Muslim Hijab Attacks McGill University



Islam’s war on Canadian traditions and values never stops. Last week we learned about a hijab woman in Quebec whom a judge considered improperly dressed for a courtroom appearance. In the mass pro-Muslim hysteria that followed the media ignored the facts that she has been a welfare parasite for years and has violated the law on several counts. Her fellow Muslims and the clueless bleeding hearts rewarded all that with a fundraising campaign, collecting tens of thousands of dollars and affirming her understanding that in Canada, if you are Muslim, you are above the law.

Now we have another hijab attack. This time the target is the gym of McGill University in Montreal. An overweight Muslima named Soumia Allalou (a second-year law student) is whining that her Muslim beliefs prevent her from exercising in an environment where men are present. So she wants the rules changed – she expects the university administration to introduce women-only hours at the gym to accommodate her demands.

Looking at that heavy girl, I can’t help but think that even if they change the rules, she is not going to lose much weight – gym is not her natural environment. (I may fall in the same category and may need to visit my gym more often, but I don’t blame “the system” for that.) This is a clear-cut case, where a Muslim uses ridiculous excuses to attack the rules that we have in Canada.

No matter how hard the mainstream media try to justify that soft Muslim aggression, fewer and fewer people fall for that crap and are able to see through the evil religion. I have mentioned that before, but it is worth noting again that Islam is a well-oiled invasion machine, with a clear “division of labour.” On one hand we have the terrorists and sadists (the likes of ISIS and the domestic Muslim terrorists in Canada) who throw our society into the grip of fear. On the other hand, we have the “moderate Muslims” – they all are innocent angels (if you believe our media) and their religion has nothing to do with terror.

Yet many “moderate Muslims” are very crafty in exploiting the terrorist fear. After all, the Chief Airhead of Canada (a.k.a. Justin Trudeau) told us that we should look for the “root causes” of terrorism, which lie in the fact that some felt excluded. So in order to prevent Muslims from going berserk and killing us, we have to capitulate to every Muslim demand.

This is the political stupidity, which people like Soumia Allalou exploit, and as a result we will have a gender-segregated, sharia-compliant environment imposed in a major Canadian university.

Tomorrow is March 8th – the international women’s day. That was a big holiday in the communist countries; it is big among the lefties here as well. On that day it is customary to list all achievements of the progressive feminism in securing equal rights for all women.

But here we have a fanatical woman, who wants to impose at a university rules established by a primitive medieval cult (started by a child rapist and mass murderer). Where are the feminists of McGill University? Are they still fighting the “white man’s patriarchy”? They must be so deeply engaged in the “queer post-colonial, post-apocalyptic transgender feminism” that they let into their university the most misogynist religious cult in the world.

The rotting university is not capable of seeing the danger. Again, outsiders have to sound the alarm (as my friend and activist for Canadian values Valerie Price did in a letter to the university):

I am writing to express my dismay at the request by two students from the McGill Faculty of Law that the McGill University Fitness Centre introduce women-only workout hours to accommodate the preference of Soumia Allalou and Raymond Grafton.

The request, which is being made in the name of gender sensitivity and, at least implicitly, religious tolerance–both very fine-sounding principles–actually runs contrary to Canadian democratic values, which emphasize gender equality, religious neutrality in the public square, and a general spirit of openness and inclusivity. If Soumia Allalou and other women like her cannot bring themselves to work out at a gym with men, they are free to work out elsewhere. Special privileges at the gym are neither necessary nor desirable for specific student groups, and I sincerely hope that you will not allow yourself to be swayed by this petition.

Another fact that receives very little attention in the coverage is that Soumia Allalou is a law student. Unless she treats her law studies like her gym workouts, she should be aware that the Canadian judicial system is based on the principle of equality of the individuals before the law (if we exclude the Nazi-like methods the Human Rights Commissions use). Insisting on introducing rules, which discriminate against people from a specific group, might be acceptable in the barbaric sharia law, where only Muslims matter, but it is contrary to anything that Canada stands for.

Once Soumia Allalou graduates, she will become a lawyer or a judge. But even now one can foretell what decisions she is going to make – if she has such a blatant disregard for the Canadian law while she is just a second-year student, can you imagine what she’ll do when she is in a position of power?

I am sure that everybody who knows her would say that she is sweet, nice, lovely, etc., person. Yet the damage that “moderate Muslims” like her cause to our society is not that different from what the terrorists do. The terrorists kill and maim; the “moderate Muslim” gently erode our judicial system and values from within by guilting us into accepting their demands.

It took the West 800 years from Magna Carta to build the society we now live in. It may take just a few decades for the Islamic primitivism to destroy it with the help of demented lefties and corrupt politicians. Are we going to allow that?

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  1. The lone Ranger says:

    An excellent article. I’ve been getting hammered on the National Post blog over Gay-straight Alliance Clubs, which are now mandatory in all publicly funded schools in Alberta. I made the point about how the steady erosion of British public schools under a virtual Islamic takeover has left no room for the slightest expression of Christianity, never mind accommodating openly queer students. Further, The Sharia patrols in parts of London, England target gays and women who are not áppropriately” covered up, yet the police are reluctant to deal with them. Now we read that the London Metropolitan University is about to ban the sale of alcohol to appease the demand of Muslim students, which make up 20% of the student population.

    My point at the National Post blog was, where will gay rights be, alcohol sales be, and even broads parading around in the summer be, once the Muslim population in Canada starts to tip the balance? Indeed, a huge block of parents demonstrating against Kathleen Wynne’s pedophile-inspired sex éducation’ bill were minorities.

    Needless to say, I received an avalanche of angry and abusive replies calling me homophoci, bigot, Islamophobic, hater, Nazi, Christian scum, etc., etc.

    It really does frighten me to see the kind of mindless, politically correct drones that actually believe that diversity is the way forward. The biggest tragedy is, they will find out differently in another 30 years from now, which will be too late.

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