Muslim Damage Control and Taqiyya Dogs


Karma’s-a-bitch at Salaheddin Mosque


Last month at the Al-Quds rally, held by supporters of the Iranian terrorist regime, a dog named Cupcake and its owner were assaulted. Muslims kicked the dog and punched Mr. Eintoss. That inspired today’s protest at the Salaheddin Mosque, a known centre of Islamic fanaticism. The purpose of the organizer was to state that (unlike in the Muslim countries) dogs and their owners are free to walk in Canada without being assaulted.

The Facebook page, where the event was promoted, quickly became a magnet for Muslim rage. Among the messages of hate there were also death threats.


In the screenshot above a certain Mr. “Ali Shirazi” warned the organizers (h/t BCF):

“I’ll tie you all up and throw you in a lake of fire if you show up at the salahuddin mosque ahhaahah every dog will be shot on spot, bring as many as you want!!!”

I am not sure if the mosque has at its disposal a dungeon with a lake of fire, but the threat of shooting is scary enough, especially when you consider the Muslim hatred for dogs.

The Muslim arrogance was growing in the days after that – on September 11 a bunch of Muslims and their lefty friends disrupted a candlelight vigil commemorating the victims of the terrorist attacks. They booed and jeered the National Anthem of Canada and the Lord’s Prayer.

It looked like the confrontation at the “bring your dog” event would exceed everything that happened before. However, over the last few days, crowds of deranged Muslim psychopaths started attacking Western embassies and killing diplomats and other people. The excuse was a mediocre movie about their fake “prophet”, but all signs show that the attacks were well coordinated with the purpose to intimidate the Western world. It worked to a certain degree – the Kenyan Marxist in the White House apologized right away.

However, with the beating the police took in the public opinion after the Cupcake case, it was to be expected that the Islamists will be more cautious. Any action of the Toronto Muslims resembling the actions of their barbaric brethren in the Arab world would’ve been heavily scrutinized. So they had to change their tactics (more about that later).


Shetland Sheepdog


Unfortunately, the rain kept many people from attending, but we saw a few great dogs.




The participants made their opinions very clear:


McGuinty and the media as useful idiots for jihad…



Say no to totalitarian Islam


Along with other participants I saw Ron Banerji and the evangelist Mark Harding.


David Menzies interviews the Hindu activist Ron Banerji



Mark Harding is making a point


Due to the reasons I mentioned above, the Salaheddin mosque people were in full damage control mode. There were no dog shooting squads. They desperately tried to convince everybody that Islam is a cool religion. They managed to find a hijabbed Muslim lady with a sophisticated British accent, who attempted to give a human face to Islam.


The human face of Islam


The lady (whose name I missed) did her best to show what a dog-loving religion Islam is. It turned out she loved dogs and she carefully tried to pretend she didn’t hear all the questions about the poisoning and mistreatment of dogs by Muslims.


The “dialogue”


She was handing out a leaflet (shown in the picture above) explaining the role of the dogs in Islam. Although the dog saliva is considered dirty, it turns out Muhammad was a huge dog fan. Dogs freely roamed Medina and even entered his mosque. When they urinated on the floor, water was sprinkled and dogs weren’t killed.

Once the “prophet”, while on one of his death marches, found a dog, which had just given birth to a litter of puppies. He ordered that the dog and the puppies be guarded.  And then there was the following quote:

“The Prophet asserted that a prostitute, and in some versions, a sinning man, secured their places in Heaven by saving the life of a dog dying of thirst in the desert.”

I had no idea Muhammad was such a cool dude or (which is closer to the truth) that the Muslims are such skillful liars. The lady never answered straight any questions about the mistreatment of dogs by Muslims, the refusal to take service dogs in taxis, etc. There is nothing unusual in that – takiyya or lying in the name of defending Islam is an essential part of the Muslim religion.


The taqiyya dogs have arrived…


The ultimate taqiyya moment came when a Muslim guy dressed as if he came straight from Osama’s compound, brought two huskies and claimed he was breeding them and he and his friends loved dogs.

The interesting thing was that he kept the huskies at the entrance, outside of the mosque area. Banerji yelled that the Muslim dog breeder can prove his point by taking the dogs inside the mosque. The Muslims pretended they didn’t hear that. Wait a minute – wasn’t it cool in the “prophet’s” times to let dogs piss in the mosque? Are the Muslims nowadays better than their prophet?

There is no need to answer the question – Islam is based on lies and deception and only the useful lefty idiots can take its propaganda seriously.


Fighting over the Koran


Some of the Muslims from the mosque came out with the intention to start fights, but were quickly ushered in by their seniors (and I suppose the cops staring at them contributed to restoring the peace). In the picture above the gentleman with the glasses (who studied the violence in Islam for years) was told by the African Muslim that he has no real knowledge about Islam, because he read the Koran in English. Nothing new here – the usual smoke and mirrors, which try to hide the real nature of the barbaric Islamic cult.

A video is coming…

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