Shame on York – Anti-Galloway Protest in Toronto


Students protest George Galloway's speech at York University

A remarkable protest against a speech by George Galloway took place last night at York University in Toronto.

The speech was sponsored by Muslim organizations and approved by the university administration. York University is known for tolerating Muslim fanaticism. There have been cases, where Jewish students and organizations have been harassed. It even hosts the Israeli Apartheid Week, which is an excuse for promoting anti-Semitism and distorting the reality in the Middle East.

This time, however, York University sank to a new low. Hosting George Galloway, and open supporter of Arab terrorism, is totally inexcusable.

He is a man, who doesn’t have the best taste in choosing clothes:


George Galloway is irresistible in this outfit

His behaviour often crosses beyond the borders of sanity:


His choice of friends talks loudly about his ideas and convictions:


George Galloway receives a Hamas passport

But above all, his maniacal hate for Israel and the desire to help those who want to destroy that country have put him in hot water on numerous occasions. It is hard to believe that such a person could have any following, but he does.

The Left must have totally lost its ways, if a person like Galloway can serve as its moral compass. Karl Marx said in one of his books that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” After the scary tyranny of Lenin and Stalin, the left descended to worshipping Galloway the Clown.

This is Galloway’s second visit to Toronto. Last month he spoke at Trinity-St. Paul’s United Church and promised that he would be back. At the time, there were fewer protesters, however, this time the protest was better organized.
There was a large group of people (probably nearly 300) in the building where Galloway was scheduled to speak. The majority of them were students, but there were also concerned citizens and people from Jewish organizations, like the Jewish Defence League.


Message for Galloway: Terrorism is not Activism


Galloway supports terror


A large crowd


Meir Weinstein at the protest


JDL in action


Calling Galloway

The event was supposed to take place in secrecy, no cameras or recorders were allowed inside:


No recording? Are they that embarrassed of what Galloway has to say?

Despite the large protest, the event wasn’t cancelled. There was heavy security provided by both the university and the police. The protesters were surrounded from all sides. The police and the security guards were periodically taking pictures.


Keeping the dangerous Jews under control


We protect Galloway


Stay where you are or else...

The whole commotion reminded me how protective the authorities are when they are dealing with events organized by the Muslims and the Left.
If you remember, earlier this year, Ann Coulter’s speech at the University of Ottawa was cancelled, because there was a small group of disruptive protesters. The police claimed they couldn’t provide enough security. Earlier this week, a presentation by the respected journalist Christie Blatchford at the University of Waterloo was cancelled, because the authorities couldn’t deal with 4 (!) protesters.
Both women’s views are below trivial when compared with the monstrosity called George Galloway. Yet, despite the legitimate protests of hundreds of people the York University administration didn’t cancel the event.
Why that double standard? Is that some kind of a sharia principle: the opinions of 4 lefties weigh more than the opinions of several hundred Jews? Correct me, if I’m wrong, but I think we have seen this in history numerous times. It’s a shame that this attitude persists in modern Canada.

The protesters made sure that their opinions would be heard loud and clear by Galloway’s followers, chanting: “Shame on York!” “Galloway Go Away”.

Posters, banners, flags of Canada and Israel, songs – everything showed that Galloway is not wanted. A person who openly supports death and destruction doesn’t fit the definition of free speech.


Proud protesters



Go Away Galloway


Making a point...


Know where your $ is going?


We are here, listen to us...


There is no way Galloway is going to miss her message


From Galloway's Pockets to Hamas' Rockets


Waiting for Galloway's buddies

Shortly after the process started, one of the organizers announced that the police asked them to take the protest outside, so that not to disturb the event. That meant to move the crowd under the heavy rain that was pouring outside. And then he added something that you don’t hear often: that he and the other Jews are sick and tired of being told to shut up and sit back and wait for somebody to make the decisions for them.


The Jews are not going to shut up and sit back

The event proved that there are two issues we need to be aware of.

First, that there is a certain type of people who would go for any lie and deception to give some meaning to their empty lives. And that’s disturbing, because they can start following even such a sideshow personality like George Galloway.


The happy YSF President leaves after his talk with the police



Muslim students try to start a fight at the door




The invasion of the hijabs



A Galloway supporter confronts us (with police protection)



Leaving the building

On the other hand, there are still some rational people in Canada, who can spot hatred and deception and have the courage to confront them.
Let’s hope that one day the second group will prevail.


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