Mark Harding – the Last Canadian Standing


Mark Harding - the last Canadian standing


On July 1 Mark Harding, surrounded by supporters from different races and backgrounds, made an appearance in front of The Bay store at Queen and Younge. He was there to protest the spread of Islam in Toronto’s public schools and to make a stand against the attempts to force The Bay to stop selling Israeli products.


Mark Harding with a supporter


I shall admit that until recently I knew little about him. Many thanks to my reader Sharon, who a few months ago told me his story. His long ordeal resembles the suffering of the dissidents in the Soviet Union, making it hard to believe that something like that could happen in Canada.

It is very unlikely that another person in Canada would have the faith and dedication to go through the same prolonged nightmare (thus the title of this article).



Mark was persecuted and convicted for “Islamophobic” hate speech. It is difficult to link him to the standard image of a vile skinhead spitting out hate. He is a Christian Minister and he looks like a Santa Claus on vacation. When you talk to him, he sounds kind and polite and explains his point of view firmly but without raising his voice.

And his point of view got him into trouble – unfortunately, he deals with Islam, one of the most hostile and intolerant religions in the world.



In the 1990’s Mark tried to bring Canada’s attention to the harm that Islam could cause. Those were the years when the political correctness reigned supreme and the media didn’t want to have anything to do with criticizing any religion (except Christianity, of course).

In 1997 he found out that a public school in Toronto (Weston Collegiate Institute) had set aside a special room for Muslim students to pray while the non-Muslims were studying. He expressed his disagreement by creating pamphlets and giving away copies of them near the school.

In the pamphlets he wrote about the dangers of Islam and quoted facts about Muslim atrocities from Canadian mainstream media sources. The protest didn’t end up well – under strong pressure from the Muslim community, Mark Harding was charged with hate speech, he even had to spend two days in jail.

The case went to trial and he was convicted in 1998. He got two years probation and 340 hours of community service. The most humiliating fact about the service was that it consisted in Muslim indoctrination under the guidance of Mohammad Ashraf, general secretary of ISNA. (Such indoctrination was a common practice in Chairman Mao’s China, where educated people had to go through the same process guided by the young idiots from the Red Guards. How is this possible in Canada?)

ISNA stands for Islamic Society of North America, a notoriously corrupt organization with strong ties to the terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood. Ashraf told Harding that he must follow everything he says, otherwise he would send him back to jail. One of those things was the ban to criticize the warmonger
Mohammed, the fake prophet.

He forced Mark to read the book Towards Understanding Islam, a junk treatise, hostile to everybody who doesn’t follow Islam.

The ordeal took its toll on Mark’s health, but despite several heart attacks, he had to continue to fight. He appealed his sentence all the way to the Supreme Court, but in the end the Muslim lobby won – in 2002 he lost his appeal. Mohamed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress (another notorious Muslim organization) was ecstatic that Harding’s “hate literature” was punished.

All that happened quite a few years ago and many things have changed since then.

First came the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, which showed that Islamism is really bad. Quickly Muslims established themselves as perpetrators of the vast majority of the terrorist acts in the world.

Then came the Internet and blogging, which helped people connect much better and showed fighters like Mark Harding that they are not alone.


People from different backgrounds support Mark Harding


What about the people involved in the drama?

Well, it turned out Mohammad Ashraf was a crook – a recent audit of ISNA showed a monstrous misuse of $600,000 of donation money (in a similar situation they would shut down a Christian charity, but ISNA is still going strong). Ashraf used money to pay for the health insurance for his daughters who don’t work for the organization. He diverted substantial funds to businesses in which he was a director, issued false tax receipts, etc., etc. So much about him being a moral beacon to Mark the Kaffir.

Mohamed Elmasry tried to launch a hate speech HRC complaint against Mark Steyn and Maclean’s Magazine. The OHRC reluctantly dismissed it, but Barbara Hall didn’t miss the opportunity to issue a pro-Islamic statement condemning the magazine. Then Elmasry openly stated n the Michael Coren show that all Jews in Israel over 18 are fair target for killing by terrorists.

And Towards Understanding Islam is still being handed out by the Muslim indoctrinators who preach in front of the Eaton Centre.

I guess it became a little bit more difficult to persecute people like Mark Harding. On the other hand, the Muslim extremists are still tolerated – last year the
authorities refused for months to file charges against Salman Hossain, a low-life Muslim from Bangladesh residing in Ontario. He used to run the site Filthy Jewish Terrorists, in which he regularly posted messages calling for mass extermination of all Jews. In the end he managed to leave Canada without being charged.

It’s a funny country we live in – a Christian Minister who warns us about the dangers of the Muslim cult is sent to jail and humiliated into taking indoctrination lessons from a charity crook, while people like Elmasry and Hossain, who openly incite to murder of a whole ethnic group, walk the streets totally undisturbed.

Nothing strange about that when you see that a leading federal politician like “Taliban Jack” Layton is not ashamed to associate with an anti-Semitic shia organization like CASMO, which placed David Duke videos to “educate” its members:


Jack Layton gets a kitschy clock from CASMO, David Duke's fans


It’s a tragedy and thanks to Mark Harding and those who think like him, we still have some hope to change our country.

When the July 1 event was announced, Mark mentioned that it would be his last. He was planning to retire from his activities to probably write a book.

I asked him at the event why he was retiring. He replied that his plans changed – he just found out that a public school in Toronto runs a Friday mosque in its cafeteria and it even imposed halal food on all students (even non-Muslim). He simply couldn’t retire if something like that was going on.

It looks like his struggle has come full circle – he faces exactly the same challenge, which started him on his fight against Muslim fanaticism in 1997.

However, there is a big difference this time – he is no longer alone. Many will be watching and supporting him.

I hope the support would make his convictions even stronger than they were in 1997…

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  1. SusanK says:


    The question now is how to stop their funding.

    1. doug says:

      The funding wont stop as long as the liberal & ndp socialists keep getting the left bias support & free propaganda advertising they do from the cbc lying machine.

  2. Grandma Mize says:

    Thank you for people like mark harding who see wrong; And he will not be be hushed , he will not stop and, he wont quit.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I totally agree with you. In the age of the Internet it is becoming more and more difficult to hush honest people like him.

  3. SM ISAC says:

    I believe that without the spiritual anchor, the guilty verdict and the humiliation of 370 “community service” hours under the ISNA supervision subjecting him to Islamic propaganda could have been soul destroying experience. Back in 1997 there was little public awareness of this problem, so he suffered the ordeal pretty much alone. I learned about this case during my online search on the subject of lawfare and wondered whatever became of Mr. Harding, so I was very glad to know that he’s doing well. I thank Blogwrath for covering this event.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Exactly, Mark had an incredible amount of moral strength to endure that abuse. It is a total disgrace that Canada, which considers itself a civilized country, still provides many tools to a medieval death cult founded by a pedophile, to persecute people who want to preserve our values.

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  5. marit says:

    I heard about Mr. Harding just recently. As SM ISAC says back in 1997 there was little attention to this problem. I admire his courage.

  6. ADHD says:

    God Bless Mr. Mark Harding!!! It’s only today that I heard about him – BRAVISSIMO to him, especially given how then he had not only to go through it all alone but to even be reviled by those around him!!! I sure hope that he’ll now be favoured with outstanding health and that he’ll be a perpetual thorn in the side of those Muslim bigots and genocidists who want to utterly exterminate anybody and anything that’s “non-Islâmic”!!!!

    Truly, all these Muslims and others like them ought to be rounded up, disenfranchised (if they’re Western citizens) and deported back to their Islâmic paradise!!! Simultaneously, Mr. Harding deserves to be inducted into the Order of Canada, with his ordeal getting him to receive both federal and provincial compensation!!! TRULY, he suffered for justice and for our unlucky society that’s still being eaten up by these Muslim arch-criminals and their Communist enablers, sympathisers and fellow-quislings!!!!

  7. M. D. Anthony says:

    Press on Marc Harding
    You now have a Prime Minister who recognises the threat of Islam to civilization.
    Any religion that encourages lies (Taqyya) in pressing theri vile bliefs does not have a right to function in an open honest and transparent society such as Caandas.
    The liars of Islam therfore need to silence free speech as it exposes them at every turn.
    They have no business in our schools.

    1. admiwrath says:

      But the Islamists still have chance as long as OHRC and Barbara Hall want to impose that cult on all of us. And as of Stevie the PM, he has done very little so far to keep us safe of that threat.

  8. the final count down says:

    i’m just wondering who will compensate this man for what he had to go through telling us “i told you so”? and most of all, what will the canadian government do about that issue with islamizing canada?
    i was in canada on 1991 , i loved it so much , but wheni went to downtown toronto, i felt that i was in afghanistan without chopping of people’s heads and hands and without shooting women in the head in a football field.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I can tell you right away – nobody is going to compensate him. The government dellusion that the Muslim extremists would not touch them, if they keep an honest white guy at bay is the basis of the Muslim expansion. That’s why we have a whole school in Toronto dominated by the Islamic death cult with the active support of the Toronto School Board and Barbara Hall’s OHRC.

    2. Gary Rice says:

      I agree Mark is not guilty Canada is.

      1. admiwrath says:


      2. Ralph says:

        I totally agree with you too. I’ll include Mark in my prayer tonight. Like you and Mark, my prayers also end “in Jesus’ Name”. We’re on the same side.

        Shalom and God Bless you,

  9. Tolerance says:

    What happened to acceptance of the religions of others. Just as Muslims don’t criticize his Christian religion, he shouldn’t criticize theirs. It’s really that simple.

    1. admiwrath says:

      In case you have reading comprehension problems, let me explain again. Mark Harding was sent to jail under Muslim pressure for criticizing school Islamization. Then he was sent for “re-education” to a crook, who stole large sum of money from his own Muslim charity. The same crook threatened Harding that he would send him back to jail, if he doesn’t behave.

      Is this what you call Muslim tolerance, dear “Tolerance”?

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  11. […] Blogwrath  In the 1990’s Mark Harding tried to bring Canada’s attention to the harm that Islam could cause. Those were the years when the political correctness reigned supreme and the media didn’t want to have anything to do with criticizing any religion (except Christianity, of course). Mark Harding […]

  12. MJ says:

    I interviewed Pastor Mark Harding in 2007, this is a WONDERFUL man.
    Nice, polished.
    Trying to save his country from Islamo-crazies.
    HaShem bless Mark Harding forever.

    1. admiwrath says:

      That was my impression of him as well.

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  14. Mark Harding says:

    Hi everyone. Just to let you know I will once again be standing on the corner of Bay and Queen streets at 12:00 noon on Sunday July 1 2012. Please come out and support Israel, the Bay stores and all stores in Canada who are being subjected to Islamic terrorist attacks against them because they want to carry products produced in Israel. Stand up to these Islamic thugs Canada. We are Canadians strong and free and we will not be bullied by Islam and its barbaric teachings.
    I will be there with my Israel flag and I am sure there will be plenty of Canadian flags along with with me.
    God bless Canada and Israel too.
    Mark Harding

    1. admiwrath says:

      Gog bless you, Mark, for all you do. We will be there with you.

    2. Kk says:

      Even as an a person how does think much of our believe system we have today I do think there is a great need for people like mark and the work he does. I do not care how people pray or where as long as my taxs are not paying for it . If the Muslims what to pray fine not in my schools that I pay for. I feel there is no place for any religion in public schools, the kids are all there to learn the three r’s it worked back in my day and as much as I know kids today need the same.

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  16. Sc says:

    I am an American who loves Canada, but hates the Idiots in its government. If the warnings of this man are not heeded, Canada will rue the day that the filth of Islam was allowed to take root on your soil. Wake up Canadian government, and stop Islam now. While you CAN!

    1. admiwrath says:

      I share your concern – Canadian politicians try to ignore the danger for as long as they can.

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