Protest against the London Ontario Mosque’s support for the Gaza Boat

The boat Tahrir (a.k.a. The Sea Hitler) is the latest venture of the Israel haters in Canada. Bound to sail for Gaza, it is supposed to break the blockade in a symbolic move that plans to embarrass Israel as a callous country, which refuses to let humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The conveniently hidden truth is that the Jewish state allows such aid as long as it is inspected and found to comply with the safety and security of its people.

Thot provocation has been financed by individual loons, unions and some religious organizations. One of the latter is the mosque in London, Ontario, which has been supporting uqestionable causes for years. The mosque, which received $39,000 for security from Harper’s government in 2010, found enough money to donate to Tahrir and send their Operations Manager on the anti-Semitic cruise.

Mark Vandermaas is organizing a protest against the mosque (more details here). He is a former Blue Baret, who served Canada in the Middle East in 1978. He is also one of the lone heroes who stood up against the lawlessness and native extremism in Caledonia, long before the media and the government realized that there was a problem in that town. Despite the recent

Now, once again, he stands up against the hatred and fanaticism, which media and government curiously still haven’t noticed.

Let’s give him our full support…

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