Ezra Levant Confronts the Ugly Face of Islam in Canada

This is a priceless interview or rather a fistfight from a distance between the Sun News personality Ezra Levant and the notorious Calgary imam Syed Soharwardy, the same one who persecuted Ezra over the publishing of the so-called Danish cartoons of the founder of Islam.

When I said “ugly face” in the title, I didn’t mean the physical appearance of the imam (on that issue I will plead “no comment”). The ugliness emanates from what is in the head of that Muslim leader. It is hard to expect anything else from the follower of a backward medieval cult that tries to establish stronghold in Canada (often with the help of dumb politicians like Justin Trudeau).

I am inclined to give a credit to Syed for his honesty and openness. While other Muslim organizations try to establish their influence through crafty schemes, Syed is almost charming in his open stupidity. In the interview he tries to deny he wrote publications that bear his name. He organized a rally where Hezbollah was promoted, but had no idea what the Hezbollah flag looked like. He advocated for sharia for all countries in the world, but in the interview said that Canada was not one of those countries (is Canada located on the moon?).

He is not some random dimwit – Syed is one of the most prominent leaders of Islam in Canada with many followers. It is scary to think what kind of “disciples” a “guru” at his abysmal level would attract. It’s no wonder that so many Muslims hate Canada and are willing to go to foreign countries to practice their murderous jihad.

And as you will see near the end of the video, he is more than willing to impose on us the barbaric sharia laws that are the base of his cult. He openly threatened Ezra that he was going to attack him through the courts, if he ever disrespected the “prophet”.

A leader from any other religion will be hounded and persecuted, if he publicly states such views. However, the Muslims are allowed to do anything they want – even the most extremist preachers with the most barbaric views enjoy protection from the police and politicians. Supporting people who want to destroy our country in the name of political correctness and multiculturalism is not the way to serve Canada.

Here is the video:

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  1. Rob Logan says:

    Good job Ezra, keep up the good work. Syed does not represent Canadian values, but instead is a virus on our culture and values.

  2. SM ISAC says:

    Syed gloats while he reminds Ezra it was under Canadian law, not Sharia, Ezra was prosecuted. The rest of the time he plays ignorance.

    I agree Syed is no dhimwit.

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