Sex and Islam in Toronto

I was walking Yonge St. the other day when I spotted two buildings hosting two completely incompatible establishments – the sex store called Seduction, right next to an Islamic centre.


Sex and Islam in Toronto

“Seduction” has been there for many years, marketed as the biggest “love boutique” in Canada. They sell porn movies, condoms and all kinds of straight and homosexual merchandise that every self-respecting crazy imam would condemn.

On the other hand, the Islamic centre is new, with dirty windows displaying the usual not very attractive messages that Islam is obedience, peace and submission.


It is strange to see those signs co-exist with the seductive window photos of homosexuals in leather and mysterious women in lingerie.

I don’t want to sound like a gloomy Nostradamus, but I don’t see anything bright in the future of one the two establishments. It is not hard to predict that the Islamic centre will object to the nest of sin hosted in the building next door. Since the Muslims’ feelings trump everybody else’s rights, it is reasonable to expect that if the centre files a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, the love boutique could be shut down promptly and the building given away to the Muslims for peanuts.

Don’t you love the diversity in Toronto?


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  1. Matthew says:

    Reminds me of this Mark Steyn colunn:

    Western liberalism fell for a ludicrous hoax. Why?

    Because they wanted to. It would be nice if “Amina Arraf” existed. As niche constituencies go, we could use more hijab-wearing Muslim lesbian militants and fewer fortysomething male Western deadbeat college students. But the latter is a real and pathetically numerous demographic, and the former is a fiction – a fantasy for Western liberals, who think that in the multicultural society the nice gay couple at 27 Rainbow Avenue can live next door to the big bearded imam with four child brides at No. 29 and gambol and frolic in admiration of each other’s diversity. They will proffer cheery greetings over the picket fence, the one admiring the other’s attractive buttock-hugging leather shorts for that day’s Gay Pride parade as he prepares to take his daughter to the clitoridectomy clinic.

  2. SDMatt says:

    The Islamic centre is not new; it’s been there for several years – at least three, probably more. They used to hang pamphlets by the door but I guess once they ran out of the first printing, that was it. The whole place has progressively gotten dumpier.

    1. admiwrath says:

      I guess I never paid enough attention to those buildings, though I’ve been in the area many times.

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