The Fight for Truth or Pamela Geller in Toronto

The dreaded Pamela Geller event came and went and the carefully crafted Canadian multicultural Tower of Babel survived it (that tower doesn’t need anybody’s push, it is quietly self-destructing from within). The doom and gloom predictions that her “inflammatory” speech will divide the country didn’t come true.


Pamela Geller speaks in Toronto


Over the years she had been the target of such a consistent demonization that after listening to her critics, you may expect to see Lucifer’s twin sister. Nothing is further from the truth – the first impression she made on me was that she is an open, optimistic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get type of person. Not a trace of snobbery or “hate speech” – every statement she makes is based on facts (which doesn’t mean much in Canada, where telling the truth could be a crime according to the human rights commissions). Pamela also has two other things going for her – enthusiasm and eloquence, which help her easily convince you in her opinions.

The talk took place at the Toronto Zionist Centre. In the afternoon the Facebook page of the event had only 61 confirmed attendees, but the word of mouth reached far beyond Facebook, because the crowd of people willing to see Pamela exceeded the capacity of the large hall. The organizers had to open another large room on the third floor, where people could watch her talk on a big screen. People still had to be turned away for the lack of space.


The audience


I am sure that Pamela’s enemies also contributed to the popularity of her talk. The Zionist Centre wasn’t the first choice as a venue – the event’s original location was in the Chabad Flamingo Synagogue in Thornhill. But then Insp. Ricky Veerappan of the York Regional Police visited its rabbi (Rabbi Kaplan) and threatened him with dismissal from his position as a police chaplain, if he let her speak in the synagogue. The reason – Geller’s ideas contradicted the local police values, which for some strange reason were identical to the values of two vile Khomeinist organizations operating in the same area.

On the day of the event we witnessed a new twist – an organization going under the bombastic name “Toronto Board of Rabbis” issued a press release condemning Pamela Geller. I have never heard of them, but my sources told me that they are a group of about 40 people from two synagogues. Thanks to Bernie Farber from the now-defunct Canadian Jewish Congress, who promoted the press release and whole-heartedly supported it, I have the text.



Among other things, the learned rabbis said:

The TBR is a strong supporter of freedom of speech for all, including Ms. Geller. Ms. Geller’s voice and message are already well known here in Canada and beyond. There was no sense in inviting her here to Toronto to speak before a Jewish audience. Sadly the only sure result of this event will be increasing tensions within the Jewish community and between Jews and Muslims in Toronto.

The TBR, which represents rabbis from all denominations of Judaism, wishes to make clear to all that it finds the invitation distasteful, just as it finds Ms. Geller’s views distasteful. We dissociate ourselves from the actions of the radical fringe Jewish group that extended the invitation. We call for more events here in Toronto that will build up friendship and understanding between local Jews and Muslims.

After paying lip service to freedom of speech, they say that Ms. Geller has spoken enough, everybody knows her and she shouldn’t be speaking in Toronto. What pathetic arrogance! It sounds like Pamela will single-handedly ruin the flourishing love between Jews and Muslims in Toronto. Never mind that the extremist imams invited to every Islamic conference despise Jews.

The “radical fringe Jewish group” is obviously JDL-Canada. That “fringe group” is one of the very few, which confront Muslim fanaticism face to face on the street, while those rabbis hide like mice in their synagogues and limit their thunder to writing half-baked press releases. At last year’s Al-Quds day at Queen’s Park a huge crowd of fanatics carried Hezbollah flags, pictures of Khomeini and anti-Israeli signs, while chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”. Two idiots from Neturei Karta (are they members of the Board of Rabbis?) were paraded around like gypsy dancing bears to demonstrate the Jewish support for the destruction of Israel.

The only group that confronted them was the JDL, with the support of Christians, Hindus, and secular Iranians.

Pretending that everything could be resolved with “friendship events” is naïve. No matter how many halal food tastings or school bus trips to Niagara Falls they organize, nobody is willing to face the issue of the future of Israel in a real discussion. And organizing boring interfaith dialogues won’t help either, because the bearded imams that they try to “reach” don’t like Jews that much. At the same time, the “progressive” rabbis totally ignore Muslims who want to promote the Canadian values (like Salim Mansur and Raheel Raza from Muslims Facing Tomorrow).

Anyway, if that cowardly press release came one day earlier, it could’ve attracted even more attendees.

As of the event itself – you can see it on videos. I uploaded eight videos, which show the topics Pamela Geller covered in her talk (that’s at the Blogwrath channel on YouTube). If you have time, you can watch the complete uninterrupted recording uploaded by Blazingcatfur.

Pamela Geller in Toronto – Introduction by Meir Weinstein

Pamela Geller in Toronto Part 1 – On Free Speech

Pamela Geller in Toronto Part 2 – On the Islamic Supremacy Groups in the USA

Pamela Geller in Toronto Part 3 – On the Freedom Ad Campaigns 

Pamela Geller in Toronto Part 4 – On the Anti-Jihad Ad Campaign

Pamela Geller in Toronto Part 5 – On How People Fight for Freedom 

Pamela Geller in Toronto Part 6 – On the Ground Zero Mosque

Pamela Geller in Toronto Part 7 – On the Jihadi Hatred for Israel



Meir Weinstein and Pamela Geller at the reception


The main event was preceded by a small reception, where a few people got to know Pamela Geller and many others had the opportunity to see her again.


Discussing the upcoming talk


Meir Weinstein, the National Director of JDL-Canada, introduced Pamela Geller. He thanked the police for helping to ensure the safety of the event in Toronto, although he criticized the politization of the York Regional police. Catering to the questionable values of the Khomeinist organizations operating in the area, shows a disturbing double standard. While Rabbi Kaplan was intimidated, their other (Muslim) chaplain attended without any problems a conference in Saudi Arabia organized by  a group with ties to Al-Qaeda. Such troubling affiliations make the work of Pamela Geller even more important, because she is one of the few who has the courage to confront Islamic extremism.

Pamela Geller started her talk with the statement that free speech is the most basic of all freedoms. Its enemies realize that and that is their first target when they want to suppress somebody’s ideas. That’s what officer Ricky tried to do when intimidating Rabbi Kaplan. She had never experienced in the USA such a blatant anti-free speech action by the police. Similar purpose had the shameful press release written to suppress her right to share her ideas with those who are interested in them.

In the USA Obama abandoned the quest for freedom and on the international arena he supported the Muslim Brotherhood as a “moderate” group. The result was disastrous, with many governments losing power and giving way to Islamic supremacy regimes. Yet despite that, the media never criticized Obama’s actions and they are even trying to make her shut up.

That disturbing trend is not limited only to the Muslims countries. The Islamic supremacy groups are expanding their base in the USA as well. Many of them are trying to cover up their true actions. “Official” Muslim organizations like CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America have been determined to be unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation case, yet they still are considered mainstream moderates. The media create the impression that no major terrorist threats have been uncovered in the USA, but that’s a lie – every week there is an unsuccessful plot, which is almost always ignored by the media.

That happens even when we are facing catastrophic attacks, which the Obama administration cover up of the Benghazi case proves.

Pamela tries to bring awareness to those issues through her ad campaigns, which are demonized in the same way as her other work.



Despite the media negativity, ordinary people are very much aware of the real problems and respond positively to her campaigns. In a recent case, Islamist organizations paid to run ads demonizing Israel. She had to run a counter-campaign to state the facts. She is not and has never been anti-Muslim – her main target is the Islamic savagery, which affects everybody, including most Muslims. She has worked for years to save Muslim girls from abuse and honor killings.

Jihad is the main element of that savagery. Recently the Islamists in the USA tried to whitewash that concept through another ad campaign. They showed jihad as an innocent desire for improvement, which is far from the truth. She responded with her own campaign based on the jihad statements and actions of prominent Muslim terrorists and politicians.

That was also rejected by the “progressives”. The most curious case was in San Francisco, where the homosexuals objected to her ads showing how gays are treated in most Muslim countries. The Muslims, who voice their objections against extremism in the USA are ignored or treated with hostility. A few years ago a small group of Muslims organized a demonstration to condemn the “underwear bomber”. Their leader received three death fatwas from Muslim extremists for organizing the event.

That fight is very difficult, but only the ordinary people can really take a stand for their freedoms. They love their country and the way they live and are ready to defend it. Most politicians are not reliable, because they are willing to sacrifice their principles and values for short-term gains. In the case of the Canadian victim of honor killing Aqsa Pervez, many ordinary people gave their support to restore the girl’s dignity by providing a gravestone with her name (despite the objections of her family that killed her).


The line for the Q&A session


In the end Pamela had a long questions and answers session, during which she answered many questions from the audience. Those included her role in stopping the “Ground Zero Mosque”; the hatred of the jihadists for Israel and  many more.

All in all, that was an excellent event and everybody who attended it left with more knowledge and better understanding of the problems that we face in North America.

The only terrifying thing (at least to me) was the thought that if the Khomeinists, officer Ricky, the “Rabbi Board” and their protectors from the Human Rights Inquisition have their way, we will never be able to see and listen again to passionate and informed people like Pamela Geller. All they are going to allow us to do would be to listen to the bland sermons of the political correctness, which taste worse than English porridge or goat intestines. (Is it racist to criticize food?)


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  1. Shobhna Kapoor says:

    Pamela Geller is an inspiration.

  2. JOE BIFELSTIC says:

    Blogwrath…..I have to congratulate you on the best reporting on GELLER-GATE that I have read. You captured the essence of the event at the Toronto Zionist Centre in a factual and cynically humourous way. Keep up the good work – you are a credit to the community …. and a great Canadian !


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