Diverse Toronto Protests Islamic Prayers in Public Schools




This afternoon, the scheduled protest against the so-called “mosqueteria” (the Islamic prayers conducted in Valley Park Middle School’s cafeteria) took place  at the headquarters of the Toronto District School Board. Ever since those activities were revealed, it became clear that similar prayers take place in several other schools.




The turnout was remarkably high, considering that the event took place in mid-summer. I was also afraid that many people would change their minds after last Friday’s murders committed by that Norwegian madman – the leftists and the Islamist used the event right away to smear Christians and those who criticize Islamization.

I used in the title the word “diverse”, which I don’t like that much – in the Human Rights Commissions’ “Newspeak” it usually means shoving down people’s throats weird customs and views in the name of multiculturalism.

The crowd that attended was diverse in the good sense of the word – a large group of rational people from different cultures, races and religions, united in their desire to save the secular character of one of our most important public institutions.

I saw Christians, Jews, Hindus, and Muslims (yes, there are Muslims who want to keep religion out of school) from different organizations – JDL-Canada, Canadian Hindu Advocacy, Egypt for Christ Ministry, Christian Heritage Party, Costa’s Christian Mission, Evangelical Asian Church, and others.




All of the major TV and radio stations and a few newspapers sent crews and journalists.

The other side was also represented by a few people. There were several mature Muslim men, but they kept a low profile. For some strange reason, the burden to defend the Isalmization was entrusted to two young Muslim girls and a very vocal young man.


The young defenders of the mosqueteria



The young Islamist and his fan - the Toronto Star reporter


Their ignorance about the situation didn’t stop them from arguing. They tried to present the Muslim prayers at school as something normal, which is protected by the Charter, obviously unaware of the principle of separation of church and state (on a second thought, I am not sure if even TDSB is familiar with that principle). The young man was telling fairy tales about a school he attended in the USA, where all religions were allowed to pray and demanded the same arrangement here. When he ran out of arguments, he verbally attacked JDL.

As it is common with the mainstream media in Canada, most of the journalists’ attention was focused on the rookie Islamists. I don’t know when they are going to learn that the rest of us have the right to be heard as well.


Islamists - the perennial darlings of the mainstream media


Despite the heated debates, the event was peaceful and the police really looked bored.

Here you can see a few more pictures:



Zero Tolerance for Religious Indoctrination in Public Schools



Even the atheists didn't miss the event



The signs convey the message loud and clear



No Rewarding Islamic Intolerance




The organizers are about to address the participants



Ron Banerjee and representatives of the Canadian Hindu Advocacy



Sharia Is the End of Freedom



A Christian lady from Egypt exposes the ignorance of the young Islamists



The debate continues...



Mark Harding, the veteran fighter against Islamization, makes his point



Meir Weinstein (JDL-Canada Director) speaks, next to him is G.J. Rancourt from the Christian Heritage Party



Stop Islamic Infiltration into Our Public Schools





Another raging argument...



Muslim Prayer in School Is Unacceptable



Mark Harding with a few of his supporters



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  1. Toby Geralds says:

    I guess the FBI “verbally attacked” the JDL as well when they listed them as a terrorist organisation on their website. Look up JDL on wikipedia or just type in “JDL terrorist organization”. It appears this young “Islamist” was completely right.

    So now any Muslim who wants to perform their daily five prayers is an “Islamist”? I see. Do you really consider that a “sane and rational” view? Do you consider someone like Ron Banerjee to be “sane and rational”?

    The protestors were basically the fringe nutcases from each one of their groups. JDL biker thugs represent Jews? Costa Mission represents Christians? Ron Banerjee represents Hindus? (see CityTV’s interview with him on their website).

    The real reason Christians can’t pray in schools is because your kids don’t *want* to pray. If you had an obligatory prayer that must be observed and you organized and approached your school principal and/or TDSB, I believe that you too should have a right to pray.

    But please don’t compare the once-MANDATORY PUBLIC Lord’s Prayer on the P.A./broadcast system of the school to a PRIVATE prayer where Muslim students retreat to a private corner of the school. Apples and oranges.

    You are trying to prevent students from worshipping God. Their only crime is that they don’t worship a partner with God (ie. Jesus). And you will answer for that on the Day of Judgement and have to explain that decision to God.


    1. SM ISAC says:

      “PRIVATE prayer where Muslim students retreat to a private corner of the school.” Taking over the use of entire cafeteria during the school hours (as well as claiming the exclusive use of the washroom in one floor) is not retreating to a private corner as you claim, is it?

      Considering how ancient and diverse Hindu faith is, it is ridiculous to even suggest Ron Bannerji to represent any Hindu sect.

      Speaking of “obligatory” practices, Islam makes it obligatory to fight “infidels” as this young Muslim man lost his cool and called his opponents “kuffir.”

      Your “God” is offensive and repugnant to me. I do not want public space defiled by your “God.” The only way to ensure equality for us both therefore is to keep IT out from the public space that we must share.

    2. admiwrath says:

      Religion has no place in a secular publicly-funded institution. If you want to pray, you can do it in a mosque or whatever other place, for which you pay yourself. Islamic indoctrination in Canadian public schools is not acceptable.

      “You are trying to prevent students from worshipping God. Their only crime is that they don’t worship a partner with God (ie. Jesus). And you will answer for that on the Day of Judgement and have to explain that decision to God.”

      Is this a threat? It doesn’t surprise me at all, that’s how that vile cult operates. At least 22 of my ancestors have been killed by Muslims. Why don’t you take your Muslim propaganda to a Pakistani or “Palestinian” blog?

  2. marit says:

    We should start saying “Merry Christmas” in public schools instead of happy holiday.

  3. Blazingcatfur says:

    Good work Blogwrath.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

  4. sanwin says:

    Is the guy in the orange tshirt Oman Qayum ?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t know, but he was interviewed and photographed by most of the dhimmi media, so maybe his identity would appear in some of their reports.

    2. I like your style admiwrath. Keep up the excellent work!
      Is the guy in the orange t-shirt Oman Qayum ?

      YES this is my understanding. A teacher from Agincourt High School who also has been known to lead Islamic prayers in his classroom.

      CHP London is part of Canada’s only pro-life, pro-family federal political party and the only Party willing to defend the freedoms guaranteed in the Canadian Constitution. http://www.CHPlondon.ca

      Dedicated to Solutions,
      G. J. Rancourt B.B.A; M.B.A; B. of Ed;
      C.E.O. CHP London
      London Office: 519-452-1222

      “On matter of style, swim with the current. On matters of principle, stand like The Rock.” Thomas Jefferson

      1. admiwrath says:

        Thank you for your appreciation.

        That guy is a teacher?! It’s no wonder they are so sur they’ll destroy us.

  5. marit says:

    I like your style too admiwrath. I hope you will publish books near future.

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