Islam and Aikido in Nova Scotia – How a Dojo Sold Its Soul to a Muslim

The ugly face of Islam keeps popping up in the most unexpected places in Canada. Recently it made its presence visible with a bang at an Aikido dojo in Nova Scotia.

According to the news report, in March, 2012, a male Muslim student showed up at the East Coast Yoshinkan Aikido in Halifax. Right after joining the dojo, he demanded that he be exempted from any physical contact with the female students.

Steve Nickerson, the school’s owner and sensei (lead instructor), agreed, explaining in an email to the National Post, “I believe every person should have an equal opportunity to participate in recreational activities and I would not deny this student access to my classes.”

He didn’t separate the students by gender, but introduced an elaborate system to comply with the Muslim student’s sensitivities. The sensei was watching the pairing and when the Muslim bully was about to pair with a girl, he quickly switched his partner with a boy.

Mr. Nickerson’s son assures us in the same article that the new policy didn’t affect the class in any way. It was an accommodation for the Muslim; the rest of the class trained together normally.

The other problem was that the new student refused to bow. I am not going into details, but in the Japanese culture, part of which Aikido is, it is customary to express respect through bowing. In the dojo that is an expression of humility and reverence to the sensei and your fellow students. The Japanese martial arts are complete systems of spiritual principles and physical interaction, and you can’t just cherry-pick only things you like.

The Muslim claimed that he was forbidden from bowing to anyone but God. Of course, the sensei approved that as well.

Let me see – I think that in Islam Muslims bow to the ass of the person, who is kneeling in front of them in the mosque. It is often said that in Islam the sweetest smell is the breath of a Muslim, who is fasting. If you have ever had a close encounter with such a person, such smell may make you wish you were wearing a mask.

When you are bowing to somebody’s behind, you might be treated to some flatulence, especially if that person has overindulged on kabob with beans, but I guess, since it is happening in a mosque, that would be considered a divine fart. And, as an added bonus, the moment you bang your head on the floor, you’ll get a good whiff of your fellow Muslim’s socks.

Yes, that definitely beats the Japanese style bowing.

Those accommodations (although admired by the human rights commissions) are so ridiculous that I doubt it if Nickerson could be called a real sensei. His behaviour is a disgrace to the title. If his purpose is to ignore the Aikido system in order to accommodate a medieval violent cult, he can cut the crap and teach his students how to beat each other with baseball bats. That is the unfortunate reality in Canada, where even the martial arts are pussified to such an extent that the practitioners would capitulate to every weird demand.

What’s even worse is that even the female students at the dojo didn’t see anything wrong with the way they were treated.

It’s no wonder that in the metrosexual dojo dominated by a Muslim fanatic, the only person with balls turned out to be a 15-year old girl. Sonja Power (now 17) quit a few months after the new policy was introduced, because she was feeling as a “second-class citizen.”

Sonja’s mother approached the instructors and one of them brushed her off with a nice multicultural explanation:

“I tried to explain to her that Steve and all of his students understood the situation and that Steve could not and was not going to turn [the male student] away because of his religious beliefs, just like he had not turned her away for hers.”

Also, in a TV interview Sonja and her mother said that somebody from the dojo told them that such cases will become more and more frequent and they have to get used to that reality.

I can’t imagine anything more disgusting than that capitulation – the Aikido “warriors” are ready to abandon the Canadian values of equality and the principles of their own martial art to accommodate a really barbaric religious view. The most horrifying part is that neither the instructors, nor the students see anything wrong with that. I can see Muslims laughing at the Canadian stupidity.

But that wasn’t everything – one day the Muslim student brought to the dojo Islamist literature to distribute. It was a booklet that I know very well: Islam: From Darkness to Light by Suhail Kapoor. On its pages that ferocious religion shines in its full glory, with advice on how to behave and tips on wife beating.

Nothing surprising here – the Muslim involvement in any group often ends with crude attempts to proselytize the cult.

In defense of the way the owner treated the Muslim student, another Muslim student notes:

“He told us he wanted to welcome him and show him the spirit of aikido,” said student Yosri Al-Kishawi.

What an utter bullshit – the spirit of Aikido doesn’t include treating the girls as second-class creatures; it doesn’t include accepting disrespect to everybody in the dojo as some minor problem.

The spirit of Aikido requires harmony and oneness, respect for friend and foe:

Principle of Oneness

In order to harmonize with the laws of nature, we must first learn to develop and maintain the right attitude of training. We must always keep the attitude of becoming one with every situation. This is an attitude of respect for all things at all times. Regardless of the situation, friend or foe, one must always be ready to harmonize. The right attitude greatly affects the efficiency of the action. It is not how strong, but rather how correct you are that counts. This concept of oneness will make it possible for anyone regardless of age or sex to perform the arts efficiently.


The cult of Islam, which remains frozen in the 7th century realities, has never been big on harmony or respect. It has a very simple principle: do what I say or you’ll lose your head.

Terrorism is not the most frightening feature of Islam. The soft jihad of gradually taking over our everyday lives and institutions is much worse. And even worse is that in most cases, just like the instructors and the students at the Halifax dojo, we are willing to betray voluntarily principles and values that hold our society together to make someone with vicious views feel better in the name of multiculturalism.

Shame on the East Coast Yoshinkan Aikido in Halifax.

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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Well we know that Islam trumps Jew and female, but the burning question is: does Islam trump gay?

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    How much more must we accommodate the “religion of peace?’

  3. Michele Walsh says:

    I am Sonja’s Mother. The men in the aikido class did not stand up and say segregation is wrong, that the booklet which promotes violence towards women is wrong. The men only made excuses, that it was OK because they were not the ones that were being discriminated against. No big deal to them. It took a 15 year old and a 18 year old girls to Stand up and say this is wrong. We will not tolerate sexism, discrimination or the promoting of a violence towards women and others. They are not cowards. We are happy that people around the world are standing up along with the 2 girls. Thank You Michele

    1. admiwrath says:

      I admire the bravery with which you opposed the cowardly behaviour of those people.

  4. SM ISAC says:

    This Aikido Dojo should have its license suspended.

  5. Ryan says:

    We should just eliminate ALL Religion. Outlaw it. ALL OF IT….

    1. admiwrath says:

      I am not if this is going to work – we may start with Islam.

  6. cely says:

    Islamic veil, refusing bowing, segregation with women, islamic priests, etc… HAVE ANYTHING TO DO in a dojo and must be absolutely banned.
    if muslim want their own rules they must have their own dojo !

  7. Maca says:

    Aikido and other martials arts are heavily practiced in muslim countries. Especially in Asia.

  8. brahim Amasri says:

    I Was surfing for Muslim aikidokas in Japan and I came across this art.In fact,Ignorance is the source of all cruelty and vilence against Islam.First you got to take away the fog you got against the religion you are obliged to embrace cause Allah said in the Quran “the religion for Allah is Islam” nothing but it, learn and be human that is all.

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