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The worldwide advancement of Muslim terrorism has prompted hearings at the Senate of Canada, where people from different institutions and backgrounds were called to testify about the dangers of extremism in Canada. Naturally, most of that extremism revolves around Islam (bringing up the Crusades is not going to divert from the real issue).

The “Muslim leader,” who appeared there earlier this week, was Shahina Siddiqui from the Islamic Social Services Association (in Manitoba). I have heard often from the Muslim activist and journalist Tarek Fatah that the media and the politicians in Canada would acknowledge somebody as a real leader, only if he or she wears a long robe, hijab, niqab, funny hat or a long beard. That was the case with Siddiqui – the ugly hijab outfit made her fully qualified to act as a “Muslim leader.”

After the event, The Winnipeg Free Press published an apologetic article by Mia Rabson (h/t Marvin), which chastised the heartless Canadians for not embracing their Muslim minority in the name of multiculturalism. In a sneaky way, criticism of Islam was linked to past “transgressions” in Canada:

We always later saw the error of these ways, apologizing for residential schools and Japanese internment camps, for example.

But at a Senate committee hearing last Monday a Manitoba Muslim leader, defending herself against accusations she herself was a terrorist sympathizer, said racist backlash against Muslim Canadians for the actions of terrorists has got to stop or history is going to repeat itself.

“We have to stop it now because we have the experience of Japanese internment,” Shahina Siddiqui said. “We did that to Japanese-Canadians out of fear. I hope this is not going to go there.”

Muslims are exceptionally good at deception – after all, the principle of takiyya, lying to advance Islam, is an important element of that religion. It is laughable to compare the internment of the Japanese, who were not involved in any crimes in Canada, with the vigilance necessary to protect us from the Muslim extremism. (If all Muslims sincerely tried to limit the aggression of their religion, that vigilance wouldn’t be necessary.)

Ms. Siddiqui doesn’t appear very smart when she talks about “racist backlash” against Muslims. Even the most ignorant people in Canada know that the followers of Islam come from every imaginable race and ethnicity (just look at the ISIS terrorists). But she knows how to manipulate people – an accusation of racism could bring out the rabid Nazis from the Human Rights Commissions, who will quickly destroy the life of the accused.

The author of the article doesn’t like it when Ms. Siddiqui is questioned by a Senator about the links of her organization:

Siddiqui was put on the defensive as Sen. Lynn Beyak demanded she explain her organization’s ties to terrorism.

“How can we trust community organizations to help us develop a counter-radicalization narrative when they themselves are affiliated with organizations that have ties to terrorists?” Beyak asked.

And she later said, her voice thick with incredulity, shouldn’t Siddiqui just stop “being offended” and grow a thicker skin, noting the terrorists who killed the Charlie Hebdo journalists in Paris last month did so because they were offended at the cartoons the magazine published.

Siddiqui said if anyone has any real proof her organization or anyone she is affiliated with are radicals, they should produce it, but that innuendo and character assassinations were not helpful. In fact, she said, if the government continues to go after Muslim leaders such as herself, it will break the community and make it weak.

The shady connections of many Muslim organizations with the worst types of extremism are proven beyond any doubt. Some Muslim charities are nothing more than scams that funnel large sums of money to terrorists and other extremists. I don’t know what the connections of Ms. Siddiqui’s organization are, but everybody would benefit if they are thoroughly investigated by CSIS and RCMP to clarify “the innuendo and character assassinations.”

Such an investigation will be time-consuming and costly, but we can get clues about the views of the organization from its official publications. Last year the Manitoba division of the RCMP undertook the monumental initiative to establish guidelines on the ways to confront terrorism. Though Barack Obama would tell you that terrorists come from all religions, the grim truth is that this field is proudly dominated by Muslim extremists.

Thus the work became focused on Islam and two “moderate” Muslim organizations collaborated in the project. The first one was Ms. Siddiqui’s fiefdom – the Islamic Social Services Association – and the second was the National Council of Canadian Muslims. The final result was an instructional booklet ambitiously titled “United against Terrorism: A Collaborative Effort toward a Secure, Inclusive and Just Canada.”


The second organization – NCCM – has a murky past. Until recently they were the Canadian office of CAIR, an American Muslim organization, which was an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case; several of the US CAIR leaders are currently serving long sentences for financing Muslim terrorism. Recently CAIR was designated as a terrorist group in the United Arab Emirates. Last year NCCM started a libel lawsuit against the Prime Minister of Canada, because his spokesman suggested a connection between CAIR and CAIR’s Canadian branch. Hopefully, the case may go to trial soon and we will find out the truth.

Ms. Siddiqui must be pleased with the achievement, because she proudly holds the booklet in the photo shown in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Ms. Siddiqui with the notorious booklet (source: the Canadian Press/John Woods)

Ms. Siddiqui with the notorious booklet (source: the Canadian Press/John Woods)

The problem with such booklets is that very few people read them. If they did, the Senators would have more than enough material to confront the Muslim deception promoted by Ms. Siddiqui at the hearing, especially with regard to the claim that she fights radicalization.

The booklet clearly states that radicalization is not that bad (page 9):


Radicalization is a more advanced form of extremism and can find itself manifesting in the political and social views. Radicalization, just like extremism, does not always necessarily translate into terrorism or other related forms of violence. Radicalism becomes problematic when it causes hatred and manifests itself through violence that can harm individuals or society. In the more common use of the term, radicalization implies the recruiting and brainwashing of individuals (especially youth) to take up such violent narratives.

So, according to ISSA and NCCM, we should leave the Muslim radicals alone and act only after they start cutting off people’s heads. Nice example of Muslim obfuscation of the real problem – the very nature of the Muslim radicalization is violence, because its goal is to impose on the world Islam as a superior political system. But people raised on the myths that Islam is some kind of a peaceful meditation won’t know that. And to make things even more confusing, they make Muslim radicalism look like just one of the many eccentricities that people around the world share:


Anyone can hold radical views or opinions on geo-political, economic, environmental, social or religious matters. The challenge is to distinguish them from calls for violence, believing and acting on these calls to violence either against individual civilians, groups or the state and its government. The call for violence includes promoting hate that may lead to violence and inciting violence and hate through the spoken or written word or through one’s actions.

Such approach inevitable requires whitewashing of the violent pillar of Islam – jihad (page 10):


ABSOLUTELY NOT! Jihad is an Arabic term meaning striving, struggling and exertion in the path of good. Every day a Muslim struggles with his/her desires and does good and strives to be a better human being he/she is performing jihad. Prophet Muhammad told his companions as they went home after a battle: “We are returning from the lesser jihad [the battle] to the greater jihad,” the far more vital and crucial task of extinguishing transgression from one’s own society and one’s own heart. (Riyadh-us-Saliheen)

Strange statement – even the quote from the founder of Islam, which is supposed to support the ISSA and NCCM claims that war is jihad. From that point of view, ISIS has a much more honest interpretation of the nature of jihad than the two “moderate” Muslim organizations.

The booklet even recommends Muslim “scholars” knowledgeable about Islam: “Dr. Ingrid Mattison, Sheikh Zaid Shakir, Sheikh Humza Yusuf, Dr. Jamal Badawi, Dr. Iqbal Nadawi, Sheikh Siraj Wahaj, Dr. Ihsan Bagby, Sheikh Abdallah Idris, Ali, Imam Ahmed Kutty, Imam Slimi, Imam Yusuf Badat, Ustad Nouman Ali Khan and Imam Sikander Hashmi.” Most of them have views that could hardly be considered “moderate.” Jamal Badawi has proven ties with the terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood. He even glorified the Muslim suicide bombers comparing them with the “freedom fighters” fighting against the Nazis.

Since they recommend such extremists, the authors of the booklet naturally demand special treatment of Islam in the media (p. 17):



• By uncritically applying the noble concept of Jihad to terrorism and using labelingterrorist as ‘jihadis’, we are playing into the hands of violent extremists

• By equating terrorism with Jihad and by calling terrorist “jihadis,” the media, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and politicians have confused the discourse, and this has been counterproductive in challenging the extremist narrative in the minds of the young and vulnerable

The message is – leave the jihadists alone. In case the law-enforcement authorities are too pushy in trying to protect us from the “noble jihadists,” the authors of the booklet have practical recommendations that the Muslims can follow (p. 26):


You should be polite and be aware that:

1) Your cooperation with CSIS/RCMP is voluntary. You have no obligation to talk to CSIS/RCMP, even if you are not a citizen. Refusing to answer questions cannot be held against you, nor does it imply that you have something to hide.

2) If you choose to answer questions, it is advisable to have a lawyer present. It is best to arrange for a lawyer to contact the agent on your behalf.

3) You do not have to permit CSIS/RCMP representatives to enter your home or office. They must possess a search warrant in order to enter your property. If they say they have a warrant, ask to see it before allowing them to enter. Even if they have a warrant, you are under no obligation to answer questions.

4) You are not required to provide personal information about friends and family. You should feel free to tell the officer that you will not provide information about others without their consent.

5) Never lie to CSIS/RCMP. If you fear misunderstanding, it is better to refuse to answer questions. Lying to a law enforcement officer is a crime.

Did I mention that the booklet was co-authored and approved by the RCMP? What were they thinking? This little list is a concise manual on how to sabotage an investigation and cover up for your extremist or terrorist friends.

Finally, the whole thing ends with a few recommendations that are going to tie the hands of the police and other investigative institutions, and what’s even worse, would criminalize any criticism of Islam or even an attempt to link some of its principles to extremism (p. 34):


1. Do not conflate religiosity with radicalization or conflate religious devotion with a propensity to commit acts of violence.

2. Abandon public terminology that creates false linkages between Islam and terrorism in favor of consistent language that contextualizes threats and accurately identifies the perpetrators of violent extremism. Avoid terms such as “Islamist terrorism”, “Islamicism”, and “Islamic extremism” in favor of more accurate terms such as “Al Qaeda inspired extremism”.

3. Discontinue any inappropriate information gathering techniques including (but not limited to) showing up at workplaces, intimidating newcomers, questioning individuals religiosity and discouraging legal representation…

6. Do not refer to terrorist as” jihadis.” This only emboldens them and gives them a legitimate status in the eyes of the vulnerable. Terrorism is not jihad. Jihad is a noble concept in Islam.

“Al Qaeda inspired extremism”? Didn’t Al Qaeda go out of fashion? Now it should be called “ISIS inspired extremism.” However, they both are the same, based in the violent jihadist nature of the Muslim ideology. It is the Muslims’ job to reform their religion, if they want it to be respected. The Muslim “leaders” like Ms. Siddiqui are supposed to carry out the reforms. Instead they choose to deceive and misrepresent the violent elements in Islam, which is clearly displayed in that booklet. Ms. Siddiqui is one of the co-authors of this disgraceful document. This screed should’ve found its way into the garbage bin as soon as the first draft was presented to RCMP, instead they approved it.

The guidelines would’ve given an enormous power in the hands of the Canadian jihadists to harass and prosecute their critics, while secretly preparing for their terrorist acts. The RCMP officers, who approved that, should be ashamed of themselves – their negligence could’ve jeopardized the lives of many Canadians. (The RCMP withdrew its approval, but only after the public outcry.)

So how do you expect a person like Ms. Siddiqui, who refuses to see the extremism deeply rooted in Islam, help us fight extremism? The ideas she supported in that booklet would have the exactly opposite effect.

Fear not, my fellow Canadians, as long as there are naïve and gullible journalists in the Canadian media, shady characters like Ms. Siddiqui would play them like a violin. Mia Rabson ends her article on a high note:

Difficulty fitting into Canada and finding a way to be both Canadian and Muslim are at the top of the list.

We need people like Siddiqui, who is spending her time now trying to counsel Muslim families and train other community organizations to understand the scope of the problem facing their children, to recognize the warning signs, and to combat the relentless and well-funded recruitment efforts of IS.

Is there something in the water of Manitoba, which causes that bizarre behaviour affecting RCMP officers, journalists and “Muslim leaders”? If we have to rely on “people like Siddiqui” to fight the recruitment efforts of ISIS, it would be simpler if the Canadian government directly pledges its allegiance to the Caliphate.

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