Queen’s Park Event without Terry Jones


Terry down, Mo up


Today Pastor Terry Jones was stopped from entering Canada. He was supposed to take part in a debate in front of Queen’s Park.  It was a disgraceful day for our supposedly conservative government, which took away his right to free speech. From what I heard from the organizer Allan Einstoss (the owner of the famous mastiff Cupcake), all the reasons Terry was banned were so phony that nobody else in his place would’ve been treated like that.


Allan Einstoss


Despite Pastor Jones’s absence, the event went on. It was quite bizarre event, because other than the speakers and the spectators, it also attracted some strange people, who are abundant in Toronto (you’ll see them below).

Allan started by introducing the speakers. After expressing his outrage over the mistreatment of Pastor Jones, he mentioned other problems – the notorious imam Steve Rockwell, who was supposed to debate Terry Jones, refused to show up when he heard that Mubin Shaikh was going to speak. In his opinion, Mubin (the sharia fan, who exposed the Toronto 18 Muslim terrorists) was not a real Muslim and Steve couldn’t be at the same event with him.

About an hour later, Steve Rockwell (strange name for a Muslim, sounds like an action figure name) miraculously appeared and said that he changed his mind and was ready to speak.

The event started with a prayer in Sanskrit and English by a Hindu priest.


The event began



The prayer


Ron Banerjee explained the special role of Islam, which differs significantly from the other religions and functions like an ideology, which controls completely the lives of its followers and the countries, which it dominates.


Ron Banerjee


When Mubin took the stage, we learned that he was working on his postgraduate degree, specializing in anti-terrorist work. Despite that he still appears to be a devout Muslim, because he criticized the views of Ron and a Muslim scholar, who spoke before him.


Mubin Shaikh


The main attraction was Imam Rockwell. I have never listened to him before, but he is an impressive one-man travelling show. He complained that he was given only ten minutes to speak, and then attacked every speaker and said that nobody of them knew Islam. He studied Islam for many years (from the time when he became Muslim, after being a Baptist pastor).


The fiery Imam Rockwell


First he scolded Allan for bringing his dog to the Al-Quds rally and said that he was rightfully detained. “Didn’t you know that Muslims don’t like dogs?” Then the absent Pastor Jones had it as well – he had no business criticizing Islam, because he didn’t know the Koran. As an ex-Baptist, Steve knew both the Bible and the Koran. The Bible was the most anti-Semitic book, because some of the sayings of Jesus were very anti-Jewish.

Terry deserved the reaction he got, because he offended the Muslims. Steve’s logic was that if you offend 100 people, 50 may walk away and the rest would react somehow. But when you insult 1 billion by burning their Koran, there will be many, who would react violently and that’s the way it is (he didn’t explain why other religions don’t react in the same way). The whole speech was delivered with a loud voice and a tone that didn’t accept any criticism. Maybe that’s why some people heckled him.

I spotted Col. Jonathan Halevy from SUN TV, but he was just a spectator and didn’t speak.


Colonel Halevy


As I mentioned in the beginning, there were a few weirdos in the crowd. That’s not a surprise for anyone who lives in Toronto – every free event attracts its fair share of strange people (even if there is no free food). There was that creepy guy, who looked like he just came from a Stormfront meeting, carrying a large anti-Semitic sign. The numerous police officers didn’t show any interest in his “message”.


“Supremacist Jews Incite War Between Allies Christianity and Islam”


Then I saw the anarchist junkies with their dogs, whom I remember from the Occupy Toronto camp. They came to tell everybody that the organized religion must be abolished. They told me to “fuck off” when they saw me taking their picture.


“Abolish Organized Religion”


A fat-ass Muslim girl with a hijab displayed on her backpack her pleas to free the “Palestinian” terrorists, a.k.a. freedom fighters. She didn’t miss, of course, the obligatory “no justice, no peace”.


The little fat-ass terrorist fan


The scariest appearance was courtesy of a couple from Aurora, who brought boards densely covered with slogans and demands, which looked like products of the collective efforts of all inmates of a mental institutions. They also were a constant presence at the occupy camp. Their main demand was to arrest Harper over the Indian “genocide” (I have no idea how both are related).


“Arrest Harper”


Those retards also asked everybody to watch Jesse Ventura’s conspiracy show. They stood behind the speakers and interrupted everybody from time to time, yelling often “9/11 was an inside job!”




It was a strange event. Just another day in the madhouse called Toronto.


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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Thanks for documenting this Blogwrath.

  2. Anne says:

    Thanks for going and taking the photos. The “opposition” appears to get more bizarre at each event–like you say, some appear by their signs to be recently released mental patients.

  3. David says:

    Always some interesting pics! I think the man with the ‘Supremacist Jews ignite war…’ sign is far, far scarier than the ‘Arrest Harper’ couple. He looks like he might start clubbing people with his sign because the Jews have gotten into his head.

  4. SM ISAC says:

    It was a bit of freak show including some of the invited speakers, but still “peaceful”.
    (I think I was being too polite in applauding all of the speakers for participating, not because I agreed with them or shared their view necessarily.)I also got to tell the Aurora couple (politely) that I thought there were idiots. Her response was a jolt. That was worthwhile. I suspect the people who deserve to be ridiculed usually pass unmolested. In my opinion Allen Einstos, the organizer was too generous with his praise of Mubin Shaikh as a “hero” who infiltrated Toronto 18 and prevented potential carnage. Mubin Shaikh served himself (which is fine, of course) in preserving a nice haven for terrorist infiltrators and jihadi sleeper cells called Canada for stealth activities. He is a vocal proponent of Sharia in a civil society like ours.

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  6. Excellent photos, as always. I added some more to my blog, as well as yours! It was an excellent event overall. I spoke with Mubin Shaikh for a while, he was a pretty cool guy, even though he is a supporter of Sharia Law for the Family Court systems.


  7. Gary Rumain says:

    Do Americans require a visa to enter Canada?

    1. admiwrath says:

      They don’t, but the government and the immigration officers can make arbitrary decisions, which sometimes don’t comply with the law.

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