Muslims Celebrate the Defeat of Secularism in Toronto



Despite all the protests, the Muslim prayers at the Valley Park Middle School are still going strong due to the contempt of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) for the traditional values of Canada.  Today a large group of Muslims gathered in front of the TDSB offices to celebrate.

They advertised the event as a victory for tolerance. Nothing is farther than the truth – just look at the picture below. Nothing speaks tolerance better than a niqab Muslima holding a sign TDSB – We appreciate your work, with the little Miss TDSB-Hezbollah behind her (the Miss recently attended an anti-Semitic eventat Queen’s Park).


TDSB, thank you for turning Toronto into Saudi Arabia!


If the work that TDSB did made a woman, who looks like a Saudi gargoyle, like them, there is something profoundly wrong with the bureaucrats who run our country.

And what about the slogan Beautiful Diversity Thanks to TDSB? What could be more convincing than seeing the sign held by two hijab girls, one of whom raises her fist like a wannabe Hamas bomber? And what’s the deal with the hippy signs? How do they fit in with the hijab? The imam should have looked better before approving the sign.


The beautiful diversity of the hijab society



... more hijab diversity


JDL and other organizations held a counter event to show that there are people who still don’t think that putting our schools under Muslim control is a good idea. The events were heavily guarded by the police and both groups were separated by a fence.


The police determine our boundaries...


The participants made their messages very clear:


Fire TDSB Staff Whe Degrade Canadian Values



TDSB: Braindead to Creeping Jihad



The pople who had first-hand experience with Islamicism


The good Muslim people were even treated to recitations of the Koran, courtesy of JDL. Strangely, they booed, even though Rob made sure to add “peace be upon him” after each time old Mo’s name was mentioned.


For some reason, the Muslims didn't appreciate the reading of the Koran


A nice surprise was the presence of the Muslim activist Mubin Shaikh. I am not sure which side he was on, but he spent almost all the time in the JDL sector.


Mubin posing for my camera. Who's the guy behind him?



Unlikely chaps - Mubin Shaikh and Ron Banerjee


There was a lot of yelling and chanting on the Muslim side. When they advertised the event, they asked everybody who plays musical instrument to bring it. There wasn’t a single instrument (if you don’t count the whistles). It’s no wonder – there are not many fatwas in defence of music.



The Muslim demonstration



The never-ending hijabs


Of course, there were the usual useful idiots on the Muslim side:


Miss TDSB-Hezbollah and her progressive friends



There is an useful idiot for every cause

Despite the separation, people of both sides mingled and argued, although nobody convinced the other of their position. Here is a blogger, who shall remain
unnamed, discussing something with a very Muslim looking Muslim guy:


Do you think you can convert her?

And here little Miss TDSB-Hezbollah pays a visit to JDL:


The encounter didn't cause any casualties


In a short, but emotional speech, Meir Weinstein, Director of JDL, emphasized the danger of Islamicism. That radical doctrine has as its purpose the destruction not only of Israel, but also of the Western civilization at large. The Muslim radicalism is trying to get a foothold at any institution that can be transformed for its purposes. The careless way in which that invasion is handled in Canada endangers not only Christians and Jews, but also the ordinary Muslims, who came here to escape from fanaticism.


Meir Weinstein speaking

There are only a few weeks left to the provincial elections and yet the candidates of the major parties pay very little attention to the spread of Islamic fanaticism in our schools. Isn’t it time that we reminded them who they work for?




TDSB Don't Use My Taxes to Promote Sharia Law


© 2011


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Ah, beautiful diversity! So long as the rest of our diverse society bow the knee to Mecca, wear burkas, beat their wives, practise female genital mutilation, and stone daughters to death for the slightest “offence” the family honor.

    Then we will all be happy in the “diverse” world of the Muhammedians.

  2. Progressive Idiot says:

    Interesting video to watch:

    1. The Lone Ranger says:

      WOW ! Banerjee exposed. Yelling and screaming at 12 years kids !

      Good job.

    2. AS says:

      It’s bloody brilliant how a progressive “idiot” managed to videotape this !

    3. Hardy Weinberg says:

      Banerjee has already exposed himself:

      1. admiwrath says:

        You are pathetic – do you really have a comprehension problem?. Banerjee spoke about the Muslim fanatics who were admitted to Canada without any screening nad they’ve had ties with terrorism. Is that so difficult to comprehend? Or probably you want them here?

    4. admiwrath says:

      Your personality perfectly fits your name.

    5. Hardy Weinberg says:

      Banerjee at it again. Has Tony Costa or Meir Weinstein dropped this guy yet? I really hope Raheel Raza is listening to his message 😀

  3. Racism alive and well in Canada says:

    I was there at the event and I told people that Jews are given TDSB space at fisherville Junior high school during the school day for prayers and other kids are forced to eat lunch elsewhere because the cafe is closed for people to do prayers. this gentlemen needs to get his facts straight. VERIFY YOURSELF AND CALL THE SCHOOL. THE NUMBER IS 416 395 3030. PRINCIPLE NAME IS RICHARD STEIN

    1. admiwrath says:

      “Racism alive and well in Canada”, your nickname should be “Stupidity alive and well in Canada”. Other than spreading your Muslim lies, you try to impersonate a regular poster named “The Lone Ranger” in the message “WOW ! Banerjee exposed…”. Please tell your Iranian of Saudi sponsors that a blog owner can see the IP address, from where a comment came. Both messages came within 2 minutes from the same IP address:, which is not the Long Ranger’s address. If you want to destroy Canada, you should try harder.

    2. admiwrath says:

      Fake message – this came from the anti-Jewish Muslim who goes under the name “Racism alive and well in Canada” with IP Dear Muslims, please try harder!

    3. robin says:

      But so those Jews also do gender apartheid and sove women on their periods into a broom closet? Do they consort with Islamic fundamentalists and co sign petitions supporting convicted Islamic terrorists?
      The imams who supervise these Islamid oprayers do all of that.

  4. Luis Dizon says:

    Hey Blog Wrath, this is Luis, one of the Coalition guys who was present in all three of the protests. I’ve been trying to promote this cause on Facebook and have designed some satire posters to get the public attention. I was just wondering if perhaps you can produce a blog post featuring some of the posters I designed. It’s all for a good cause, after all.

    The satire posters can be found here:

    And the link to the (unofficial) Coalition facebook page is here:

    Thanks in advance. Looking forward to seeing you at the next event that we will be holding (wherever/whenever that may be).



  5. Progressive Idiot says:

    To admiwrath: Did you watch the video?

  6. The Lone Ranger says:

    Thanks for exposing our Muslim friend, who tried to use my moniker. Your help is much appreciated Admirath.

    1. SM ISAC says:

      The fake Muslim “lone ranger” appears elsewhere like the one on the Turkish prime minister’s wife. I can tell it’s not you (whoever you are) because of the completely different message, both tone and content. These fake Muslims must habitually resort to lies and deceptions like these in their pathetic attempt to confuse.

      1. admiwrath says:

        That pathetic Islamic apologist posts under the same nickname, but from different IP’s and e-mail addresses. Did they run out of Al Qaida forums?

  7. The lone wolf says:

    Haha . Boggey man gonna come get me.

    Grow up.

    I’m born and raised 2nd generation Canadian. This country is built on values and morals. Exactly the values that you dont posses. Go back to what country ? I’m Canadian.

    You need to go crawl back and your hole and watch re runs of fox news. Where does Saudi and Iran come into all of this ?? I don’t understand your racist views.

    Are you protesting for no prayers in school or as you protesting religion? Don’t disguise yourself.
    Go picket intron of catholic schools, I don’t want my tax dollars going there either. Maybe I should make fun of catholic priest , what do you thinkn?
    No no can’t go that low to your level.

    You and your fringe groups got nothing. Just a bunch of microphones to blow into each others ears. Keep protesting to whatever tickles your fancy. Your being exposed by yourself. Ta ta

    The lone Wolf

    1. admiwrath says:

      Nothing new here – no matter how much you whine, nobody wants the Saudi barbarism imposed on us. The Saudis are already trying to censor our media in Canada, should we let them take over our schools as well? Maybe that’s your goal?

      Your accusations of racism are beyond pathetic – for your information, any cult, religion, creed or belef system in Canada is open to criticism and discussion. Free speech is an essential value in Canada, which the local Muslim fanatics and their Saudi and Iranian sponsors have a hard time comprehending. If you want to picket Catholic schools or ridicule priests you are free to do it. In fact, your lefty buddies have been doing that for years.

  8. The Lone Wolf says:

    Hey there

    Did you call Fisherville High School ? Aren’t you going to verify facts ?

    Let me guess it’s not as fun as yelling at 12 year olds and obscene gestures towards women


    1. admiwrath says:

      Another “Lone Wolf” (the e-mail address is different)?! You are free to picket that school, write letters to the government, or hire lawyers with money from the Saudi savages and try to shut them down. Or you can write “Islam will rule” on the wall as some do on synagogues.

  9. robin says:

    Dont worry, we really WILL keep up the pressure. Wait til we go picket in front of the school while your little jihadi monsters are praying to the child molester Muhammad. Think the media wont pay attention to that?
    The coalition knows how to GET and KEEP media attention.

  10. robin says:

    When Catholic schools do gender apartheid, shove women on their periods to the back of the class, AND co sign petitions with fundamentlaists supporting Islamic terrorists.. then we will picket the Catholic schools. Til then? ONLY Muslims will be picketed.

  11. The Lone Wolf says:

    Keep denying the facts ….Typical…

    Rah Rah Rah….but no facts

    Are you afraid to call the Fisherville HS ? Why so scared ? Huh

    jihadi monsters ? Nice…I don’t see those quotes on your propaganda facebook page or your picket signs or your Racists publications.

    Keep trying

    Lone Wolf

    1. admiwrath says:

      Third Lone Wolf? Are you an organization? The Turkish “Grey Wolves” come to mind. Drop that racism, race baiting doesn’t work anymore.

  12. The Lone Wolf says:

    You are a Racist ! Plain and simple.

    Look up what the definition means and while your at it I think I found you in this video

    1. admiwrath says:

      I kept this comment as an example of the pathetic tactics of the Islamists in Canada. So you are name-calling, although Islam is not a race. Is that fake accusation supposed to scare me? Is that what Barbara Hall taught you? On top of that, some of your idiot friends wasted his time to make that ridiculous video (I didn’t watch it by the way). That was a public event where everybody had the opportunity to express his or her opinion. You say you found me in the video, what does that mean? Is this a threat? Does that mean that you have a video black list of everybody who protested the Muslim fanaticism? And what are you going to do to all of us? Are you going to send us to the gas chambers or slit our throats when the Islamic barbarians take over Canada?

      Watch your mouth and don’t try to threaten me. I have been through much worse than punks like you.

  13. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Lone Wolf, no the racists are the ones who come to Canada and demand that the rules change to accommodate them, their dress code, their religion and their barbaric cultures. Remember the Toronto 18? All young Muslim savages who had every opportunity and advantage of living life to the fullest in a nation of freedom and democracy. So what do they do? Study for a university degree? become business entrepreneurs? No, they planned to bomb government buildings and behead the prime minister. Who were these practitioners of the “religion of peace?” All of the suspects involved were “Canadian” (I use than word loosely) Muslims from the Toronto area, most of them of South Asian origin and two from Somalia. This time, at least, the plot was foiled. An anti-terrorist squad from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested 15 of the 17 on June 2nd. In a police sting operation, the suspects were held as they took delivery of three tonnes of ammonium-nitrate fertiliser which, the authorities say, they planned to use for bomb-making. The other two were already in jail, accused of smuggling weapons from the United States. And Several of those arrested were members of a shopfront mosque in Mississauga.

    Canada’s media-invented love for “tolerance and diversity,” it seems, is a one way street. Muslims are not interested in tolerance, diversity or multiculturalism. They are interested in establishing a one-world Islamic state. Soc who are the bigots again, “Lone Wolf?”

  14. u.durr says:

    Stop hating. Thorncliffe is a very Muslim community, so obviously the muslim traditions will be upheld. “TDSB Don’t Use My Taxes to Promote Sharia Law” ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Do you even know what Sharia Law is? Clearly you don’t because it’s not being practiced anywhere around here.”TDSB, thank you for turning Toronto into Saudi Arabia!” You really are an idiot, and obviously an idiot who has never been to Saudi Arabia.

    Get a life and grow up.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Sharia law is a barbaric law established by a barbaric religion, whose moduc operandi is hatred. Saudi Arabia is a country where Jews are not allowed in, the Christianity is banned and women are treated like cattle. Child rape there is legalized in the form of underage marriages. Are you so dumb that you think somebody would take your islamic propaganda seriously?

  15. u.durr says:

    Okay, so I have more to say to you. You’re very ignorant and don’t know anything about muslims. A) Muslims do not condone the beating of their wives, just like many jackasses that aren’t Muslim who beat there wives, there are those that are Muslim. B) Muslims do not practice female genital mutilation, it is mainly an African cultural thing, NOT A RELIGIOUS THING and goes back before Islam. C) “Stone daughters to death for the slightest offence to the family honour.” No, In the Sharia Law, people (men and women) are stoned for adultery.

    Also, Muslims don’t come to Canada to try to change Canadian beliefs. Canada is a diverse country where majority of the population is from a different cultural background. Canada barely has any culture of its own, what it has is a mixture of many cultures. If you’re so Canadian and think Muslims are trying to take over Canada, maybe you should have paid more attention in your history class because if you did, you’d know that Canada was originally inhabited by Aboriginals.

    In conclusion, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, because you sound like a dumbass.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Sorry for the misunderstanding – so men and women are equally stoned under sharia. That makes SOO much sense and makes islam look much better!!! And as of the female genital mutilation – I had no idea that people who practice it in Egypt and Somalia are not Muslims. Can you enlighten me if they are Mennonites, Mormons or from another religion?

      “Canada barely has any culture of its own” – that’s a typical statement of the ignorant people from third world countries, who try to force on us all the primitive customs (like stoning and insttutionalized wife beating) that are so dear to them. It’s a REAL dumbass statement and you won’t win any friends with it. Actually, islam doesn’t need friends, it takes over everything through violence.