How Popeyes Tricks You into Eating Halal Chicken

Last summer I wrote a rather long post about the halal food invasion in Toronto. It is imposed in more and more places in the city – even many public schools provide only halal food.

Along with the usual Muslim threats I received a few messages from readers telling me that I have missed to mention several other places that serve such food. I didn’t plan the post to be an extensive study of the phenomenon. However, a popular name came up several times – that was Popeyes, the chicken fast food chain.

Frankly, I had no idea that they were serving halal chicken. The restaurants were advertised as “Louisiana Style” and I would’ve never guessed that they were controlled by Muslims. The readers also notified me that years ago “halal” was proudly displayed there, but later disappeared.

I went to several locations and found out they were right – halal wasn’t mentioned anywhere. The staffs were vague about the issue when I asked them.

Fast forward to this month – last week Toronto Star published an article about a court case involving the chain. A group of Muslim franchisees are suing the management over halal chicken delivery. I am not going into details, the whole issue sounds like a fight of vultures over carrion, but there are some curious facts I would like to note.

There are 59 restaurants in Southern Ontario and ALL of them have served ONLY halal chicken for the last 25 years. From 50 to 80 per cent of their clients are Muslim.

So what, you may ask.

Here is what – for over two decades we have had in our province a massive Islamic enterprise, which has operated on the basis of deception.

Instead of openly declaring that they serve halal chicken, the owners decided to hide the fact, probably to get more customers. There are many people who find the barbaric halal slaughter disgusting and would never eat at such a place. Yet, a countless number of them have been deceived by the Muslim owners.

When confronted about halal, the Muslims usually say: “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it!” That’s precisely what I want to do, but those crooks are basically tricking you into eating their garbage.

Imagine if we had the reverse situation – a Christian restaurant owner secretly adds pork to the meals, tricking the Muslims to eat it. Can you imagine what would happen when he gets caught?

His windows will be shattered; he may even get a fire bomb or two. There will be endless lawsuits and the human rights commission would most likely confiscate the restaurant as a compensation for the hurt Muslim feelings.

Frankly, I am not surprised – deception (the taqiyya principle) is an integral part of Islam. Anything that advances the spread of that cult is good. Halal is also an essential part of the barbaric sharia law. And the Muslims are working diligently to impose it on us with force or deception (whatever works).

Here is what I want to know – how much longer should we do everything to accommodate sharia? The Muslims can impose their religion in the secular public schools; openly discriminate against non-Muslims in rental ads; cheat about the food at Popeyes – yet even the slightest criticism of their cult is met by an army of human rights vultures, ready and willing to destroy you.

In our overregulated food industry, the manufacturers are forced to disclose even the tiniest ingredient, but the Muslim owners of Popeyes are free to lie and cheat.

It is humiliating to feel like a second-class citizen in your own province, but apparently that’s all we can expect from McGuinty’s Islamic government…


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Thanks for the warning Admirath. I have never eaten Popeye’s chicken, so a Divine hand has been keeping me away from purchasing food that would fill tghe pockets of our friendly “Canadian” Jihadist entrepreneurs!

  2. aisha says:

    mr one is tricking u eating halal chicken.go and eat your disgusting meat which is bloody when cooked.its disgusting and awful.
    and the thing you are talking about bombing,its what america is doing in all over the world.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Typical comment from a semi-literate and ignorant Muslim. All I want is Popeyes to stop deceiving people by omission. I want them to clearly state in all restaurants that their food is halal, so that those who don’t want it could avoid it. Is that so difficult to do? Why is Islam so pathetic that it has to trick its way into making us eat hala food?

  3. SM ISAC says:

    Thank you for the important info. This hidden Halal meat seems so typical of the backdoor infiltration. We should be concerned about the employment discrimination resulting from widespread Halal meat production and distribution as it requires the meat handlers to be Muslims in order to be “Halal.” We as consumers can protect ourselves from deception by asking the store or restaurant managers, to identify the source of their meats. I would ask specifically for NON-Halal meat to be served at the restaurants I might eat at.

  4. marit says:

    I have been to Popeyes once for lunch and didn’t know it was Halal!
    If they don’t like the franchise, they should sell it and start their own Halal restaurant.

  5. The Lone Ranger says:

    @aisha, once you learn how to write a sentence that i can actually understand, then please write back. I’d rather eat “bloody” meat and retain my individual identity than become part of a culturally backward sect that practices “honour” killings, female genital mutilation, incest (first cousin marriages), and suicide bombings.

  6. Me says:

    Not only do you either or lie or not have your facts correct, but your logic is so faulty I’m not sure if its even worth arguing. If a Christian owner addded pork and labeled the dish Halal or Veggie or Kosher then yes it would be an issue, otherwise no. Unless Popeyes told you they are not serving halal, you have no case. If you refuse to eat halal even by accident, then you can ask each restaurant before you eat there just like others with dietary restrictions often need to do.

    If you actually read the article you quoted, it is clear that in all likelihood this “massive Islamic enterprise” is not even owned by Muslims. Many of the 59 restaurants selling halal meat are not even owned by Muslims. You are not even complaining to the right people.

    As for that “overregulated food industry”, manufacturers are NOT “forced to disclose even the tiniest ingredient”. Go read up on processing aids and hidden ingredients.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, insulting the infidel looks like the best defense. In the Muslim countries halal food is the only option and it is forced on all minorities. TDSB has a similar policy in several public schools, where halal food is also forced on all students regardless of their religion. This is the same like forcing Muslims to eat pork – nobody does that to them, but the opposite is fully acceptable.

      The deception by omission, in which Popeyes is involved, is not much better. Every restaurant, which serves halal food should be clearly labeled as such with signs prominently displayed on the premises and in the menu, so that the people who find halal food unacceptable on religious grounds can avoid it. Whether Popeyes restaurants are owned by Muslims or not, they should disclose their halal menu. Instead you are demanding that I go around asking (and restaurants from the Popeyes chain have lied to me that they don’t serve halal, while being listed in the Muslim halal directories). It’s no wonder they lie – if they tell the truth they may lose customers. If your religion is so powerful and just, why is it so difficult to be honest? Deception and bullying won’t bring you more converts.

  7. None of your Business says:

    Do you know what is done in the preparation of Halal food? One, the process is the same as the preparation of Kosher. Two, we say Bismillah, which is in the name of God and then slaughter the meat. Are you afraid we do some voodoo or some craziness that somehow makes the food cursed? In that case, then know that we do not accept any craziness such as voodoo. It’s simple, in the name of God. Nothing to be afraid of.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I don’t care about Kosher. All Kosher food is clearly marked. All I want is the Muslims to stop lying when they want to force halal food on everybody else.

  8. None of your Business says:

    You are lying about taqqiyah, how ironic. These are the instances in which deception is permissible for a Muslim: 1. Captured in war and the enemy asks where the soldiers are. You can direct them in the wrong way. 2. Your wife asks how do I look in this dress for example, you can say great even though you don’t believe that. 3. If two people you know are fighting- you stop the enmity between the two by telling each one privately that the other one said something great about you. Tell me is there anything wrong with any of these examples? Please do not spread outright deceit about Islam.

  9. None of your Business says:

    Finally, the Muslim owners are not free to advertise any way they wish. It is a FRANCHISE. Advertising is done for them and supplies are provided to them. Complain to the NON-Muslims who run the franchise: Sandy Springs, Georgia-based AFC Enterprises. There is the info, have at it!

  10. Matthew says:

    Just wasted 5 minutes with this awfully written article.

    Your comments are pathetic. Go spread your hatred somewhere else.

    I’m Anglican, after reading this article I will treat my family to some Popeye’s tonight.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s always nice to hear from a Muslim who pretends to be somebody else.

  11. ASP says:

    You did not do your home work properly admiwrath.
    First of all, they cannot put a Halal sign on their windows to attract more customers, as per the company policy.
    2nd, if you go to any Halal serving Popeyes, there is a Halal certificate hanged, beside the order counter, which is very clearly visible to everyone.
    3rd, I am sure they will be willing to put a Halal Sign on Windows as it will definately increase their business. For example, if 10 people will decide to avoid the Halal, 50 will be attracted. As there is nothing to woory about Halal for non-muslims (see a reply above). I am sure if Mcdonalds or KFC decide to open their Halal branch in Toronto, it will do double business than other branches.
    I am sorry admiwrath, what ever you are trying to do, is simply not working :).

    1. admiwrath says:

      Don’t lie, there is no halal certificate in any of the Popeye restaurants in Toronto I have visited.

      As of point 3, are you really that dumb that you think somebody would agree with your reasoning? If the halal sign would increase their business by 5 times, why don’t they display it? That’s all I want. Most Muslim restaurants have no problem displaying it.

      It’s sad to see wht pathetic tricks Muslim would use to trick people into dealing with their cult.