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Mark Harding and friends


On Canada Day the Toronto homosexual community was preparing to march in their annual parade. An important part of the event was a group named Queers against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA), which hides its virulent anti-Semitism behind a hypocritical concern about the “Palestinians”. I can’t understand how they can condemn the only country in the Middle East, where gays have full rights. Aren’t the homosexuals supposed to be smarter and more educated than the rest of us?

At the same time, a lone man with an Israeli flag was standing a few blocks away doing what he has been doing all his life – handing out pamphlets designed to awaken people from their spiritual slumber. This time the sheet the Torontonians were receiving, printed with a tiny font, covered the danger of Islamic infiltration of the Canadian political life (there were way too many facts to squeeze on the sheet, thus the tiny font).



That was Mark Harding’s second time standing at the same place (he did it last year as well), with only a few friends around him. It was interesting to observe him speaking with the people passing by – most of them were interested in his message and listened attentively, many had never had the chance to discuss those issues with anybody.

Mark is a simple man, without college education, who relies on his faith and on everything he has learned from observing and communicating with people around him. Yet he has much better understanding of the importance of Israel and the threat of violent Islam than the hundreds of thousands of highly educated homosexuals, who cheerfully support savages willing to exterminate them.

Telling the truth is not always popular or safe in Canada. Mark Harding was far ahead of most “experts” in our country in exposing the dangers of Islam. In 1990’s, when the political correctness was tightening its grip on our collective throat and the worst atrocities of Islam were still far ahead, Mark paid dearly for his opinions and received very little support.

I mentioned last year that he was prosecuted for “hate crime”, spent time in jail (after he was arrested) and was sent to be re-educated by a thief from the corrupt Islamic Society of North America.

At the time I had a very vague idea about what Mark has been through. The fact that he had heart attacks and his health was ruined gave me a hint about what happened to him.

However, I got the full picture only recently, after reading the full transcripts from his trial. In nearly a thousand of pages a picture of disgrace gradually emerges. You see the repressive apparatus of the Ontario Attorney General united against a street preacher and his little pamphlets and phone messages.

The army of hostile witnesses could probably give you more than two heart attacks. The “expert witness” Professor Jane McAuliffe, a Muslim doormat, provides a totally distorted and sympathetic picture of Islam. In the post-9/11 times her “testimony” would’ve been seen as ridiculously biased, but at the time she was untouchable.

The list of the Muslims witnesses reads like who is who in the current Canadian Muslim extremism, but at the time those people were perceived as pious bearded imams in white. They were free to lie and slander Mark, because nobody had the knowledge to confront them. Even Bernie Farber, the embattled chairman of the now defunct CJC and Don Quixote of internet censorship, was called to say his bit against Mark Harding (even though he didn’t know him and wasn’t an expert in anything).

As of the pamphlets, which were the reason for the trial, when I read them I couldn’t help but wonder – they charged him with a hate crime for those??? Nowadays you can read online things that are hundreds of times more offensive and many Muslims openly advocate the destruction of Israel, killing of Jews and subjugating the West to the barbaric sharia with no consequences at all.

The only witnesses supporting Mark were called only to discuss his good character in a few short sentences. To give you an idea how lonely he was at the trial, let me just mention that after the judge handed down a suspended sentence, Mark’s own lawyer suggested he be put on house arrest.

Fortunately, Mark Harding survived that ungodly circus and continued his work – quietly, his only reward being the fact that he was right and many more people are now willing to listen to him. The slaughter on September 11 and the recent “Arab Spring”, which brought to power the most outrageous Muslim fanatics, vindicated him and showed that the support for Israel, the only civilized country in the Middle East, is more important than ever.

As of the Jew-hating homosexuals, I am sure they’ll soon understand that the Palestinian terrorists are not their best bedfellows.


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  1. SM ISAC says:

    Thank you for this post, Blogwrath.

  2. chris wickens says:

    Interesting blog. That is terrible that Mr. Harding was subject to that treatment–especially in Canada. I only hope that more people will waken from their slumber and take up the cause. What happened to freedom of speech. Why are so many “groups” allowed to say so many slanderous things but one good man with truth is put in jail and publicly humiliated. A good book to read is by Dr. Michael Youssef entitled, “Blindsided” and a great website by Brigitte Gabriel, Act for America which is helpful to Canada. Keep up this great site!



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