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Last week we witnessed the ugly actions of the followers of Islam at Palestine House in the Toronto area. The gang of savages attacked and beat up Jews with impunity under full police protection. Those brutes were not some aberation – their behaviour is normal within the frame of Islam, a cult, in which violence against non-believers is codified in the principle of jihad.

The Canadian media ignored the event, choosing to pretend that everything is fine and dandy in the kingdom of multiculturalism. Considering that, I was pleasantly surprised to see yesterday on Yahoo News an article about a Canadian jihadi woman, reprinted from the CBC.

Though marred by clumsy attempts to point out the “root causes” of her terrorism (as Dumbo Justin would say), the article provides a glimpse into the mentality of the followers of the Muslim cult.

It is a typical story of many Muslims, who supposedly escape the injustice in their countries, but end up trying to impose on the rest of us the same murderous cult they left. The name of that piece of garbage is Umm Haritha, a 20-year old woman from Canada, whose hometown is not revealed. The CBC is quick to say that she left Canada for Syria against her parents’ wishes (of course, the myth of the “moderate Muslims” should be maintained at all costs by our lefty state broadcaster).

Umm had a perfectly “normal” upbringing in Canada:

In a recent interview conducted by text message, Umm Haritha said she moved to Canada as a child and lived there for 14 years before deciding to move to Syria. She was a university student and said her upbringing was “normal” and “middle class.”

While she wouldn’t disclose where in Canada she lived, she said her decision to join the jihad in Syria was motivated by a desire to “live a life of honour” under Islamic law rather than the laws of the “kuffar,” or unbelievers.

And that is the problem with so many Muslims – they are masters at lying and pretending that they are loyal to Canada, yet deep inside their supremacist cult nurtures contempt and hatred for the country that gave them everything. Umm blames her transformation on the reactions she got after she decided to act as a full-blown Muslim fanatic. She adopted the typical full-body garbage bag look:

Four months before she left for Syria, she began wearing a niqab, a veil that leaves only the eyes visible, and says she experienced harassment from fellow Canadians.

“I would get mocked in public, people shoved me and told me to go back to my country and spoke to me like I was mentally ill or didn’t understand English,” she said.

“Life was degrading and an embarrassment and nothing like the multicultural freedom of expression and religion they make it out to be, and when I heard that the Islamic State had sharia [Islamic law] in some cities in Syria, it became an automatic obligation upon me since I was able to come here.”

When you are dressed like a complete idiot, it is natural to be mocked as mentally ill. But she is lying about the details – most Canadians are scared to death of confronting a veiled gargoyle, because the latter can say any lie about them and they’ll be charged with hate crimes. Just ask the activist Eric Brazau, who became a victim of such veiled creature (the Crown eventually had to drop the charges against him, because the Muslima refused to remove her face mask to testify). Few people would deal with niqabs – it is hazardous to approach them and get exposed to the stench of stale sweat and dirty clothes underneath (especially on a bus in July).

Notice how she understands multiculturalism – it means to her full accommodation of any ridiculous Muslim custom. Also, it is interesting to see how little it takes for a Muslim to turn terrorist – in her case it was just the offense that not everybody admired her body bag. So the perpetually offended Umm abandoned Canada to start a glorious new life in Syria:

Within a week she was in Syria, and a few weeks later she was married to Abu Ibrahim al-Suedi, a 26-year-old Palestinian from Sweden fighting for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Sunni jihadist group battling the Syrian regime…

On May 5, Abu Ibrahim, whose real name is Taha Shade, was in a car en route to a meeting in Deir ez-Zor with members of rival faction Jabhat al-Nusra. What was meant to be a gathering to finalize a peace treaty between ISIS and al-Nusra turned deadly when an al-Nusra fighter on a motorbike sped up to Shade’s car and detonated his explosive belt.

At the time, Shade was wearing his own explosive belt, which also went off and blew him to pieces.

Two days later, Umm Haritha tweeted about her husband’s death, calling on “Allah” to “destroy those who backstabbed the brothers and resurrect Abu Ibrahim with noor [light] from every piece of his body.”

…While the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR) has estimated that up to 2,800 Western men have gone to Syria to fight, much less is known about the Western women who have gone over to marry jihadists since the Syrian civil war began three years ago.

What a beautiful family! Umm, the kuffar-hating “Canadian,” hooks up with a terrorist from the made-up nation of “Palestine,” which has given to the world more terrorists than any other group. It is interesting to see the level at which those animals operate – going to signing a peace treaty, both terrorist sides bring their explosive belt. What a great example of Muslim cooperation! It is so much superior to the despised Canadian kuffars, who mock niqabs.

Now Umm lives with other terrorist widows in a city, where ISIS and sharia rule. She doesn’t say if she wears all the time her explosive belt, but that should be self-evident. As a part of a social media group, which has the goal to show Muslim barbarism as an exciting new development, she has unleashed a marvelous PR campaign.

…In one post, Umm Haritha shares a picture of a building painted in black described as the “(Islamic) Police station in Manbij.” In another post, she shares a photo of a white van that patrols the town with speakers reminding residents not to forget to recite their daily prayers.

In yet another, she posts a photo of a “new Islamic clothing store” for women.

She said the city of Raqqa, the Islamic State’s Syrian stronghold, has courthouses, orphanages, traffic police and is “the most organized city” she has ever been to.

“It looked so beautiful the sisters and I joked around and called it the New York City of Syria,” she said.

Missing from her posts, however, are reports of the crucifixions of individuals for apostasy, the cutting off of the hands of thieves and the public floggings for crimes like listening to music or smoking cigarettes.

It takes a special level of insanity to see a town, where you can get killed over nothing by sharia “judges,” as the New York of Syria. It’s insanity that only Muslims would try to sell as something normal.

There is only one piece of good news in that gloomy article:

…Umm Haritha said she has no plans to return to Canada and said most foreigners living under the Islamic State have ripped up their passports.

It sounds optimistic – that Muslim garbage may never come back to Canada. But I suspect that once Iran starts pounding the positions of ISIS, she may suddenly remember that she is “Canadian” and demand a charter flight to Canada (as the Lebanese “Canadian” supporters of Hezbollah did in 2006). And I am sure that the pussified government bureaucracy would take her back. They already did the same for the criminal Khadr family.

The lesson we can learn from that article (a lesson that the media would ignore again) is that Islam is a ticking bomb. If a supposedly normal Canadian girl can turn into a terrorist, there is a deep flaw in the Muslim religion and its manual of violence – the Koran. We can’t ignore the fact that there are hundreds of thousands like Umm around the world.

All of them are ready to drop everything to start blowing up and beheading people. And the unifying factor is their religion – Islam, which calls them to fight infidels. Yet we still are fed the usual bullshit line that terrorism knows no religion – promoted by Muslims, their lefty supporters, and cowardly politicians, who are scared to death that they may lose a few votes offending somebody.

Nothing matches the consistency of Islam in producing murderers and terrorists. Other religions can’t even come close to that. In the recent clashes between Ukraine and Russia, we didn’t see thousands of Orthodox Christians from all over the world flocking into Eastern Ukraine to fight on the side of Russia.

Muslim fanaticism in Canada enjoys the protection of the human rights commissions and other government bodies. The only result of their willful blindness would be a future, where thousands of fanatics like Umm and Omar Khadr will start fighting the kuffars with knives, guns and bombs right here in Canada.


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