Muslim Fanaticism, Terrorism and the Wisdom of Justin Trudeau

In a recent interview with CBC, when asked what he would do about terrorism, Justin Trudeau replied that he would go after the “root causes” and the issues of exclusion and alienation. As a recently elected leader of the Liberal Party maybe we should pay attention to his words.

So let’s try to look at those root causes. Last year many Muslims in the world went berserk over a YouTube movie about Old Mo. Although the movie was poorly made, it pictured accurately the “prophet” of Islam as a bloodthirsty warmonger. Many people were killed during those demonstrations and riots (mostly by their fellow Muslims).

The event in Toronto featured a large crowd of Muslim fanatics. They didn’t kill anybody, but spending time among them provided some understanding of their way of thinking. The video below shows them in action. This is the face of the Canadian multiculturalism.

Do those people are also the face of the Muslims of Canada? Most of them are dressed as if they came straight out of an Afghanistani cave. They carry anti-Semitic signs and are ready to “take care” of anybody who offends their cult. They shout incoherently like inmates from a mental institution. Is it a surprise then that some of them can take that insanity one step further and start actually fighting the “enemies of Islam”?

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