Tarek Fatah and the Muslim Matrix

I admire Tarek Fatah’s courage to go public with the recent death threats against him and the disgraceful attitude of the Toronto Police when he tried to get help from them. I suppose those threats are natural – you can’t expect anything else, if for the most of your life you have battled the Islamic fanaticism.


Tarek Fatah signing my copy of his book


It has always puzzled me that Tarek defines himself as a “secular Muslim”. From all that is known about the Muslim cult, you must always be just Muslim, any adjectives to that word are abhorred. The cult operates exactly like the Mafia – once you are in, you can’t get out alive. Denouncing Muslim religion is punishable by death according to the barbaric sharia law.

While this is the normal modus operandi of the Muslims in Afghanistan and Pakistan, we probably shouldn’t forget that we live in Canada. Every death threat should be treated in the same way, investigated and the victim protected.

But that’s not how the Toronto Police treated Tarek Fatah. According to his account of the events, which he published in National Post, he received the threats while still in the hospital recovering from his recent operation. They came through Twitter and are well documented.

Tarek called the police and was visited by two policemen in uniforms. Shortly after that two Muslim men arrived in the hospital room. Without identifying themselves, they emptied the room and interrogated the sick Tarek for two hours. They were “intelligence officers”. Later that day, they called to let him know that they are not filing charges, because the person who sent the threats can’t harm him.

How did they know that? Was she some kind of a quiet girl? Don’t forget the quiet Muslim girl Roshonara  who nearly killed with a knife a member of the British Parliament. Or was she paralyzed?  Again, it is good to remember that the quadriplegic idiot Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, managed to do more harm in his life than many other able-bodied people combined.

The most disturbing thing in the whole incident is that it strikingly resembles the situation in the movie The Matrix. You probably remember the story – a group of alert social outcasts fight a hidden organization, which controls the society, but is totally invisible to ordinary people.

So here we have a Canadian citizen, who is threatened and when he looks for help, he is sucked into a mysterious “reality” where the normal police investigation doesn’t apply. Is that the normal way to treat similar issues when everybody involved is a Muslim?

And that’s not the first time something similar happens – in the notorious Caledonia case, a bunch of lazy armed thugs, presenting themselves as “Native activists”, terrorized the local population for months with the full protection of the Ontario police. The normal laws didn’t apply there. That’s ironic, because both the welfare cheques of the Indians and the police salaries are paid by the people, who were being mistreated.

Since I am a taxpayer as well, I have few questions of my own.

If the Toronto police operate in some kind of a “Matrix”, I would like to know its rules, because I am one of the many who is paying for it.

If there is no Matrix, then why isn’t everybody treated equally? You know, there is that document called “Chart of Rights”, which should apply to everyone. If a Muslim fanatic in Canada makes a complaint against somebody, that person would be hounded to death by the police and the Human Rights Commission on “Islamophobia” charges. Why are Tarek Fatah and other people like him, who are noble, honest and stand for the truth, left to fend for themselves when attacked?

Or maybe what we are seeing now is the REAL multicultural Canada conceived the secret dreams of Pierre Trudeau?

Tarek Fatah and the millions of other Ontarians, who pay the police salaries, deserve an answer.

Such police behaviour is probably considered normal in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but in Canada it is simply disgraceful.

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