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The summer of 2014 was marked by mass Muslim demonstrations in Canada in support of Hamas while the terrorist organization was launching hundreds of rockets against Israel. Those demonstrations were far from peaceful – the participants openly displayed terrorist flags, yelled ant-Semitic slogans and even physically assaulted their opponents.

We saw Jews being beaten in Mississauga in front of Palestine House by rabid Muslim Arabs. A few days later we saw a similar event in Calgary, where Muslims punched and kicked women. The mainstream media tried their best to cover up both stories – after all, in the multicultural paradise of Canada such things never happen. Even the police allowed things to deteriorate through their inaction.

Thanks to a few courageous journalists like Ezra Levant and many people, who scoured the internet for video evidence, some of the Muslim barbarians involved are going to face justice. But what kind of justice is that?

It was just reported that one of the accused Muslims has had his day in court in Calgary (h/t BCF):

One of four pro-Palestinian protesters charged in connection with a dust up with Israel supporters in Calgary pleaded guilty to assault Wednesday for sucker-punching a woman.

The offender, who was 17 at the time and can’t be named, admitted striking Samantha Hamilton once in the face as she went to assist her brother, who was being attacked.

As the recent terror attacks in Israel showed, when a girl was killed with a knife, the Arab cowards don’t shy away from assaulting infidel women. Samantha was an easy target for the young Muslim jihadist from Calgary. According to the court records she was assaulted when she tried to help her brother while he was being kicked on the ground:

“As Samantha Hamilton went to her brother’s aid, she suffered one blow, a punch, to the front left side of her face which was delivered by (the teen).”



Samantha Hamilton (right) in Toronto

One may assume that the young criminal would receive what he deserves to help him understand that punching women in Canada in the name of a violent cult is not tolerated. Unfortunately, the prosecutor taught him a very different lesson:

Crown prosecutor Carla MacPhail, who said she will not be seeking any jail time, read in a statement of agreed facts signed by Katrib and his client.

She said the altercation took place during a rally supporting Palestine in the early evening of July 18.

“In view of the protesters, the Israeli military action in Gaza was unjustified and had resulted in the deaths of innocents, including women and children,” MacPhail said of the highly charged event.

A few days ago I wrote about the case of Eric Brazau, a free speech activist, who is going to spend at least five months in jail over a heated discussion about Islam. No violence of any kind was involved in his case.

Such atrocity is possible only under sharia law, where blasphemy is punished severely (Brazau isn’t even sentenced yet – they keep him in jail by refusing bail). Frankly, I didn’t expect that just a few weeks later to witness another case of surrender to the barbaric Muslim law. While somebody is locked up for talking, a violent Muslim gets a free pass after beating a young Christian woman.

Under the existing Canadian laws, that should be considered a hate crime, but they are never applied to Muslims. Can you imagine if it were the other way around – Christian or Jew punching a Muslim? The army of media cowards would cover the event for months, trying to instill guilt over “backlash” against Muslims and the perpetrator would spend years in jail.

But Ms. MacPhail goes even further by trying to whitewash the Muslim crime – the fact that the participants in the pro-Hamas rally hated Israel should have no effect over the way that criminal was treated.

What kind of an excuse is this? Maybe Ted Bundy should’ve been spared, because he was killing women due to his belief that they didn’t like him and his rage was justified. The same principle could’ve been applied to the Nuremberg’s trials – Goering, Hess, Rosenberg and the rest sincerely believed that the Jews controlled everything in Germany and the only way to get rid of them was to exterminate them.

A Crown prosecutor with such views would fit much better in Iran or Saudi Arabia, but disturbingly, she is not afraid to apply them in Canada. Such decision would have devastating consequences – it will embolden every Muslim anti-Semite, because any perpetrated assault would be ignored without any consequences. These were not just a few rogues at the rally. The whole spirit of the event was marred by hatred and hostility. Displaying the trademark Muslim hypocrisy (taqiyya) the organizer of the event Saima Jamal first put on her most compassionate mask to apologize for the violence, then in a Facebook discussion expressed her joy that protesters were beaten.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 2.09.13 AMIf the leader of the rally is not afraid to express such hatred, is it any wonder that the rest found it perfectly normal to punch women? Maybe next time they’ll bring knives. Those are the people that the prosecutor exonerated.

Well, the problem is that Saima is not some semi-literate veiled gargoyle – she is a prominent Muslim figure in Calgary, who is revered by the Muslim mayor Nenshi and even Justin Trudeau. None of those politicians condemned the Muslim violence and racism in Calgary.

Is beating Jews and Christians part of your peace?

Is beating Jews and Christians part of your peace?

Saima with the Lord Protector of Islamists in Canada

Saima with the Lord Protector of Islamists in Canada

A few years ago Jamal Badawi, a prominent Islamic “scholar” and promoter of the Islamization of Canada, made the point that Muslims should take over the judicial system in Canada:

“He [A Muslim] can use his judicial discretion to achieve the greatest amount of justice as compared to a non-Muslim or a person who does not believe in Shariah.”

That despicable Muslim extremist meant that judges from his own faith have to sneak into the system and apply sharia. After the cases of Eric Brazau and the Calgarian jihadist, I am sure that Badawi was pleasantly surprised to see that there was an easier way – non-Muslims in the judicial system of Canada now cheerfully apply the barbaric rules of sharia.

We may add the fact that the stinkiest piece of Muslim garbage in Canada – the convicted terrorist Omar Khadr – is now a columnist for a national newspaper. I don’t recall Rudolf Hess authoring any newspaper columns during his capture in England or while he was a lifer in Spandau.

Make no mistake – the Islamization is advancing rapidly and the courts are depriving from justice those who have been wronged by Islam. We are losing Canada.

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