Dhimmi Media Crucify Canadian Member of the Parliament over Niqab Comments



It’s amazing how things have changed in the “progressive media” landscape over the years. From the 1960’s until the 1980’s they were champions of progress and liberation, but since then things went downhill. The fight for true social justice has deteriorated into a bizarre support for questionable traditions and organizations. That must be the prime result of the multiculturalism, imposed from above by the Liberal government of Pierre Trudeau without any consultation with the people, who are directly affected by it.

As a result, we see leftist politicians and journalists team up with the followers of strange and destructive cultures, who are still considered equal to the customs and traditions of Canada. A very good example is the current raging ideological war over the niqab – the portable tent that many Muslim women wear to cover themselves completely. The niqab is one of the most repulsive manifestations of the Muslim barbarism. It deprives women from personality and makes you fee uncomfortable around those walking tents – are they carrying bombs under that cover?

It is beyond belief that the progressives (and even Margaret Atwood) would fight to defend such an oppressive piece of clothing, but obviously the plight of the women in the Muslim world who are killed for refusing to wear the niqab is of little interest to those people. As you can hear in Justin Trudeau’s speeches, the support for the Muslim fanaticism is seen as another tool to fight the Conservative government of Stephen Harper.

So when somebody deviates from the view that the Muslim invasion is the best thing that has ever happened to Canada, the media vultures are quick to tear such a person to pieces. Case in point – the recent comments of the Conservative MP Larry Miller:

The debate stems from a federal court ruling that deemed the Conservative government’s ban on wearing a face covering during the citizenship oath unlawful, and that the ban even contravened the government’s own citizenship laws.

But the government, and Conservative MPs, don’t seem satisfied with the ruling.

“Frankly, if you don’t like that or don’t want to do that, stay the hell where you came from,” Miller said over air Monday. “I feel most Canadians feel the same.”

“I’m so sick and tired of people wanting to come here because they know it’s a good country, and then they want to change things before they even really, officially become a Canadian,” he continued.

“I have no sympathy for her and I hope that, you know, it’s going to be challenged by our government if it isn’t already.”

Yahoo News quotes this as if it is some horrible statement. It is incomprehensible to their journalists that somebody can actually oppose the never-ending Muslim demands that gradually erode our culture and our institutions. They should go out more often – despite their conviction that the Canadians love the bizarre cult, the truth is that Miller is right. It is totally different issue that the manipulative media would always silence the dissent, often helped by the Nazi-like Human Rights Commissions, which don’t allow criticism of Islam.

Further in the article they quote the manufactured outrage of Canadian journalists, who sound more like Muslim doormats than independent thinkers.

But the best part is that they quote the arrogant niqab Muslima, who wants to change our citizenship ceremony. Not surprisingly, she wrote an article in the Toronto Islamic Star and Crescent:

If [the prime minister] had bothered to ask me why I wear a niqab instead of making assumptions, I would have told him that it was a decision I took very seriously.;

I would tell him that aside from the religious aspect, I like how it makes me feel: like people have to look beyond what I look like to get to know me. That I don’t have to worry about my physical appearance and can concentrate on my inner self. That it empowers me in this regard.;

While I recognize that it’s not for everyone, it is for me. To me, the most important Canadian value is the freedom to be the person of my own choosing. To me, that’s more indicative of what it means to be Canadian than what I wear.

No surprise here – we are expected to accommodate the member of any demented cult. While we are at it, why don’t we allow Nazi uniforms and KKK robes?

The funny part is that she repeats an important Muslim talking point – that the ridiculous niqab is a tool of women’s liberation. It is disturbing that none of the Canadian feminists, who once even burned their bras, is willing to raise her voice against such a blatant misrepresentation. The only advantage of the niqab is that women can wear filthy clothes under it (try to ride a bus near such a woman in the summer). Maybe her point about how the niqab helps her to concentrate on her inner self would spring up a new self-improvement movement, where the followers of the New Age gurus will be required to wear the disgusting garment in order to facilitate inner progress.

Larry Miller is right and it was wrong to make him apologize for his words.

Islam is an aggressive cult, which has no respect for the culture or traditions of the host country – its only purpose is the conquest. Maybe it will be able to reform itself, but for now there no signs that the process has even started. It should be treated as a destructive political ideology.

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  1. Mark Harding says:

    I have a petition to ban the niqab in Canada for safety and security reasons. If anyone would like to sign please go to my web site at evangelistsofcanada.ca for instructions.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s a great cause.

  2. Ted Paul says:

    Message to Dutch Muslims from Muslim Mayor of Rotterdam. Accept Dutch norms or leave.


  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    I’ll sign that petition. Yes, “feminists” only choose safe cases that will not put them in the firing line of radical misogynists. Gender selective abortion, female genital mutilation, wife beatings, child marriages & sex slavery are taboo subjects, lest the Atwoods and the Rebick’s of the world be accused of “Islamophobia’ or ‘racism.’

    Even the left’s hatred of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a real feminist fighting horrific abuses of women in Islam, is truly mystifying.

    1. admiwrath says:

      The corpse of feminism is already rotting.

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