George Galloway in Toronto – One Country the Only Solution in the Middle East

George Galloway is back in Canada. The fiercely Marxist ex-member of the British Parliament gave a speech yesterday in Toronto. Although last year he found himself in trouble when the Government of Canada challenged his eligibility to enter the country due to his support for a terrorist group, now Galloway is bolder and more militant than ever.

The carefully sanitized account of his speech covered by The Canadian Press left out many statements that were loudly applauded by his audience: he still supports Hamas but in slightly different way; Canada is a vicious and extremist country; the Arabs in Gaza are dying of starvation; Israel is committing systematic ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem; the only good Jews are those who are against their own country; the only solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict is the creation of a single Arab-dominated country.

More on Galloway’s presentation later… Let’s say more about the event and its organizers. It took place at the Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church on Bloor/Spadina, a well known haven of the Annex “progressives”, it’s not clear whether it is still a real church, judging from the events they regularly organize there.


While waiting in line to get in, the people were approached with flyers and other literature, so you could see who was behind the event. The most active were the “International Socialists”, a bunch of born-again Communists peddling their newspaper for a buck, they even had a little stand with pamphlets they were selling. Others were giving away a little flyer with a demonic looking Rob Ford, inviting people to a “community meeting” designed to stop him from winning. A third group was handing out a nicely designed colour flyer for Joe Pantalone’s campaign, featuring a cheerful Joe with a cricket bat in his hand. One of his major election promises is to build a large cricket field in Toronto (and he seriously thinks that it will bring him more votes).

The people waiting to attend were the usual crowd: “free-spirited” artists, students, hippy-like folks still living in the 1960’s and a sea of hijabs.

After getting acquainted with the political groups who support Galloway, the crowd was let into the church. The interior was decorated appropriately for the event, although the decorations were not exactly Christian-like (of course, they had to accommodate the Marxist and the Muslims attending).

Right behind the pulpit there was a large slogan attached to the organ: “BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW, CANADA OUT OF AFGHANISTAN, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War.” To the right of it, on the edge of the balcony, you could see: “Troups Out Now!” followed by the Palestinian flag and an appeal to: “Free Palestine, End Israeli Apartheid, Boycott, Divestment Sanctions, Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid.”




On the edge of the balcony opposing the pulpit, they had an even “bolder” slogan: “Stop Terrorism, Boycott Israel & USA.” Unfortunately, they didn’t explain how boycotting these countries would stop terrorism.


After a long wait, Galloway and his gang entered the church, met with the loud clapping of their supporters.


Several people took the stage to warm up the audience before the main event. The most interesting of them were some of his lawyers, who explained how they fought Jason Kenney, Canada’s immigration minister, in court and managed to defeat him. On top of that, they even worked for free. One of them, named Barbara Jackson, even complained that many “good” people were affected by the immigration laws adopted in 1992, which deal with terrorism. She said that a large number of refugees, who took part in “national liberation” organizations, could be deported and endangered and she made an appeal to change that. Great, another call to keep more terrorists here…

Another speaker was the wife of an American draft dodger, who lamented the last week’s decision of the Parliament not to provide special treatment to draft dodgers, for which she blamed Harper and again Jason Kenney. The audience booed and applauded, oblivious to the fact that the decision closed a back door that will allow even more terrorists in Canada. She didn’t spare even Iggy – she condemned Ignatieff for abstaining from the vote. That doesn’t leave them with another hope other than Jack Layton and Olivia Chow.

Finally, Galloway took the stage. He started with a fierce attack against Jason Kenney, blaming him for all his misfortunes during the last 18 months. That part was exclusively covered in The Canadian Press report I linked to, so I will skip it. Of all Canadian officials, Kenney got the worst treatment from all speakers, his name was smeared like in a Gypsy curse and almost everybody promised to work to get him fired. The thing worth mentioning here if that Galloway considered his legal “victory” over Kenney as a precedent that will ensure immunity to every person who supports any Palestinian organization (read: supporting Hamas).



Then Galloway switched to his old and tried repertoire: the “suffering” of Gaza. He condemned the so called blockade and stated that he was helping to organize a huge convoy of ships that will soon break it. He also tried to disguise cleverly his support for Hamas stating that he is not a supporter of that organization, but he supports democracy. Since the Palestinians elected Hamas, he has no choice, but to deal directly with them. There was no word about the violence of Hamas against Israel and the Arabs, no mentioning of the conflict between them and Fatah, but the dimwits who were listening and applauding him apparently are not used to asking questions.

His next target was Canada, which he demonized with an almost sadistic pleasure. Galloway stated that this is the only developed country, which doesn’t want to join his fight against the Israeli blockade, although even USA and Britain joined. In his opinion, Canada now supports the most extremist and reactionary Israeli politicians; the once proud and independent country has now turned into a servant of Netanyahu.

Canada also allegedly supports the starvation of Gaza; this statement led him into a rabid rage when he transitioned to the “apocalyptic” conditions in Gaza. The Arabs in Gaza are victims of double standard and injustice, caused by Israel, to which Galloway was a witness. Over 80% of them are refugees, 80% are unemployed, 80% live on less than $1 a day, 80% of the children are malnourished (it looks like he is in love with that arbitrary percentage). Whole families get all their food from garbage heaps and are constantly starving. The evil Israelis shut down the electricity in hospitals during operations, so that the patients would die. The doctors can’t get clean coats, because the import of detergent is prohibited, as are mayonnaise and ketchup as well.

Children can’t study, because they can’t get textbooks and computers at school. The disabled children have to move around by crawling, because Israel doesn’t allow the import of wheelchairs.

Well, here is a question for my readers. Has anybody seen any pictures of starving people in Gaza? Galloway didn’t show any and a search in Google about “starvation in Gaza” doesn’t return anything other than pictures of the full markets sarcastically named “starvation”. One may think that if Hamas had even the faintest evidence about starvation, the pictures would have been all over the Web (after all, the place is supposed to be a giant concentration camp). The official UN information confirms that Gaza is the third fattest place on Earth, with over 43% of the women overweight.

Galloway went on to attack Israel’s “ethnic cleansing”. He referred to the construction of new apartment buildings in Jerusalem on “stolen” land. The same was happening in the area of Haifa, where the Arabs in the Jenin camp could observe the shiny houses and gardens in Haifa, which the Jews allegedly stole from them. And the stealing continues when new settlers from New York and Toronto move there. He was so adamant in perpetuating the myth of the nasty Jew, who advances only by stealing, that he was more than willing to ignore the real industrial and agricultural progress in Israel.

That reminds me of what happened in Gaza few years ago, when Israel decided to close the Jewish settlements. The settlers there were well known for growing vegetables in hot houses and their business was very profitable. Upon moving from the area, they took away only their dead from the cemeteries (Jewish cemeteries are regularly desecrated) and graciously left the hot houses to the Arabs. The hot houses survived for only one day, the time the Arabs needed to go there and destroy them. What can I say? Expressing their hatred is much more important to some people than making money.

After all that rage, Galloway felt compelled to answer the question if he was an anti-Semite. He mentioned that the “hate blogs” in Canada have regularly accused him of being hateful. His answer was a real piece of work. He said that as a person who has marched under the flag of Comandante Che Guevara he could not possibly hate anybody based on their race, creed, religion, etc. Evoking the name of one of the worst Communist terrorists was bad enough, but he managed to outdo himself.

He said, how could he hate Jews, when he admires the “titanic genius of Karl Marx”. That sounded like a bad joke, but he was serious. Marx was a destructive person whose delusional teachings are indirectly responsible for the death of hundreds of millions of people. To say that he is the greatest Jew is the same as to claim Nero as the greatest Roman or Pol Pot as the greatest Cambodian.

Of course, Galloway felt compelled to clarify his point even further by saying that he admired the Jews in Israel who oppose Zionism, who protect the Arabs and stand in front of the bulldozers that are supposed to destroy their houses. So the self-loathing Jew is Galloway’s hero. Ignoring the safety of your country is something that earns his praise. Looking at this from Galloway’s pro-Arab position, you can’t help but remember how the Nazis “liked” some Jews. In the Warsaw ghetto they were always able to find some Jews who would serve as policemen or guards with the wrong impression that they will be spared for being obedient. However, all that they achieved was to live few months longer than their victims. Make no mistake, trying to diminish or destroy Israel will not bring any Jew a longer life than those lost souls in the Warsaw ghetto.

The notion that the only good Jew is the self-loathing Jew brought up the climax of Galloway’s speech. He demanded that the “apartheid” in Israel be abolished. Israel will not be liked if she continues with her evil ways. In his opinion the solution lies in what happened in South Africa. When ANC took power there, the white people allegedly asked Mandela to give them three of the states so that they can create their own country. According to Galloway, Mandela proudly refused to do so and stated that there should be only one country where all races would be equal.

So Galloway’s conclusion from that is that Israel must succumb to the Arab pressure. All land from Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea should become one country, called Israel-Palestine or Palestine-Israel, where Jews, Muslims and Christians will live as equal. In addition to that, the over five million Arab refugees should also return to that new country. At this moment Galloway’s audience went into a wild clapping in support of his idea.

So for those of you who still try to think rationally: what is the essence of his proposal? It is a more extreme form of Muslim supremacism, which the fanatics are trying to impose on Europe and North America. The Arabs see that Israel is a very successful country with high achievements in science and industry. So they think (through Galloway): if we can take over, we can keep those Jews working for us and we can easily force them to do that because we are so many.

Sorry to burst Galloway’s bubble, but at this time of history it will be very difficult to find enough self-loathing Jews able to destroy their own people. And even if he is able to find them, the scheme is not going to work, as those formerly apartheid countries, Zimbabwe and South Africa, proved it.

Does anybody remember when Mugabe came to power in Zimbabwe? Everybody thought that with the rich heritage of successful agriculture and industry the country will continue prospering. However, Mugabe decided that the white people were too powerful and they didn’t deserve the farms they owned. So he kicked out the whites and gave the farms away to his “veterans” who had never engaged in real work. The result was a total devastation of the agriculture, over 90% unemployment and the dubious fame of the country as the issuer of the bill with the largest denomination in the world – 100 trillion dollars. Now the youth wing of the ANC in Galloway’s beloved South Africa is trying to impose the same way of action through nationalizing of the mining industry. You don’t need to be psychic to see how this will end up…

Do we need psychic power to see how an Arab-dominated Israel would end up? There is not a single industrially developed Arab country. All Arab countries that look developed are spending dollars received from selling oil to hire educated Westerners to do the complicated jobs and Third-World labourers to do the rest. An Arab country without oil where Jews are the largest minority will turn into a concentration camp for the Jews where they will be forced to work most than anybody else, unless they are killed before that.

George Galloway is a curious creature; it is hard to spit out so many lies for such a long time without being caught. But this brings up the old proverb about the pot and the kettle, as long as there are naïve dimwits willing to listen to anybody, we will always see ideological swindlers like Galloway who would be more than willing to provide all the lies they can bear (Dr. Goebbels anyone?).




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  1. George Galloway in Toronto – One Country the Only Solution in the ……

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  2. George Galloway in Toronto ? One Country the Only Solution in the ……

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

  3. Katie F. says:


    How did you even have the stomach to sit through that?? I admire you for that.

    The picture you paint couldn’t be anymore diabolically bizarre: a “church” full of militant muslims, gays and communists…this world is getting weirder and weirder by the day.

    1. admiwrath says:

      After I wrote the post I had the chance to see some videos with Galloway. He is much more bizarre than I thought. Years ago the Left had leaders, who although often ideologically wrong, stood for something and had some dignity. Now they have fallen so low by having psychopaths as leaders.

  4. david says:

    thanks for your coverage,i.m happy that the u.k. has there xillage idiot back.

  5. Isaac says:

    Thank you for this highly informative report. The MSM in Canada will, of course, do the usual PC and avoid mentioning Galloway’s direct financing of Hamas. As you say, this man is an ideological swindler.I wonder if the leftists and Islamists realize that their con-job is gradually coming to an end as many Canadians have woken up to the dangers of Islam and people like Galloway. You can’t fool all the people all the time.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you. I hope that he would be finally exposed.

  6. Hitler had a funny mustache and in the beginning, everyone laughed…

    We cannot aford to ignore these fools who know how to pump up the masses with hate.

    Blog Wrath… YOur coverage of this Galloway was brilliant and fills the void left by our Canadian Media which protects the monsters in kafiyas or kitty suits.

  7. btw, Blog Wrath… Since i couldn’t face the Galloway, I stood outside and spoke loudly as people passed by … mostly about the 56 Islamic States and the heinous crimes committed all around the world in the name of their islam.

    When Ali Mallah came out to see what was going on, I called over to let him know he was even more handsome in person… told him I understood why Galloway greeted him so warmly at the airport with a very big hug and kiss and hug and kiss and hug and kiss and kiss and kiss… Allie then slid back inside (the so-called church)

    Lars V and Lars H brought some fresh air from Europe which countered nicely the stink from England.

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