Saudis, Dykes, and the Future of Toronto


Toronto’s Dundas Square in 2033


No, this is not Dundas Square in 2033. That’s how the square looked last Saturday during the Saudi Festival.


However, the picture might be a glimpse into our future. With the press projecting that by year 2031 the number of Muslims in Canada will increase to 2.9 million, so we must get used to their peculiar religion and its dress code. The Toronto District School Board is working diligently in that direction – they allow Muslim prayers during school hours while banning all other religions.

If they are successful, guess who’d be missing from this picture in 2033:


Tourists and shorts would disappear in a Saudi-run Toronto


Just a few blocks up north, another event was taking place – the yearly Dyke March. Ironically, the lesbians, who would be hanged or stoned in Saudi Arabia, allowed the anti-Semitic group QuAIA to march with them.

Fortunately, both events didn’t clash.

Saudi Arabia presented several tents with information.  Other than a few kings, there were hardly any accomplishments shown:


Saudi history and geography


But they didn’t miss their main accomplishment, the Muslim cult:


The indoctrination tent


In the indoctrination tent, the hosts readily provided all the literature you need to convert to Islam. I wonder how many such Christian tents operate in Saudi Arabia. And how many Jews visit the Kingdom every year. None (what did you expect?)

Yet we allow those Bedouins to preach here (a Bedouin who bought his Armani suit with oil money and hasn’t developed anything, is still a Bedouin).

They even had a Saudi Women tent with nothing in it:



What else? In their “culture” the woman is a non-entity.

Other than that, we had a great time – we listened to some horrible singing from the stage, saw a few Muslim ladies having wholesome Islamic fun:


Wholesome Islamic fun


And the men were going through the same dreary experience in a separate group:



They didn’t forget the guests either. Here are some lads explaining the charms of Islam to a Japanese girl:


"You know, Mecca is a fun place..."


Just a block away, we saw two trans hotties:


Trans "hotties" a block away from the Saudi Festival


I wonder what would have happened if they wandered into the festival. Probably a collision like the one between matter and anti-matter would make them annihilate each other. Too bad it didn’t happen, but it will in the future.

Our charming multicultural diversity is a ticking bomb.

© 2011

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  1. Mad Jewess says:

    Amazing, huh?
    These fags and bull dykes are hated by the Moslems, and here they are all kissy kissy.
    I hate to say, but I cant WAIT until that Mussies go Jihad on them.

    BTW: I interviewed Mark Harding when I had a radio show that was cancelled in 2008 for bringing up too much of Obamas middle name..

    1. admiwrath says:

      When you look at Toronto, you may reach the conclusion that it is run by total idiots. I am not sure if even Rob Ford would change that. Saudis are pathetic barbarians who chop off somebody’s head every day, treat women like garbage, and have the nerve to get the help of Brian Mulroney to praise them (you can do a search on what he did, he is a rich lawyer and I don’t want to go beyond that statement).

  2. marit says:

    No matter how hard Saudi Arabia promotes its history and geography, we all know that an Indonesian woman beheaded last week.

  3. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Marit, I agree with you. We should NOT be letting a single Saudi man into Canada, given the totally barbaric, backward and misogynistic state that has nothing to offer the rest of the world except a few barrels of oil.

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