Rabid Muslima Assaults Toronto Photographer with Police Blessing

muslima maniac

A crazy Muslima is about to punch David Menzies in the face


(h/t for the picture Landmarkreport)

Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto appears to be a popular Muslim hangout with beyond average concentration of niqabs and hijabs.

There is always that group of shady characters in front of the Eaton Centre, who give away truckloads of their Islamist propaganda. Last month, the Saudis had the whole square to themselves for a festival, which showed the grim future of Toronto when they become a majority.

But even now, when they are still a minority, it is not safe to mess up with them. David Menzies, a freelance writer from Toronto found out that the hard way.

While walking there with his 9-year-old son last Sunday taking pictures, he was confronted by a Muslim woman, who yelled at him: “We are Muslim! You do not take pictures of us!” He then noticed that she was part of a group of two veiled women and a man (you can see them in the picture above).

When Menzies explained to her that the place is public and there are no restrictions on taking photographs, she punched him in the face. Then suddenly a Muslim gang of over 20 people surrounded him and his kid, yelling and demanding that he give them his camera.


The halal way to take Muslim pictures


(picture h/t Sanwin)

Menzies spotted a group of bicycle- mounted police officers and asked them for assistance. They came to the site of the incident and even talked to an eager Syrian couple, who spoke Arabic and were willing to testify on behalf of the photographer. During that time, the Muslim lunatic kept screaming.

Instead of resolving the issue, the cops were more interested in how the Muslima hit Menzies – was it with open palm or a fist or another way.

In the end they decided that her intention was to knock off the camera from his hands, so the case didn’t deserve any further attention.

Do you get that? An arrogant Muslim has punched a peaceful citizen. That might be the normal way of treating kaffirs in Arab countries, but I am not aware of any law, which allows it in Canada.

Whether she aimed at his face or his camera, is irrelevant. It was an assault, pure and simple, and she should have been charged.

If it was the other way around, the white man would have been pushed to the ground, handcuffed and taken into custody under the cheering screams of the other Muslim savages.

Why the double standard? Other than the anti-white racism, which gets more and more common, we can see here the long arm of Barbara Hall and her Human Rights Commission as well.

In the Commission’s 2010 report among their many “achievements” they list the following:

In another example involving religious head coverings, the OHRC intervened in the case of Stanley v. Toronto Police Service. Ms. Stanley, a Muslim, wears a hijab. In an application to the HRTO she alleged that in 2008, while being questioned by Toronto police officers about the  actions of some youth in the neighbourhood, she was handcuffed and her hijab was forcibly removed from her head. While in custody at the police station, she also was viewed by male officers without her religious head covering. Ms. Stanley was later released by police.

The OHRC is currently working to resolve this complaint. This resolution includes having the Toronto Police Service review and revise its Search of Persons Guidelines, to make sure they are consistent with the duty to accommodate religious observances under the Code.



The horror! The horror!

During a legitimate investigation the police removed the rag from that woman’s head and now we, the taxpayers, have to pay through our noses. And why? Just because Barbara decided that protecting a primitive custom is more important than our security.

No wonder the cops ignored Menzies – he is a white man, who can be abused without any consequences, while the insane Muslima and Barbara Hall would drag them through the courts for years.

Is this the type of society that the Human Rights Commissions want to build in Canada?

Look at the picture again – this is the ultimate example of nasty and hostile people, who have no intention to adapt to our society. One of the two veiled gargoyles even looks like an undercover man. Look at the filth they made under the table – it’s not their problem, the Canadian kaffirs will clean it up. They would fit much better in Saudi Arabia or another Muslim hellhole.

Thanks to Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin, and Harper, that’s the diversity we are getting now. I would have been happy for it, if the authorities treated everybody equally under the law.

However, now the police are willing to let a crowd of Muslim psychopaths to do whatever they want, even beat up a civilized person. Unfortunately, those are the people who control the so-called “Muslim community” – the others, who came here from the Muslim countries to get away, are afraid of them.

How long would it take before they start imposing their barbaric lifestyle on each and every one of us?

Hey, Toronto police officers, we are paying your salaries! Don’t we deserve at least some symbolic protection? (As of Barbara Hall and OHRC, I’ve written them off long time ago – the taxpayers are at the very bottom of their value ladder.)

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  1. SM ISAC says:

    On diversity “I would have been happy for it, if the authorities treated everybody equally under the “. Ditto.

    FYI, I had a similarly unpleasant experience with a Toronto police when I filed a complaint against a driver who after stealing my reserved parking spot, cursed and swore and threatened to run me down and actually ran over my toe. Even with a witness to back up my story, the officer in attendance insisted that I prevented this driver from leaving and therefore I was asking for it!

    In this case, both parties were Asian. Just wanted to share my story to make a point that it’s not always against “white” males. (sigh) Do you feel any better?

    1. admiwrath says:

      I am sorry for your ordeal. Unfortunately, your case didn’t make me feel better. The only thing that would make me happy is to see one day that absolutely everybody is treated in absolutely the same way under absolutely the same laws.

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    “Thanks to Trudeau, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin, and Harper, that’s the diversity we are getting now. I would have been happy for it, if the authorities treated everybody equally under the law.”

    precisely. What we now need is a completely different political party. We DID have the Reform Party, until it morphed into the Conservative Party of Canada. What we need is a group of determined citizens who want to see real change real soon. I propose that we establish – say- The Dominion Party, which has as part of its manifesto, the return of the sort of civilized society we had before Trudeau unleashed his master plan of Swedish socialist-style madness on Canada.

    How about it folks?

    The Dominion Party. has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

    1. Bernard says:

      I like your idea of The Dominion Party. It sounds similar to something that already exists, The Freedom Party of Canada, and the Freedom Party of Ontario. The latter is more active and outspoken against the dangers of creeping Islamic sharia. However, The Freedom Party is run by athiest Objectivists, which can be a bit off-putting to Jews and Christians who cherish our Judao-Christian Heritage. The Christian Heritage Party does not resonate with athiests and agnostics. I think a Dominion Party could potentially unite followers of The Freedom Party, the Christian Heritage Party, and disaffected members of the more major parties such as former Liberal candidate Lowell Green, author of Mayday, Mayday! I suggest you start by deciding whether to begin federally or provincially, and then write up a draft party constitution. If you need help with that, please post in the Action sub-forum of the FaithFreedom.org discussion forum.

    2. Adam says:

      “What we now need is a completely different political party.”

      No–that’ll only serve to split the vote. What’s needed is a non-partisan lobby group that is well-funded and willing to lean HARD (lawsuits, smear campaigns, boycotts) on politicians, media and others with a pro-immigration, pro-diversity agenda. Remember that the Chamber of Commerce types (banks, REITs, developers) have pushed immigration and multiculturalism (more warm bodies = more profits), and we have to fight them.

  3. Bernard says:

    I just searched on Facebook and found there already are parties with the word “Dominion” in them; primarily in Alberta and Manitoba, and they are associated with Labo(u)r. Perhaps they might help in the cause?

  4. The Lone Ranger says:


    I’ll look into it a bit more. I’m in Alberta so it won’t be hard to dig up some info on other political parties here with the name or part-name ‘Dominion.’


  5. Rich says:

    Knowing the Toronto police I would believe that was a case of the cops being too lazy to do anything about this rather than kowtowing to Muslim fundamentalists.

  6. Jew says:

    join the palestinian effort at eliminating the zionist state!

    1. admiwrath says:

      Dear fake or self-hating Jew, sorry for not being able to display the link to your vile anti-Semitic site you wanted to link to my blog. From your IP address ( it is clear that you are located in Chemnitz (Sachsen, East Germany). I am not sure if you get the irony, but until the fall of communism, your city was known as Karl-Marx-Stadt (Karl Marx City). Named after the world’s best known self-hating Jew, it is a symbol of what would happen if the Jews believe what an idiot like Marx tells them.

      Keep up the good work – with friends like you, the welfare-collecting Palestinian terrorists don’t need any enemies.

  7. christian says:

    Fuck Zionism. Fuck they racist Jews who are destroying Canada. That means you jack ass…leave.

    Seems nobody reads your kike bullshit – why am I not surprised…

    1. admiwrath says:

      Great comment from an anti-Semite (see the fake e-mail address):

      This commenter from Toronto illustrates very well my point in the post. A racist Muslim defending a rabid Muslima. Is this what they teach you? If nobody reads me, why did you waste your time to leave that retarded rant?

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