Christians, Hindus and Jews to Picket TDSB Headquarters

Only a couple of weeks ago the blogger Blazingcatfur blew the cover off of the attempts to impose Islam on our public school system.  For over three years, the Toronto District School Board has been quietly supporting Islamic prayer services to be held during school hours at the Valley Park Middle School.

The issue finally received the attention of the mainstream media, but TDSB still continues to defend that activity, which should be illegal in a public school.



Yesterday, at a press conference, several organizations announced the steps they are going to take to make TDSB respect the law. Those were the Canadian Hindu Advocacy, represented by Ron Banerjee, The Christian Heritage Party (with G.J. Rancourt), The Christian Mission (Rev. Tony Costa), and the Jewish Defence League (with Meir Weinstein).

Journalists from CBC, OMNI, SUN Media and other media, as well as the bloggers Blazingcatfur and FiveFeetofFury attended the press conference.

It opened with an introduction by Ron Banerjee, who explained the purpose of the protest. A multi-faith coalition has been formed to launch a war against pseudo-secularism, which doesn’t allow other religions in the public schools, but places Islam in a privileged position. The problem is that the cafeteria at the Valley Park Middle School is used for religious purposes during the school hours.

During the prayer services, the school children are subjected to gender segregation, which is against the Canadian values.

The coalition has decided to

picket the TDSB building on July 25, 2011, at 5:30 p.m.

in order to express their concerns about the Islamization of a public school.

The issue is not limited only to that particular school. Concessions to Muslim demands are made all over North America. No other religion is accommodated as widely as Islam. In some places Muslim taxi drivers even refuse to take in their cabs people with dogs.

Meir Weinstein spoke next. He started with a recollection of a Muslim demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto a few years ago. Nearly 10,000 people gathered there chanting anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic slogans, “Death to the Jews” being one of them.

He also recalled his fights against Nazis and neo-Nazis, which started in the 1970’s. In the early 1990’s he thought that those problems were solved and he
could retire from his activism. However, the emergence of the violent Islam in the West forced him to come back.

At that school we have a situation, which makes people uncomfortable – imams from a questionable institution have been called to lead the prayers. The recent press release in support of TDSB, signed by several Muslim organizations, is highly alarming. Among them is the Islamic Society of Toronto, which previously sent a letter in support of accused Muslim terrorists. The Canadian Islamic Congress is among them as well – their former leader Elmasry openly said on the Michael Coren show that everybody in Israel over age 18 is a fair target for murder. Then comes the Muslim Association of Canada, an open supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a known terrorist organization. The Islamic Society of York Region, which also signed the press release, celebrates every year Ayatollah Khomeini’s birthday.

It is scary when TDSB has such supporters. The school authorities do not monitor what is taught during that prayer time. The imam could be an extremist and his sermons may lead to tension and violence. It is a known fact that many mosques incorporate hatred in their preaching.

JDL is proud to be a part of the coalition. Finally, he gave credit to Blazingcatfur for breaking the story.

G.J. Rancourt from the Christian Heritage Party began by emphasizing the importance of the Judeo-Christian heritage and the rule of law in the development of Canada. That heritage has been established over hundreds of years – for example, his family has been in Canada for 350 years. Everybody who respects our culture is welcome to live with us, as it is in his family – his wife came from South America.

A cornerstone of the Canadian law is the separation of church and state. We should accommodate religions only to the extent of that law. Islam wants much
more than that, because that religion preaches that the state is subdued to its dogmas.

We should never forget who we are. It is deluded to impose Muslim prayers in a public school. Due to the grave danger coming with the radical Islam, his party advocates introducing limits to the immigration from sharia law nations.

Rev. Tony Costa emphasized that the coalition doesn`t want to limit religion, all they want is limitation of religious influence over schools. It is very disturbing to see religious service with gender segregation conducted in a public school. Otherwise the demands for imposing halal food and gender apartheid would only grow. No other religion makes such demands.

We must communicate our concern – otherwise nobody knows where that invasion is going to stop. Besides that, during such Muslim prayers, the 1st sura of the Koran is quoted. It is specifically addressed against Jews and Christians, spreading such hatred is unacceptable. The other religions have been already removed from the public schools, even the references to Christmas and Christmas Tree are not allowed. Why should we make any exceptions for Islam?

During the questions that followed, the participants gave more details about their point of view.

Ron Banerjee talked about the puzzling behaviour of TDSB, which chose not to engage with his organization. All of their questions have been ignored, which he sees as disrespectful for the Hindu community. He even expanded on the issue of Islamic accommodation. In India, where Muslim communities are allowed to apply sharia law, it is common to stone women to death or order gang rapes as a form of punishment. While in the rest of India such actions would be prosecuted under the common law, the Muslims are able to get away.

The picket on July 25 is only the first step in the struggle against the invasion of radical Islam. There will be more events organized to show that the public in Toronto is not going to put up with the destruction of our public school system.

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  1. sanwin says:

    I think Ron Bannerji is winging it when he says that “where Muslim communities are allowed to apply sharia law, it is common to stone women to death or order gang rapes as a form of punishment”.

    I wish we could somehow disassociate him from this event.

    1. SM ISAC says:

      I share the same discomfort about Ron Bennerji having been at some of the same events with him. However, I will not allow his presence to stay away from the event. Be there if you can.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    the push back is beginning, but where will it end? Will the TDSB continue to ignore other faith groups and continue to accommodate Islam? Or will they accommodate ALL faith groups in public schools and create an (unholy) mess?

  3. Don Sharpe says:

    I’d love to be there, and I’d sure like to see a chronology of the Islamic takeover the TDSB has gone through. Here in Calgary, we’re seeing the beginning of the islamization of our public school system, aided by the useful idiots of the Calgary Public school system.
    It won’t stop unless we stop it.

    1. SM ISAC says:

      Thank you Mr. Sharpe for the information about Calgary situation. I agree with you:”It won’t stop unless we stop it.”

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Don Sharpe,

    Don, are you planning to organise some action? If so, please let me know.

  5. Toby Geralds says:

    Muslims stone women to death in India? Where does this guy come up with this stuff?

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