Geert Wilders in Toronto


Geert Wilders speaks


It was an amazing evening – we finally got to see and hear Geert Wilders, the controversial Dutch politician and foe of Islamization. Frankly, a few weeks ago, I thought it would be easier to see a UFO in Toronto than Wilders. Maybe this was the first breath of fresh air after the election, showing that we may get used to discussing controversial opinions instead of having somebody protect us from them.

Of course, since the new House of Commons is not yet session, we were deprived from the militant ignorance of Olivia who would’ve tried to explain the evil nature of that man and why we should keep him out of Canada. (Do you remember how she whined last year about Ann Coulter being admitted to Canada while the terrorist supporter George Galloway was stopped?)

Even the protest of the “progressives” was very lame. They managed to get in front of the Canadian Christian College (where the event took place) less than ten people – few anarchist losers with their black flag. What a decline from the last year, when they were proudly beating up people and breaking windows  at the G20 protest.


The mighty anarchists confront Wilders

Four speakers took the stage at the event:  Sam Solomon, Rabbi Jonathan Hausman, Ezra Levant, and Geert Wilders.

Charles McVetty from the Canadian Christian College opened with a short introduction on the importance of Wilders’ message and the danger of the radical Islam in Europe and North America.

The author Sam Solomon talked briefly about how Islam emerged in the Arab Peninsula in the 7th century. From the very beginning, it has been a doctrine
based on deception and ruthless and aggressive advancement. Little has changed since then – the methods are the same and the target is the Western civilization at large. Only a few people dare to confront that invasion, the rest keep silent out of fear under the shackles of the political correctness. Geert Wilders is one of those who are brave and talk – his message is alarming, but we can’t ignore it if we are to save our civilization.

The next segment was an interview, which Ezra Levant, a SunTV star and nightmare of the Human Rights Commissions, conducted with Rabbi Jonathan Hausman from Boston. The Rabbi was a very interesting personality – an uncompromising fighter against fanaticism and political stupidity, he wasn’t reluctant to speak up his mind openly.


Rabbi Jonathan Hausman and Ezra Levant


He had an in-depth knowledge of Islamic radicalism – as a student, he spent several years in Egypt studying colloquial Arabic and the local culture. He never saw such a vile Jew hatred as in that country (and that was in the 1970’s, before Sadat’s assassination).

Ezra asked him why the Jews in the USA are such leftists. Rabbi Hausman replied that many of them are losing focus and moving away from really important issues. For example, some of the Jewish leaders in Boston have embraced the cause of the transgender toilets, which is bizarre to say the least. In his case, the conservatism came from his ancestors, who emigrated from Russia and had a very realistic view of the world around them. His father was a World War II veteran and before the war he never voted for Roosevelt.

The Rabbi has always supported liberty. He figured out the nature of Islam 30 years ago and never underestimated its dangers. It’s a totalitarian ideology, which seeks complete dominance over the state and everyday lives of the people. Of course, this doesn’t apply to all Muslims, because many of them don’t follow all Islamic dogmas.

The smell test when evaluating people’s opinions on those issues is the attitude toward Israel – if a person supports democracy, women’s rights, etc. and at the same time hates Israel, there is something fishy about their views. Because Israel is the country were all those rights are defended.

That’s the reason he supports Geert Wilders – he invited him to his congregation in 2009 and 350 people showed up to listen to him. Many more who weren’t able to attend sent him letters and messages of support.

In conclusion, he suggested that we shouldn’t be afraid to stand against extremism. We also need to educate ourselves about the views of the Islamists by studying their holy texts in order to be able to debate them.


Ezra Levant


After that Ezra Levant introduced Geert Wilders. He appeared surrounded by his bodyguards, who took positions around the stage.

Wilders started by thanking Canada – today is May 9, the day of the liberation of Europe. Many Canadian soldiers gave their lives in World War II to  liberate the Netherlands. The country would never forget them.

Then he warned that his message was not going to be optimistic – Canada must wake up, Islam is at its gates and many people misunderstand that phenomenon. They think that Islam is a religion like any other. The truth is that it is a totalitarian system, whose purpose is to impose total control over the society through its sharia legal code. The violence against Christianity is common. Mohammed, its founder, is nothing like Jesus, he was an evil and violent man.

It’s absurd to talk about “moderate Islam” – the Islam is one (as even the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan observed) and there is nothing moderate about it. A particular Muslim could be moderate as long as he doesn’t follow closely the Islamic doctrine.

At this time, the situation in Canada is not that bad, but in Europe the Islamization is advancing in full force causing huge problems – the Islamic lobby is pushing for changes that will introduce anti-Israeli policies, compliance with sharia, etc.

The Muslims in Europe live in compact masses in cities, refusing to adapt to the local culture. Women’s abuse is routine. The hostility against the West is
appalling – an alarmingly high percentage of the young Muslims in England and Germany prefer sharia to democracy.

Wilders considers his duty to unmask that cult, especially its founder – he is about to release a documentary about the life of Mohammed and show his true nature as a terrorist and pedophile. In his Koran he stated that Muslims have more rights that the “dhimmi”. He personally practiced these views by taking major part in the extermination of the Jews in Medina. Now the situation is the same – you can’t wear a cross or practice Christianity in Saudi Arabia.


Geert Wilders and Ezra Levant


There are alarming facts about the surrender of Western Europe to the Muslim barbarism. In a town in Denmark, Muslim thugs forced a local church to pay them protection money in exchange of not harassing the Christians. After the murder of Theo van Gogh, an artist in the Netherlands painted an angel with a message of peace on the outer wall of his atelier.  The Muslims from the nearby mosque found the painting offensive, complained and the local authorities  forced him to remove it.

That makes the resistance against Islamization important – we can start by showing solidarity with all the victims of Islam. Those are the Copts in Egypt, killed and tortured daily; the Christians of Lebanon, who lost their country. They are also the Jews, the Buddhists, and the apostates of Islam, who had the
misfortune to live in Muslim countries.

Part of that fight is the support for Israel – that country is the only safe haven for Christians in the Middle East. It should be supported by all means, because it is the only democracy there – a small beacon of light in the dark sea of Muslim barbarity. Israel is fighting our fight.

Wilders was sceptical about the current “revolution” in the Arab countries. It will be impossible to achieve freedom and democracy, because the dominance of Islam poisons everything. Islam and democracy are incompatible. If the Muslims ever liberate themselves from Islam, they will achieve a lot. They have talents as many other people in the world, but that backward doctrine cripples them. The example of Israel, a country with a climate similar to that of many Arab countries, with no oil, shows that through determination people can achieve prosperity. Islam is the problem that stops those countries from being

The political correctness in Europe and North America is also a major obstacle. We need politicians who can act. He gave as an example his own party – the Party for Freedom. The Dutch government now is a minority government. It can’t survive without the support of that party. So under his pressure, the government is working now on legislations to ban the burka, limit the economic immigration from Muslim countries by 50% and strip from citizenship and deport immigrants who are repeat offenders. Although the politically correct politicians are reluctant to tackle these issues, those policies are supported by the majority of the Dutch population.

In conclusion, Wilders proposed four measures that in his opinion are crucial for the success of our struggle.

First, we must defend the freedom of speech. The Muslim lobby is doing everything possible to restrict it (like the persecution of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn in Canada, Wilders’ own trial in Holland, etc.). We must get rid of the hate speech laws, because they benefit only Muslims.

Second, we should end cultural relativism. We must be proud that our Western culture is far superior to the Islamic culture – this is not racism, it means to admit that the West provides more freedoms and prosperity. The defense of the Judeo-Christian values is essential.

Third, we must stop Islamization. The immigration from Muslim countries should be stopped (with the exception of providing political asylum to the abused minorities from those countries). The criminal immigrants must be deported. Stop the construction of new mosques, close the Islamic schools, because they all spread Muslim radicalism.

Fourth, it is good to be patriotic. We don’t achieve anything by being ashamed of the successes of the Western countries. We can demand the same respect from the immigrants, who choose to move to our countries.

We must stand firmly together against Islam.

After that Geert Wilders answered a few questions and left the stage. His bodyguards swarmed around him and all of them disappeared in the darkness through a side door.

That’s Geert Wilders…  A difficult person, who defies all political stereotypes. You may disagree with him, but you can’t ignore his opinions. Actually, this is not exactly true – Toronto Star, CBC, and CTV have successfully pretended that he doesn’t exist, but they have been out of touch with reality on many other issues.

He belongs to the very rare breed of politician who is not afraid to tell the truth. He talks about things that many people see, but not many dare to discuss openly. In his situation, that has been a double-edged sword. On one hand, he is a successful and popular politician. On the other hand, he lives under the constant threat of Muslim barbarity. Both things mean that he is doing something right.

People like him deserve our total support, if we want our civilization to survive.


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  1. Paul Chislett says:

    Christianity and democracy were once thought incompatible. This article is racist and an example of the increasing hate mongering Canadians will be subjected to under a Harper majority regime. My father fought in Holland against the very same hatefulness expressed here. Ask Israeli citizens who oppose their government what they think of Israeli democracy.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Dear Paul, if you really think that my article is racist (which is not), there are proper venues to address the issue through different government censorship organizations. You are right that once Christianity didn’t fit well democracy, but since then it has found its role as a teaching providing spiritual guidance. Personally, I am not a fan of any religion determining my day-to-day life (includin Christianity) so in my opinion your argument is worthless.

      In your poorly veiled support for Islam you fail to notice the horrible nature of that religion, whose purpose is to totally control every aspect of one’s life. Islam is a death cult, which would destroy our civilization if left alone. I suppose you see things from the happy-go-lucky point of view of a Western-European immigrant whose ancestors came to Canada with very little problems.

      I, on the other hand, come from a part of Europe, where the Muslim atrocities are still remembered. A total of 22 of my ancestors have been slaughtered by Muslims in a very creative way – behaeded, burnt, and one buried alive. I wouldn’t have mentioned that, if the Islamic death cult wasn’t doing the same now in other parts of the world.

      If you consider the warning of what may come here as “hate mongering”, I will be happy to leave you live in your bubble. Fortunately, most of the Canadiand are not that stupid.

    2. When the street riots arrive outside your door, you would do well to remember how those racist idiots in the heartland had warned you about the Islamic hordes and their hatred of everything you claimed to cherish – free speech, multiculturalism, gay rights, women’s liberation. But you were so intent on dissing other white people that you completely miss the foreign barbarians.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Paul, If Jack Layton was PM, he would be marching alongside those buffoons in the ‘Queers for Palestine” gong show, increase immigration to 500,000 per year, bankrupt the country to the tune of $70 BILLION to pay for even more social programs that would attract ever more of the wrong kind of immigrants. Let me ask you a couple of questions:

    1. If polygamy is against the law in Canada, why do we allow Muslim men to bring four wives into the country? One is accepted as an “official” wife, while the other three are classed as single women and given individual government assistance. is this good? Those woman will have between 2-4 children between them, who will be indoctrinated in primitive 7th Century Islamic ideology.

    2. If child abuse and pedophilia are against the law in Canada, why do we allow 12 year-old Muslim girls who are born in Canada, to be shipped off to Pakistan and forced into arranged marriages with adult men?

    3. If violence against women is against the law in Canada, why are feminist organisations here so reluctant to scream about female genital mutilation and “honor” killings when they happen here?

    4. Why are lefties quick to condemn myself and others as “racists” whenever we speak out against mass Third World immigration in Canada, yet when those immigrants get the vote and openly condemn and vote against gay candidates in municipal and provincial elections, the same voices of outrage are silent?

    5. If the present level of immigration is maintained, white Canadians will become the minority in their own country within my lifetime. Doesn’t this bother you AT ALL?

    Just consider what happened to mayoral candidate George Smitherman in Toronto, who was defeated by open anti-gay hostility and ethnic votes. How long do you think it will be when there will be enough votes to change our laws, establish Sharia law and generate open hostility against Christians, Jews, or even atheists, etc? Do you really think that a Canada with minority white population will still be a bastion of human rights, equality and same-sex marriage?

    Just take a walk around Burnaby BC or Jane & Finch in Toronto, or go into the Muslim school around the corner from my officer here in Calgary and ask them what they think of “gay rights.” Let’s see how safe you feel. Then multiply this ten-fold and you’ll get an idea of what the “New Canada” will be like in 30 years time.

    Alternatively, you can continue to prostrate yourself before the false gods of multiculturalism and political correctness, pretending that everything will turn out just fine.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Excellent points. Unfortunately, people like Paul never listen.

  3. jeffrey says:

    I am getting really tired of this kind of hatred being spewed under the guise of free speech. Respect, honour and decency are values that should be chearished and upheld. Good people with morals and respect for each other don’t say “We must be proud that our Western culture is far superior to the Islamic culture”. That is the kind of gargabe that both Hitler on the right and Stalin on the left enjoyed indoctrinating people with. As a white Christain I am disgusted, utterly disgusted by this hate speech. It is time that Candians started standing up to this kind of garbage. It doesn’t matter if it is from the left or the right side of the political spectrum. Enough is enough.

    1. admiwrath says:

      And we, the Canadians, are tired by the ignorance and blindness of people like you. Geert Wilders is only pointing at some real problems, while Muslims are acting. Why was Theo van Gogh killed by those fanatics? Why does Ayaan Hirsi Ali live under constant protection due to many death threats? Why was Lars Vilks (who just drew a cartoon) was beaten by Muslims and his home set on fire? Why so many Christians have been tortured and killed by Muslim barbarians in Egypt since their fake “revolution” started?

      You say: “Respect, honour and decency are values that should be chearished and upheld.” You may propose those values to the population of the Muslim countries. They badly need them.

      And you should educate yourself about what “hate speech” means.

  4. John says:

    I am also concerned with some of the comments being written about on this blog and others in the name of free speech. I am also a deeply religious conservative and this kind of nonsense really makes me mad. Yes people do bad things, but to paint one religion or one group of people as the same is a very very slippery slope. You are correct that the Nazis did this in WW2 to the Jewish population as did the radical left in the Soviet Union and China after the Second World War. If people do things that are intolerant they should to be held to account. I have no patience for Islamic clerics that spew hate speech or act to incite violence. They should be held to account and imprisoned or killed if necessary. Attacking an entire religion or culture is very different. I have Islamic friends in the greater Toronto area that are very Conservative, voted for the Conservative party of Canada and are wonderful people. It saddens me when their religion, beliefs and culture are attacked. I would stand up for them, just as I would stand up for Jewish friends if they were verbally or physically attacked by neo-Nazis. Stamping out hatred and bigotry in the world is a noble cause, stopping people that are Islamic or any other religion from doing violent or cowardly acts is a noble cause , but attacking an entire religion and using hatred as a weapon never wins at the end of the day.

    1. matthew says:

      I am on the fence about Wilders.John has a few good points but it is also true that some aspects of Islam are very radical, so i think admmiwirth is much more correct. No one wants honor killings or stoning of women in canada. I also don’t like radical jewdism, in my opinion it is very dangerous as well. It would be neat to see someone like Wilders talking and pointing out the problems with radical jewdism.

    2. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your comment. The problem with Islam is that it is not simply a religion. It is a doctrine, which controls every aspect of the devout believer’s life. It may influence the the actions of seemingly law-abiding Muslims. Do you remember the failed recent attempt to blow up a major airport in Scotland, in which medical dosctors were involved?

  5. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Jeffrey & John, so you are both Christians? Then why have you said nothing about the shocking persecution of Christians in Muslims lands? You accuse us of “hate speech’, but say nothing about the hate that many immigrants bring with them for Canadian values. Or are you both members of the United Church of Canada – soon to be named ‘The church of Anything Goes?”

    What Admirath and I have been expressing is our concern for the way in which Canada is changing under mass Third World immigration. So just in case you are both checking in regularly with this bog (and I KNOW you can’t resist doing so), here is another gem of Islamic love & tolerance in Canada:

    TORONTO SUN: February 8th 2011

    One hundred-and- fifty-four Canadian soldiers have died in Afghanistan, not just for the big things such as fighting international terrorists, but for the small things, too.

    Like the right of Afghan girls to go to school. Simple things, like the right to listen to music. These things were actually banned under the Taliban, which enforced sharia law.

    So what would our soldiers think of Winnipeg’s Louis Riel School Division, where a dozen Muslim immigrant families have demanded changes to the curriculum to accommodate their fundamentalist view of Islam? The families don’t want boys and girls in the same classes, such as physical education.

    And they don’t want their children to hear to any instruments or singing in music class, either.

    Instead of sending their kids to a private or religious school, they want the public schools to change.

    Superintendent Terry Borys says the families are “adamant’ about this, despite both phys-ed and music being compulsory. So the suggestion now is the children be allowed do their musical requirements through a ‘writing project.”

    Brilliant. A music class with no music.

    No word yet on how they’ll accommodate the request for gender apartheid in gym. How long before parents can “adamantly” demand no mere woman teaches their son – or if she does, that she has to wear a veil?

    Don’t laugh. Last fall the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled Muslim women can ask for a court order to clear men out of a courtroom – court staff, lawyers, even the judge – before taking off their veils to testify.

    If you want a look at the future, look at the United Kingdom.

    In 2007, some schools stopped teaching the Holocaust because it contradicted the anti-Semitic views held by “adamant” families there.

    The history of the Crusades was dropped too, because the “balanced” approach taken by schools contradicted what the local mosques were teaching.

    And in 2008, schools in Bristol yanked gay-friendly books out of libraries when Muslim parents complained.

    Liberal litmus test

    This is an uncomfortable subject for liberals. Equality of men and women is an essential western principle. Acceptance of gay rights is the new liberal litmus test. Teaching historical facts in the face of religious faith is the foundation of secular enlightenment.

    But many liberals don’t confront bigotry when it arrives in the form of an immigrant, non-Christian visible minority.

    Here’s a tip for politically correct liberals wondering how to respond to sexist, anti-gay, anti-Semitic demands from new Canadians: Pretend they’re old white Christian men.

    If the Pope demanded public schools shut down music classes or boys and girls be segregated, you can imagine the outrage. We’re well trained in the phrase “separation of church and state.”

    Well, how about separation of mosque and state? How about promoting Canadian values?

    Last week, British PM David Cameron said he’d had enough. “We’ve even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. So, when a white person holds objectionable views … we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been too cautious frankly – frankly, even fearful – to stand up to them.”

    Cameron vows to cut off funding to any group that opposes the equality of women, or integration of immigrants.

    Who is the better liberal: Cameron or the Winnipeg school board?

    – Levant will be a talk show host on the Sun News Network

  6. Vikky says:

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