren’t for that pressure, the political establishment would’ve adopted sharia in the name of multiculturalism.


CIBC – shariah compliant investing


The second entry is pushed in a more clever way – through a large financial corporation, which is CIBC, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. This is huge when you consider the fact that this is one of the five giant banks dominating Canada’s financial industry. At last week’s Toronto Halal Food Fest, CIBC had its own booth promoting sharia compliant investing.


Halal investing is finally here!


Sharia is the questionable Muslim contribution to the jurisprudence and the political organization of society. It asserts the medieval supremacy of Islam over infidels and women, combined with barbaric punishments for most transgressions, like stoning adulterers and killing apostates and homosexuals.

The innocently sounding sharia family courts serve as a tool of affirming the Muslim women’s status as inferior creatures. From a Muslim point of view, if a husband utters three times the words “I divorce you,” that’s a perfectly legal sharia divorce. If a wife wants to divorce, she should go through the humiliating sharia courts, whose purpose is to force her to stay in an abusive marriage.

Things are not different in sharia banking. Sharia banks in Saudi Arabia, Iran and other backward places provide the financing for the Muslim terrorism and for expansion of the Wahhabi and Shia fanaticism around the world. It’s a totally separate issue that sharia banking, meaning that it avoids interest charges (which we are told were invented by the evil Jews), is a total scam. A bank can’t exist without charging interest and the fact that the sharia banks try to hide it behind “service charges” or “joint venture fees” can fool only the idiots who deal with those banks.

I am far from suggesting that CIBC is financing terrorism, although sharia banking would always attract a few unsavoury characters. I am also sure that if I suggest that they are doing that kind of banking for any other reason than serving our fellow Muslim-Canadian fanatics and making them feel like they live in the shitholes they left to get a (supposedly) better life in Canada, there will be an army of lawyers trying to disprove my point.

After all, CIBC is a multi-billion dollar corporation, which can easily afford to destroy a poor blogger like me, who unwisely is questioning its noble image. And if that happens, the Saudi and Iranian banks will be applauding that victory over “Islamophobia.”

But here is something you may consider, CIBC. Adopting sharia banking by a private corporation will only embolden the fanatics you serve. It is just a tiny first step that would allow them to say in the near future: “See, we already have sharia banking in Canada. Why don’t you allow us to have sharia courts?”

And there is another thing that the bankers lack. It’s a weird concept called “morality”. Sure, you can make a quick buck from Muslim suckers who believe in sharia banking and investment, but you are doing a disservice to all Canadians, dead and alive, who built the country on traditions and laws that treat everybody equally.

Believe it or not, there are millions of immigrants, including Muslims, who came to Canada because of those laws and traditions. You have the word “Canadian” in you corporate name, but there is nothing Canadian in catering to a barbaric ideology (masking itself as religion) in order to make your pathetic profit.

I hereby declare that I am not going to deal with CIBC in any way until that disgraceful catering to sharia continues. I don’t know how many people would support me, but what I have learned from living in a communist country is that no matter how much a moral stand is ridiculed or threatened, it will eventually prevail.

A few months ago CIBC was forced to close the account of IRFAN, a Muslim “charity” implicated in financing Muslim terrorism. We can only guess how many similar sinister organizations and individuals benefit from the halal-friendly policies of one of the biggest Canadian banks. Does the bank do anything to screen those shady characters, who one day may hit Canada?

A trial is about to start in New York against the Bank of China. The bank is sued for providing services to transfer money to Hamas and Islamic Jihad. After the two terrorist organizations got the money, they used it to kill school children in Jerusalem. Can CIBC guarantee that all the transactions it does for Muslim organizations won’t end up in the same way?

CIBC, you should be ashamed of yourselves!


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