Cowardice – York Regional Police Threatens Rabbi Kaplan on Behalf of Muslim Fanatics

As I reported earlier, Pamela Geller, the outspoken activist against the Islamization of America, was scheduled to speak in Toronto on May 13. The event will still take place, but today we learned about a curious twist concerning the venue.

Rabbi Mendel Kaplan from the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue, where Geller was supposed to appear, was visited by officers from the York Regional Police. They made him an offer he couldn’t refuse – he can either host her and lose his job as a police chaplain or keep her away and keep his job. He decided to keep Geller away.

It is not a surprise that the police in Toronto is doing the dirty job of the Muslim fanatics. The political correctness has made them servants to every group of enemies of Canada, as long as they belong to an ethnic or religious minority.

You can see the interview of Meir Weinstein, in which he provides the details, but let me add a few things to that.


The Muslim center, which is located not far from that synagogue, is under the control of sympathizers of the murderous regime of Iran. Every year they  mark there the anniversary of the pedophile Ayatollah Khomeini. Many celebrities from the political elite have been taking part in those hate fests, including representatives of the York police. Their former chief Armand Labarge even received an award from those fanatics:



Khomeinists know how to take care of their friends


It is beyond puzzling that the force that is supposed to protect us takes the side of the groups, which have done very little to face and expose the Muslim terrorism. The latest terror plot in Toronto involved two men, who were planning the VIA rail bombing with the help of Iranian forces.

How can we trust our government when they try to shut down a speaker, whose only “fault” is that she exposes an ideology that is trying to destroy us?

This is not the first brush of Rabbi Kaplan with the York police’s political correctness. Not so long ago he suffered a six-month ordeal being investigated for “homophobic” views. Kulanu, a Jewish homosexual group, viciously attacked his religious views, making their case to dismiss him. Eventually, the York police concluded that he did nothing wrong.

However, in the pecking order of the offendable groups the Muslims trump the homosexuals. So he can’t get away this time.

Many people agreed with his decision to cave in, but I beg to differ. He practically helped the police to suppress the free speech of a person, who has never done anything wrong. Unlike the Khomeinist barbarians, who support a homicidal regime, Pamela Geller’s opinions are based on facts about the damage done by the militant Islamism. Taking part (even indirectly) in covering those facts is not an honorable thing to do.

Moreover, even if the York police tries to fire the Rabbi, he has a very good legal case against them, because there is nothing in her presentations that is criminal or offensive to anybody (except the supporters of the militant Islam).

All these efforts of the police and their Muslim buddies are not going to bury the truth. We will find another venue for her talk.

Although cases like this one are frustrating, they are useful in outlining the real positions of the sides involved. When an institution, which has the duty to make our city safe, panders to the “hurt feelings” of a group of fanatics, who don’t even bother to take a position against terrorism, we have a problem.

Will we be able to resolve it?


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  1. Gg Smth says:

    Nothing new. People just don’t want to see reality.

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