Still No Money for the Terror-Supporting Canadian Arab Federation

There hasn’t been a major event organized by the far left during the last few years, at which they didn’t complain about the defunding of the Canadian Arab Federation. The organization was always presented as some kind of an innocent maiden, immersed in doing good deeds, that was unfairly struck by the evil conservative gang of Stephen Harper.

All of CAF’s defenders failed to notice that the federation had very clear positions and preferences that had very little to do with the Canadian values or common decency. They supported shady organizations and sinister ideologies, which were hostile not only to the Jews and Israel, but also to the foundation of the Western civilization. The least the government could do in such a case was to defund them.

Other than fuming about that “injustice,” CAF also took practical steps to fight the government by appealing the government decision. An honest approach would’ve been to stop taking money from the government they hate and rely on donations from the Muslims, who share their anti-Semitic ideas. But looking for any traces of morality in the actions of that kind of people would be futile.

It was just announced that the Federal Court has upheld the decision of the government from 2009. It took a long time and the decision should’ve been a no-brainer, but with the increased arrogance of the Muslim extremists in Canada, who do everything to misuse our laws to continue the Islamization of our country, all our institutions are under an enormous pressure. We have no other choice, but to resists the Muslim extremism, regardless of the shapes it takes.

You can read the details about the decision here.

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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Should we wish the CAF a Merry Christmas?

  2. The Lone Ranger says:

    Let’s hope Harper keeps it up!

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