Honour Killing in Quebec? You Bet!

We probably just had another honour killing in Canada, this time in Quebec. A 71-year old Muslim father killed his 13-year old daughter, she died after he allegedly slapped her. You can read more about the case here and here.

This is the fourth murder of such type in a relatively short period of time, after Aqsa Pervez’s honor killing near Toronto, the quadruole murder in Kingston (ON) and the Chechen murder in Calgary.

As usual, Canada’s leftist media are going out of their way to belittle the Islamic element in the murder. Despite that, some facts have emerged in interviews with the neighbours. They describe the father as a rude and demanding person who frequently yelled at his wife and children.

He was a devout Muslim who demanded that everybody be present at the evening prayers. His daughter, Noutene Sidime, was very reluctant to go for prayers, the night when she was killed wasn’t an exception. She was a very successful student, who unlike her family was friendly to the neighbours.

According to the father’s statement, he slapped her once, after which her nose started bleeding. Then she fell into a comma and later died without regaining consciousness.

The story is beyond fishy. Unless he was trained by Jackie Chan, it’s hard to believe that a 71-year old man can kill a girl with a single slap. There must have been much more beating. It is more likely that like in Aqsa Pervez’s case other family member were involved as well.

The disgusting scene in the courtroom during the old man’s first court appearance is an indirect proof for that. Instead of feeling uneasy or angry, the numerous family members who were also there waved at him and cheered him. That is perfectly normal in the twisted Muslim culture, if a family member has “saved” the family “honour” by committing murder, he is a hero.

Hopefully, the poor girl would get some justice…

And as of the rest of us – we as usual will keep wondering for how much longer would Canada let in such savages with a “distinctive” culture…

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  1. Rob says:

    Four people were murdered in Kingston in June 2009, not three, as you say.
    The victims were three teenage sisters, aged 19, 17 and 13 and Rona Amir Mohammad, who was the first wife of the man accused of orchestrating the killings – Mohammad Shafia. He’s accused of murder along with his second wife Tooba and his eldest child, son Hamed, now 20.

    Pre-trial hearings in this case are now underway in Kingston. Trial set for April 2011.

    1. admiwrath says:

      You are right, my number was incorrect.

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