Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Take Toronto

The much anticipated presentation took place last night, despite the best efforts of the Muslim Brotherhood stooges to bully the government and the management of Hilton Hotels into banning the appearance of Geller and Spencer. The event was sold out with an audience of about 800. The sky didn’t fall. The undercover police that probably monitored the event again couldn’t find a shred of hate speech (I am uploading all presentations to YouTube so you can judge for yourself what was said). Unlike your typical Muslim rally in Toronto, which is usually marred by hysterical demands and threats, last night’s audience was civilized and simply wanted to hear the speakers.


The audience

After trying unsuccessfully to shut down the event, the organization previously known as CAIR-Canada made a last desperate attempt to make its questionable points known. They organized a press conference at the same hotel just a few hours before the talk. The CBC was the only journalistic presence at it, which wasn’t very surprising. Perhaps now we can expects even more arguments from them about why Islam shouldn’t be criticized. To be fair, the Geller-Spencer event was completely ignored by the mainstream media, but this could hardly be considered a surprise.



Robert Spencer speaks with Tarek Fatah


Pamela Geller and Rabbi Korobkin


Pamela Geller with fans

For me, the gravity of the situation was summed up best in Geller’s explanation about why they were not allowed to enter the United Kingdom. Now they are challenging that arbitrary decision in court and suing Her Majesty the Queen. Those, who are not familiar with the process, should know that the Queen is the most frequently sued person in the Commonwealth, because all grievances with the governments need to be addressed to her as a head of state. It must be painful for her to watch what her beloved country has turned into. Recently BBC revealed that she was frustrated by the fact that the terrorist imam Abu Hamza (Captain Hook) couldn’t be arrested in the UK.

The leftist press managed to spin that and present it as a scandalous interference into the affairs of the government. How things have changed during her long life! In her youth Princess Elizabeth served in the military under the command of Sir Winston Churchill, who mobilized all resources to fight the Nazi invasion. At the time the concepts of good and evil had a real meaning.

Today she is Queen Elizabeth II, but Sir Winston has been replaced by pussified metrosexuals like Blair, Cameron et al. Good and evil don’t exist anymore. The new politicians’ world consists of different “cultures” and all of them are beautiful and equal. The Muslim lunatic, who wants to kill everybody, has exactly the same rights and protection as his potential victims. At least Hitler was a worthy enemy – the Nazis worked and depended on themselves to develop their military industry – while Great Britain imported millions of semi-literate unqualified Muslims, who depend heavily on the welfare state. The Islamofascists have a huge pool of supporters that would help them turn the country into a sharia-compliant Islamic state. And on top of that Her Majesty is to be replaced by her idiot son Charles, who is in love with Islam.


The man who would be King

Islam is a primitive medieval ideology, which has ruined every country it dominates (the presence of oil only prolongs the agony). It is successful in the West only because it is supported by the cultural relativism of the elites, which have nearly eradicated the traditional values. Without the Western complacency there will be no Islamic threat. Incidentally, that was the title of the presentation: “The Dangers of Islamic Extremism and Western Complacency.”



The speakers are waiting


All speakers mentioned that phenomenon. Meir Weinstein from JDL-Canada (the organization that sponsored the event) started by sharing his experience with the Muslim extremism in Canada.

The danger of radical Islam doesn’t affect only Israel. In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood burning churches, in Syria the terrorists commit unimaginable atrocities. There are organizations in Canada, which believe in that ideology – CAIR-Canada is one of them. They changed their name and threatened the hotel with boycott as if they really speak for all Muslims in the world. It’s important to understand the threat of Islamic extremism. Qaradawi, an important figure in the Muslim Brotherhood, praised Hitler and asked his god for strength to kill Jews. CAIR won’t condemn Qaradawi.

The Islamic Society of York Region is under the control of Zafar Bangash, who openly states that the Jews are behind the military in Egypt, he is also a full supporter of Ayatollah Khomeini and the regime in Iran. Another one of those organizations, the Muslim Association of Canada, explicitly states that they follow the Muslim Brotherhood. People of all faiths must pull together to diffuse that threat. It is naïve to think that it would affect only one group of people – Hitler didn’t go just for the Jews, but many other people. The Islamists would do the same.


Rabbi Daniel Korobkin speaks

Rabbi Daniel Korobkin from BAYT (Toronto) shared his reasons for supporting the event. He said that he supported it on behalf of two of his teachers in Middle Eastern studies, both Muslims, who have suffered from the extremism, and a third person, Rabbi Kaplan, who was mistreated in the name of suppression of free speech. There can’t be hate speech at an event, whose purpose is to reveal the truth about radicalism.



Pamela Geller speaks

Pamela Geller defined her premise as a struggle to uphold individual rights. You can’t see this promoted by the Muslim leadership – the opposite is encouraged by them, the individual is sacrificed to an extreme ideology. She is interested only in the truth, which is controversial in our modern world. We are in a situation, where we cannot even name the problem, which we are facing. The situation is very similar to sharia control, because we are not allowed to insult Islam.

There is an information war going on now. On one hand we have the Muslim propaganda, which is protected by the media; on the other hand, the criticism of it is discouraged. She gave the example with the FBI bus ads featuring 15 of the most wanted terrorists. They happen to be Muslims, because of that, they were considered disparaging to Muslims and inappropriate. That forced her to create her own ad campaign based on the FBI materials. Every one of her campaigns is a response to a lie. You can see in the video the samples – as a response to the “my jihad” campaign, designed to whitewash the most violent pillar of Islam, Geller ran her own version featuring violent jihadi statements of real prominent Muslims.

The Muslim anti-Semitism is whitewashed not only in posters, but also in the press, shameful events like the pogroms in Palestine in the 1920’s and 1930’s are never mentioned and so is the Muslim collaboration with Hitler. In the USA Muslim organizations use lawfare to impose Islam in the public life and on corporations (like it was the case of Disney). The Muslim atrocities around the world can’t be questioned. The UK case of banning Geller and Spencer, which I mentioned, resulted in legal action against the government. The government should always be challenged; the lawsuit forces them to address the issues they ignore. Savagery must be named and shamed – especially when it involves innocent people like the Fogel family or Daniel Pearl.


Pamela Geller auctions a campaign poster

Obama’s pandering to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has played a major role to bring this sorry state of the affairs. The result in the area is that the jihadists are advancing and the Christians are being cleansed and exterminated. Obama’s policy is very weak – the Russians and the Chinese are taking control of the world affairs. The leftists dominate the official media and the internet remains a source of uncensored credible opinions. The media mock everybody who differs from the officially sanctioned position; we have no other choice but to oppose them and fight. It is our task to do something to educate the others and save freedom.



Robert Spencer speaks

In his presentation Robert Spencer demonstrated an enviable knowledge of the Muslim scriptures. He carried a copy of the Koran, but was able to quote chapters and verses from it without opening it. Hate speech was the main issue he wanted to address. He started with the accusation by CAIR Canada that he is spreading hate speech. One talking about Islam, you can’t avoid hate speech, but that’s because there are plenty of examples of it in the Koran. The Jews are called apes and pigs; the jihad is war against the “people of the book” (Jews and Christians) must continue until they submit and start paying taxes to the Muslims, etc.

The terrorists use the Koran to justify their actions – like in Osama bin Laden’s letter to the USA in 2002, where he said that he would fight against them until they accept Islam, a statement supported by a Koranic verse he quoted. An interested case was that with the Islamic law handbook published by Al-Azhar University in Egypt, the most respected place of Islamic scholarship. There were many points in it restricting the legal rights of non-Muslims, all justified with verses from the Koran. A Muslim in the audience in Grand Prairie, Alberta, where Spencer talked about the book, accused him he was quoting the verses out of context. That was ridiculous, because then he must admit that the Al Azhar scholars were also quoting the Koran incorrectly.


Signing a book

The Muslims are afraid of an open debate, that’s why his debate at the University of Toronto (scheduled for today) was mysteriously cancelled. Muslim extremists do a great job in blackmailing their opponents. They gradually introduce regulations and demands that limit our freedoms based on sharia – the dhimmi concept. His book on Mohammed’s life was condemned, although he followed strictly the sources – but he didn’t approve any of the “prophet’s” deeds and they hated him for that. Since the Muslim blasphemy laws are unlikely to be accepted, the Muslims get around them by using the hate speech laws. That’s why Geller and Spencer are demonized and even people who agree with them are unwilling to support them openly. The goal is to make everybody afraid of condemning jihadi violence – and it’s working.

He gave an example with a group of Muslim wannabe terrorists from New Jersey – the group planned to go and shoot soldiers with the hope to get killed and go to paradise. That was backed by a statement of that nature in the Koran – if you kill for the prophet and get killed, you end up in heaven. They had plenty of propaganda materials on VHS tapes – jihadi lectures, Osama speeches, beheadings, etc. They wanted to transfer the tapes to DVD’s. The VHS transfer guy in the store hesitated to report them because it could be considered racist. And all of them were Albanians, all white. (If you have spent any time in Europe, you would’ve noticed that the Albanians are much whiter than most Sicilians and many Spaniards.) That is the tragedy – we are now conditioned to believe that when you criticize Islamic extremism you’re a racist; racism is a Western trauma which is used successfully to manipulate people’s minds.

Muslims usually condemn terrorist acts after the fact (some organizations even use templates for that), but never teach the right interpretation of Koran that the terrorists supposedly distort. Those who want to reform Islam are ostracized and declared heretics. Stating publicly that Islam is peace is a deception – that’s not what they teach in the mosques. Geller and Spencer were banned from Britain while another imam, who thinks that jihad is smashing the infidels’ skulls, was let in. Spencer agrees with the imam’s view about jihad, but he is against it, and in a bizarre way that is accepted as hate. CAIR clouds the minds of people making them think that the critics are wrong, not the violent jihadists. We need to spread the light of truth. If we allow them to destroy every critic, they very well may win, as the trials of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn demonstrated.


Asking questions

The presentation ended with an auction for an original poster from one of Pamela Geller’s anti-jihad campaigns. It sold for $500. The event concluded with a short Q&A session.

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  1. […] is a good report from Blogwrath about the event last night in Toronto. Video of my talk is here and of Pamela Geller's is […]

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Freedom of speech will not be crushed. it’s up to all of us who cherish our freedoms to stand up to the CAIR and ‘human rights’ bullies and make it clear to them that we will NOT be silenced.

    Great job Admiwrath.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you.

  3. Don Sharpe says:

    Excellent review of the evening.
    My favorite quote from Robert, “I’m not a hater,I’m a quoter!”
    Pamela was on fire as always, encouraging the audience to be the leaders in their own sphere of influence.
    I left with a renewed sense of purpose, and it was a pleasure to meet you!

    1. admiwrath says:

      That’s the beauty of Islam – you don’t have to attack it, you just need to quote it in order to show its true nature.

  4. Chris says:

    Had a great time, I hope that people will do something with what they have learned.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I have the same hope. Spending your life in fear is not a solution.

  5. Anti Dhmi says:

    To control islam (or moslems),the west needs to take lessons from Sikh history in India or the Mongolian decimating invasions on islamic lands. Both treated the moslems with Mohammed’s remedy i.e savagery.

    western method of containing islam (as well as China, the supporter of islam) has been steadily failing.

  6. randy says:

    Amazing these nut jobs are allowed to stain Canadian soil.

    1. admiwrath says:

      It’s always nice to hear from a rabid Muslim from the Edmonton “community”. How are the Somali drug dealers doing?

  7. randy says:

    Look at the abuse and persecution suffered by native canadins at the hands of the christians who stole and occupy thier lands to this day!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Look at the abuse tens of millions of Hindus, Christians and Africans suffered after the invasion of the Muslim savages.

  8. randy says:

    Christians are scum

    1. admiwrath says:

      People like you, Rahim… uh, “randy” show the true face of the murderous cult of Islam. That makes the work of Geller and Spencer so important.

  9. SM ISAC says:

    My whole family attended the event and we are still talking about it. I would like to see even more young people being informed.

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  11. […] Before the Canadian Prime Minister’s official visit to Israel earlier this month, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), the Canadian branch of the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), wrote to PM Steven Harper demanding that Rabbi Daniel Korobkin be removed from the PM’s delegation to Israel because the Rabbi attended and spoke briefly at my September talk in Canada. […]

  12. […] Before the Canadian Prime Minister’s official visit to Israel last year, the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM), the Canadian branch of the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), wrote to PM Stephen Harper demanding that Rabbi Daniel Korobkin be removed from the PM’s delegation to Israel because the Rabbi attended and spoke briefly at my September talk in Canada. […]

  13. John Newton says:

    As a person who was born in Canada back in the 1940s I’ve seen this country go from being the best place on earth, to a country where we now have a police state government that panders to radical Islam to secure votes for their political parties. I wonder how my grandchildren will enjoy living under Sharia Law? I’m sure the vaginal mutilation and being forced to wear a burka won’t be appreciated.

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