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Mark Harding, one of the pioneers in the struggle against the Islamization of Canada, is finally getting the recognition he deserves. The recent interview on SUN TV provided for the first time on national TV the details of his ordeal that happened years ago.

Persecuted by the joined forces of the politically correct Canadian judicial system and the Muslim fanatics, he spent time in jail and was sentenced to Muslim indoctrination.

That monstrous miscarriage of justice happened in the 1990’s when the attack against the traditional Canadian values was in its full force and almost nobody dared to resists it. There was no internet, no periodical publications had the courage to tell the truth, and people like him were treated like lepers, who try to infect with criticism our “glamorous” multicultural society.

It has been over ten years since those events unfolded… Harding turned out to be right – not only have the attempts of Islamization become more arrogant, but also the government institutions turn blind eye on that process and even finance those Islamic organizations with taxpayers’ money.

In the end, Mark Harding hasn’t gained anything, except several heart attacks and the recognition of those who still can think. ISNA, the organization in which he had endure the torture of Muslim indoctrination, turned out to be a corrupt organization, which misappropriated money from its own donors (is that a surprise?).

And of course, unlike Mark, no Muslim has been ever charged in Canada with hate speech, despite the many occasions when Muslim clerics and writers have expressed racists and anti-Semitic views. I guess that won’t surprise anybody as well…

Harding said in the interview that he was writing a book about his experiences. Let’s hope that he would follow through – seeing the dirty laundry of the high positioned lefties and their Islamist friends won’t be a nice experience, but it would give us more insights into how those destructors of Canada operate.

Just a side note to SUN TV – it would have been highly appreciated to give me some credit for the two pictures from my blog that you showed during the interview. They were taken from my coverage of Harding’s event on July 1.

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  1. Man with Hat says:

    Probably my bad Blogwrath. They didn’t find them so much as they asked for pictures and I sent them your links along with others. The upside is that they know your blog exists.Also, you have my thanks and I’m sure Mark will thank you when next we’re together.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s not a problem. My point is that the mainstream media usually use information provided by bloggers without crediting them.

  2. marit says:

    I watch Sun TV everyday and enjoy Blogwarth. I am disappointed with Sun TV. I strongly believe it is very important to give credit to not only Blrogwarth, but also to all bloggers who make great contribution to Canada and world.

  3. marit says:

    admiwarth, It is a problem. The mainstream media usually use bloggers’ information without crediting them, but Sun News must be different from the mainstream media. I am really disappointed.

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