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Syed Soharwardy, the fatwa guy

Syed Soharwardy, the fatwa guy


A few days after the judge announced the life sentences in the Shafia “honour killings” trial, 34 Muslim clerics from Canada signed a fatwa against that type of crime, which also condemned the domestic violence and hatred of women. The organization they belong to bears the pretentious name “Islamic Supreme Council of Canada”. There was not a word about the legitimacy of the Council – were they really elected to rule supreme over all Muslims in Canada?

However, behind all that brouhaha we see the notorious imam Syed Soharwardy from Calgary. He was the one who announced the fatwa during a news conference in Mississauga, Ontario. Among other things he stated:

“These crimes are major sins in Islam, punishable by the court of law and almighty Allah.”

Now, Soharwardy has that face expression of an abandoned puppy, which can create the impression that he is a compassionate and thoughtful cleric. That appearance never fails to fool the champions of multiculturalism, who even today didn’t miss the opportunity to praise him. In the Toronto Star comments they were ecstatic about how the imam took a firm position against extremism.

Unfortunately, not all people in Canada are that dumb – many know that the esteemed imam has a long history of supporting Muslim fanaticism, which can be easily found out, if you follow the Muslim life in Canada.

It was Soharwardy who about five years ago charged Ezra Levant with blasphemy for printing Mohammed’s cartoons in Western Standard. At one of his public appearances, Ezra explained how the imam went first to the Calgary police and demanded that they arrest him. That didn’t work. It’s unbelievable that a “supreme” Muslim leader could be so ignorant – by expecting the police to act like in Saudi Arabia he showed how well he has “adapted” to the rules of his new country.

Then some “good” souls referred him to the Human Rights Commission. He filed the complaint with pencil and in the semi-literate explanation even quoted the Koran. After long prosecution conducted by the HRC fascist censors, the imam suddenly dropped the case, but by that time Ezra had already piled up a legal bill of about $100,000 (while Soharwardy didn’t pay a penny).

In the end of the last year, when the immigration Minister Jason Kenney introduced a new rule asking Muslim women to remove their veils (niqabs or burkas) during their citizenship ceremonies, the Calgary imam didn’t miss the opportunity to parade his ignorance again.

Not only did he defend the most repulsive Islamic garment, the ultimate symbol of Muslim oppression of women, but he also compared the new rules to an attack similar to the treatment of the Jews before Hitler began their extermination.

The shameless Muslim fanatic went on to say that intimidating Islam and belittling the Koran will end in a tragedy:

“Muslims are going through that situation right now that the Jews faced before the Holocaust. That was going on in Germany before the Holocaust, same thing is happening now about Muslims. So this is absolutely an alarming situation.”

It takes a special breed of a hypocritical liar to say something like that with a straight face, but Syed is exactly the type of a liar, who can generate sympathy among the Canada-hating lefties.

You may have noticed that the fatwa was announced in Mississauga. Ironically, that was the hometown of Aqsa Pervez, the beautiful girl, who was strangled by her father and brother for refusing to wear the Muslim head covering, which is so dear to Soharwardy’s heart. Unlike the Shafia girls, who got proper burial, Aqsa was buried like an animal in an unmarked grave.

I don’t recall a single word of condemnation uttered by Soharwardy about Aqsa’s murder. Why is that, Syed?

And another thing – what’s the deal with that “fatwa”? Its definition is “a legal pronouncement in Islam”, which makes it a part of the Muslim sharia law. Last I checked, Canada is ruled by common law, which is supposed to be equally applied to everybody. Is that creepy imam trying to sneak in a parallel judicial system?

The fatwas are a major part of the rules and laws in fanatical Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan. Is Syed attempting to turn our country into the same type of hellhole?

Is it just me or is that fatwa condescending toward Muslims? It presupposes that they need somebody to explain to them that they can’t kill their children and wives. But according to our immigration authorities, Canada is a multicultural paradise, which attracts the brightest and the most qualified immigrants in the world. After those “honour” killings, I have serious doubts about the qualifications of our immigration officers – if they can’t weed out people who still live in the 7th century, we are really in trouble.

In another interview, Soharwardy claimed that after he condemned the killings, he received nine death threats from Muslims. Just imagine that – although the imam is a fanatical creep, there are people from the same religion, who find him too mild. How do you feel about the safety of our country after such a revelation?

Our future doesn’t look very bright – the left and the Human Rights Commissions are constantly trying to suffocate any real debates on the militant Islam, which is one of the main threats in the world. Don’t forget that thousands of Muslims have fled to Canada to get rid of people like Soharwardy, who tried to run every aspect of their daily lives.

Yet when they are here, they see that the media give publicity to fanatics like him, creating the wrong impression that they represent all Muslims. At the same time, the voices of the Muslim reason, like Tarek Fatah, Raheel Raza, Salim Mansur and others, are shunned and ignored.

Years ago, there was a fitness TV guru named Susan Powter. Her late night infomercials used to start with showing her listening to voices discussing health and fitness, which were getting louder and louder. She was getting tenser and tenser and in about a minute you could see her screaming: “Stop the insanity!  Stop the insanity!”

After looking at Syed Soharwardy, reading the Toronto Star, and watching CBC in their attempt to ruin any real discussion on fanatical Islam, I feel like screaming just like Susan: “Stop the insanity!  Stop the insanity!”

I hope I am not the only one in Canada, who feels this way…


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