Crushing Free Speech-Toronto Police Shut Down Anti-Islamist Protest

Tonight I had another fabulous adventure in the multicultural paradise of Toronto. As a tool to combat the unwanted wall graffiti, City Hall has sponsored (at taxpayers’ expense) companies and organizations to paint their own murals (the so-called “StreetART” program) on their walls.

A mosque, located at 1330 Gerrard St. East, decided to paint a verse from the Koran.


“Help from Allah (is near) and a speedy victory (is assured).”

For the downtown area, dominated by “open-border” and gay-bar activists, the painting was a beautiful expression of the “diversity” of our city, especially considering the fact that this part of it is gradually being overtaken by Muslims. The problem was that the quote in question was a verse that is a battle cry, which promises a speedy victory to the Muslims.

It is verse 13 from chapter 61 (“Al-Saff”) of the Koran, the nice calligraphy says: “Help from Allah (is near) and a speedy victory (is assured).” The phrase has been used for centuries to inspire the jihadists in their wars against the infidels. Today it is routinely used by the Muslim terrorists.

The militant nature of the phrase has been emphasized by “distinguished” Muslim scholars:

“According to Ibn Katheer, the 14th century Islamic scholar, in the verse “The Battle Array” (Al-Saff) Muslims are told that if they are willing to sacrifice their lives and possessions in the service of Allah, then not only will they find Paradise after death, but the conquest they desire over their enemy will be theirs very soon after they confront the enemy.

Another contemporary Islamic scholar, Mufti Muhammad Shafi in his nine-volume “Comprehensive commentary on Holy Qur’an”, had this to say about this verse. “There is one blessing that will be granted (by Allah) in this world. Which is the Divine help and imminent victory that is conquests of enemy territories. If the word Qarib (near) is the opposite of Hereafter, it would include all later Islamic conquests of Arab and non-Arab territories.”

Since the Muslims came to Canada to (allegedly) lead a peaceful life and enjoy all the benefits that this rich country has to offer, whether they work or not, it is hard to ignore the question: “Why do the Toronto Muslims need a huge battle cry painted on their mosque?” Are they planning a “speedy victory” over the hapless taxpayers, who pay the welfare cheques of the veiled gargoyles, who are “too good” to work? Or is this a wish for a speedy victory of sharia, under which we will pay jizia tax to our new Muslim masters?

Even the “moderate Muslims” in Toronto found that mural questionable. The Muslim Canadian Protest started a petition demanding the removal of the militant inscription.

One of the points they made was that the battle cry is used not only by terrorists, but also in attacks against countries, as it is the case of the Pakistani actions against India.

It was no wonder that a small group of people decided to make their disagreement known by protesting at the mosque. That took some courage, considering the fact that the area is dominated by Muslims.


Eric Brazau holding the Muslim wife-beating sticks

The “star” of the protest was Eric Brazau – a person I saw in action for the first time a few months earlier at another protest on Yonge St. He was mocking Islam dressed like an imam. At the time he was arrested by the police (allegedly on charges from previous protests that got out of hand).

His trademark performance is satire in the form of street theatre. Like a method actor, Mr. Brazau totally immerses himself in the role of a fanatical Muslim and preaches with the vigour of and Iranian or Saudi imam. He definitely isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, especially in the dull Toronto, where the majority of the people are scared to death of offending somebody with different beliefs or appearance.

I guess Brazau is the Canadian version of The Fool. I am not questioning his intellectual abilities; I am referring to the people, who in the Middle Ages were telling the truth to monarchs by ridiculing them and acting in bizarre ways. Moscow’s St. Basil the Blessed (“Fool in Christ”) was such a person. Despite his eccentric lifestyle of abject poverty, even Ivan the Terrible was afraid of his condemnation.

Unfortunately, in Canada the Muslims, police and the Human Rights Commissions are much worse than Ivan the Terrible in the sense that The Fool can’t shame them by telling the truth. If the truth hurts the feelings of a special victims group, it is usually suppressed. That’s why Brazau is always in trouble.

Tonight wasn’t an exception, with Brazau preaching in full power. You can see a large part of his performance in the video below. He was talking about the practice of pedophilia in Islam. He was giving advice on wife-beating according to the Koran and even brought sticks used by Muslims to perform that punishment. One of his fellow protesters displayed two signs mocking the jihadists: “Join Creeping Homegrown Jihad” and “Kill Infidels Wherever You Find Them. Koran 9:05”


It is hard to take that seriously, but the Muslim crowd that gathered didn’t like his performance. It’s a fact that when you become a fanatic (religious or communist) your sense of humour is the first thing to go (followed by your mind).

A Muslim kid called the police from his cell phone complaining that somebody was spreading hate speech. The first police car arrived shortly after the call. It took them very little time to accuse the protesters that the signs were hate speech. Brazau, who carried the Koran with him, quickly found the “kill infidels” quote.


The whole thing was very bizarre, because the Muslims made the complaint, yet the cops didn’t get the satire at all. They even listened attentively to a non-Muslim looking woman, whom Brazau allegedly called “infidel” and gave her a wife-beating stick.


The police cars kept coming – I think there were five of them by the end. The cops were totally confused, because they didn’t know how to proceed and the protesters kept insisting that they had a right to free speech and they didn’t attack or offend anybody. In the end the police found the simplest solution – they told everybody to get out of there. Nobody got arrested.

It was a sad day, because it showed again the double standard of the Canadian authorities, who would defend the militant Muslims at any price. A crowd of cops descended on a tiny group of protesters, who chose to oppose militant Islam through mockery and satire.

Just compare this with how Muslims are treated – last year, during the YouTube movie protests, a crowd of them, who looked like rabid savages, and many didn’t even speak English, gathered downtown demanding sharia laws to “protect” their fake prophet from blasphemy. Many even wanted the maker of the film killed.

Last Augusts, at the Al-Quds rally, another crowd of similar savages gathered with Hezbollah flags and applauded a speaker, who said that the Jews in Jerusalem should be given a few minutes’ notice to leave and then summarily shot.

And do you know what happened? Despite the dozens of police officers at both events, not a single Muslim was arrested or ever charged with hate speech or any other crime.

At tonight’s event a small group opposed a militant Muslim sign and it was promptly dispersed by the police. I guess it’s not that hard to see how our authorities are selling us out to the most barbaric elements of Islam in the name of “diversity and multiculturalism.”

Take a look at the video before it’s banned:

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  2. LolKatzen says:

    Thanks for this. Great work. My town (Victoria, BC) doesn’t have enough
    Muslims for this type of thing (yet).

  3. George Morris says:

    Hey… for the Canadian police officers please read sec 176 of the Canadian Criminal Code having run into harmless preachers myself …. this might help!
    Canadian Criminal Code 176 C.C.C
    176. Obstructing or violence to or arrest of officiating clergyman

    176. (1) Every one who

    (a) by threats or force, unlawfully obstructs or prevents or endeavours to obstruct or prevent a clergyman or minister from celebrating divine service or performing any other function in connection with his calling, or

    (b) knowing that a clergyman or minister is about to perform, is on his way to perform or is returning from the performance of any of the duties or functions mentioned in paragraph (a)

    (i) assaults or offers any violence to him, or

    (ii) arrests him on a civil process, or under the pretence of executing a civil process,

    is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.

    Disturbing religious worship or certain meetings

    (2) Every one who wilfully disturbs or interrupts an assemblage of persons met for religious worship or for a moral, social or benevolent purpose is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.


    (3) Every one who, at or near a meeting referred to in subsection (2), wilfully does anything that disturbs the order or solemnity of the meeting is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction.

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  5. Alex says:

    You would have never shut you down had you had a bigger group on your side.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That is debatable. If it were a large crowd of yelling Muslims, the cops would’ve done nothing. They are much more likely to act when the sacred cows of multiculturalism are criticized.

      1. Jason says:

        Free speech has its limits, and in Eric Brazau’s case, he reached those limits when he handed out pamphlets referring to Muslims which said “They are here and breeding”, and “kill them wherever you find them”. Such language is not merely an expression of a person’s opinion or belief system. It is an incitement of violence toward an identifiable group, which quite rightly is not permitted in the Criminal Code, anymore than threats of violence toward individuals is. Interestingly, despite Mr. Brazau’s conviction for promoting hatred, the court did not impose restrictions on him continuing to hand out pamphlets (providing that they do not run afoul of the law) since banning him from doing so would be a violation of his Charter rights. In light of this, I feel quite secure in my right as a Canadian to say what I like, so long as it isn’t meant to incite violence against others. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

      2. admiwrath says:

        There is a double standard when applying hate speech laws in Canada. Many Muslims have said and done worse things than Mr. Brazau, but so far none of them has been charged. At last year’s Al-Quds rally in Toronto a keynote speaker said (and was recorded by several people) that all Jews in Jerusalem had to be shot. A complaint was filed, but the Attorney General refused to certify the charges. I understand that most of our politicians are corrupt cowards, but does that make the Jews feel safe? The law should be applied equally to everybody, otherwise we will not differ from the places ruled by the barbaric sharia.

    2. Eric Brazau says:

      You are right. Come out & join us. Our events page is

      Perhaps some people who care could get involved.

  6. Van Grungy says:

    I posted your link and embedded vid to LiveLeak to spread the word.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

  7. The Lone Ranger says:

    nothing surprises me any more in politically correct, double standards Toronto. When Muslim can freely scream death threats against “infidels” in Canadian streets, hundreds of Tamils shut down the Gardiner Expressway using children, and homosexuals parade naked through the streets in front of children, there will be soon no “rule of law” left to uphold.

  8. allan says:

    The group that put this on is CANADIANS UNITED AGAINST TERROR, email … WE WILL BE HAVING ANOTHER SUCH PROTEST SOON (probably OCT 28th) PLEASE people we DO need a bigger turnout contact us for details.

    BLOGWRATH thank you for the great job you did.

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  10. […] Brazau has held similar events before – like the protest against a Muslim supremacist sign painted on a mosque wall and another appearance at which he was arrested for mocking […]

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