Eric Brazau Protests the Islamists Bias of the CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canada’s government-subsidized news provider, was founded as a tool to unite Canadians by sharing the news about events happening in the vast country. Today, that function of the CBC is a distant memory. It seems that promoting the currently fashionable progressive agenda is what matters most to that overpaid and underworked corporation.

The monster of multiculturalism is worshiped with exclusive zeal. Everything coming from outside that can undermine traditional Canada is more than welcome in the CBC universe. Islam, even in its most outrageous forms, is a major sacred cow in that universe.

A few weeks ago, a few Canadians held a protest in front of the downtown Masjid Toronto mosque. The mosque was spreading vile Islamist propaganda not only among the “believers” attending their prayers, but also through recorded sermons posted on YouTube. They openly called for extermination of Jews and other “infidels”. Predictably, the Canadian press condemned and demonized the protesters, while giving free pass to the Muslim fanatics.

Though this is not a news anymore, people are not willing to forget that inexcusable bias. The CBC still hasn’t apologized for demonizing ordinary Canadians who object to the genocidal Islamism.

Yesterday, the free speech activist Eric Brazau, participant in the original demonstration, visited the CBC building in Toronto to deliver a letter. Accompanied by a couple of supporters, he wanted an explanation of their bias from Peter Mansbridge and the other high-ranking journalists. The group carried signs with direct quotes from the genocidal sermons preached at the mosque.

As one could expect, there was no meeting with Mansbridge. The group stood with their signs in the common area of the foyer, while Brazau was yelling his critical points. He wasn’t received well by the typical downtown lefties in the area. Several people shouted back that he should take his “hatred” elsewhere.

The security quickly surrounded the group, pressuring it to leave the building. The only person, who voiced his support for the protesters, was a black man. He argued with the security that the CBC is a public corporation and it should allow people to express their opinions in the building.

Brazau’s group left, jeered by the CBC progressives. The black man refused to leave and was later arrested.

The multicultural nirvana of the CBC was restored.

You can see the video here.

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