Pakistan Consulate in Toronto Sponsors an Anti-Indian Conference on Kashmir

The issue of Kashmir has been exploited for many decades by the violent Muslim fanatics in India and Pakistan. The terror and mistreatment of Hindus in the area has been regularly covered up. The Muslim propaganda in the West distorts the facts to create hostility against India and whitewash the Islamic terrorism. In a few days a conference is going to take place in Toronto, organized by the Islamic Society of York Region, a notorious anti-Semitic organization, which among other things worships the murderous regime in Iran and celebrates every year the birthday of its bloodthirsty founder Ayatollah Khomeini. Its leader Zafar Bangash has never shied away from expressing his Jew-hating views.

The event is sponsored by the Pakistan Consulate in Toronto. The involvement of one of the most dangerous Muslim countries in that slanderous event has prompted the Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum to issue the following press release:


Press Note: Protest outside Islamic Society of York Region, 1380 Stouffville Rd, Richmond Hill

Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum is very distressed to learn that Islamic Society of York Region is holding a Kashmir Conference on May 24 in which radical Islamists, anti-Semitic leaders and pro-militancy Kashmir separatist speakers have been invited.

In a similar kind of conference in Mississauga last year, hatred against India, Indian community and Canada could be watched in the following video:

Unfortunately, such activities are happening under the patronship of Pakistan Consulate in Toronto.

These ill-intention activities are also causing damage Pakistani and Indian communities’ relationship as well as targeting Jewish communities in Canada.

We urge Canadian Government to step in immediately into the matter and stop entry of the pro-militant and anti-semitic speakers such as Lord Nazir Ahmed and Mir. Waiz Umar Farooq.

We also urge Canadian Government to initiate inquiries against Pakistani Consulate in Toronto for being involved in undiplomatic protocol.

There should be a thorough investigation of Islamic Society of York Region too that’s involved in creating tensions amongst communities and creating an environment of hatred against Indians and Jewish communities, particularly.

Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum with the help of Progressive Muslims and Jewish Community will be holding a protest outside Islamic Society of York Region on Saturday, May 24th, 5PM.
We urge all peace lovers in Canada to join our protest.

Vidya Dhar
Indo-Canadian Kashmir Forum represents the socio-political voice of the Kashmiri Pandit community residing in Canada. The Kashmiri Pandits are the Hindu minority group arising from the Valley of Kashmir in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India.

ICKF was formed shortly after the period when armed Islamic insurgency in the state of Jammu and Kashmir turned violent and many Kashmiri Pandits were brutally killed by Islamic fundamentalists. The torture, rape, disfigurement, and murder of the peaceful community of Pandits was exceptionally cruel, resulting in the forced exodus of over 350,000 Pandits from their ancestral land. The internally displaced Pandits represent over 95% of their original total population in the valley.

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  1. Background The boundaries of India were never clearly defined. In ancient times, anything beyond Indus was India. Maurya and Gupta dynasties integrated the whole subcontinent into their empire and India arguably was at its peak in art and civilization.

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