Police Chief Blair and the Gulen Muslim Fanatics

Blazingcatfur has uncovered another one of those stories, which make you either puke or simply feel disgust with our “elites” who sell the country to fanatics and criminals. This time it involves the Turkish Gulen movement – not only does it have elements of anti-Semitism in its doctrine, but it also supported by high politicians in Canada:

NB: See the updates below, this gets much worse. This started out as a relatively routine post on Islamist infiltration of public institutions until a bit more digging uncovered just how insidious the rot is. Toronto Police Services Chief Bill Blair sits on the advisory board of the Gulen Movement’s Intercultural Dialogue Institute. The Founder of the Gulen Movement Fethullah Gülen is a rabid anti-Semite. The Ontario Government has gifted 500K of your money to help build this anti-semitic organization’s Ottawa headquarters and our Minister of Citizenship & Immigration is happy to break bread with them. Our political class is comprised of useful idiots.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    Absolutely disgusting. It only shows the complete and utter contempt that Blair and Wynne have for Ontario’s taxpayers.

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