The Perils of Discussing Islam on the Toronto Subway

Recently I obtained video footage from another provocative stunt of the free speech activist Eric Brazau. In a nutshell – he rides the Toronto subway and starts random conversations with passengers about Islam. Although he has a loud voice, his communication is respectful and polite. What gets him into trouble is the topic – the conversation inevitably brings up the Muslim ideology and its role in terrorism.

The short video below is just a trailer – it shows what typically happens during Eric’s subway encounters. (It will take some time to process the complete footage.)

However, the most interesting part of the film is not what Eric Brazau says (though he is well prepared and logical). The really shocking part is how people react. A few get involved in the dialogue, but the majority become extremely hostile.
There is that image of the average Canadian, pushed by the media, which paints him or her as a meek and docile creature, who constantly apologizes. As of this writing, you can see on many Canadian TV channels a Pizza Hut commercial. Four young people (of politically correct racial mix) are waiting for an elevator. The door opens and they make a step forward, lightly bumping into each other and saying “I am sorry!” Since nobody makes another step, they miss the elevator, but still smile at each other in a way that resembles more a strange mental condition than politeness. Then a voice says that this is the Canadian way. After that the camera switches to a party of another four young people (three whites and one black). A single slice of Pizza Hut pizza remains in the box. They reach for it simultaneously, but get embarrassed and all of them say “I am sorry!” Then we see the black guy eating the slice – he was probably awarded the slice through affirmative action.

Everybody, who has travelled in Canada, has seen firsthand that all this is nonsense – people act and react normally like anyplace else in the civilized world. However, Toronto is a world of its own – the pussified downtown core is very much like what was depicted in the commercial. But they act like that only among their fellow dwellers in the cheery rainbow imaginary world of our decaying city.

If anybody has the guts to tell them that their world is not a mirror reflection of the reality outside, they quickly lose their meek smiles and phony politeness and turn into nasty vipers willing to destroy the violator of their imaginary harmony. That is what usually happens to Eric Brazau.

Usually he can engage some people, even Muslims, in a meaningful discussion, but when the talk turns to the violent nature of the Koranic ideology, a bunch of do-gooders and protectors inevitably emerges, ready to tear him into pieces or kick him out. They can’t believe that somebody could find any problems in the harmonic multicultural tapestry of Toronto, where all cultures are beautiful and perfect.

Maybe deep inside they realize that something might be wrong, but it is in human nature to imagine that if you don’t speak about problems, they would disappear. After all, those downtown pussies were the people, who re-elected the criminal gang of McGuinty/Wynne. They hoped that the flow of borrowed money would continue forever. In the name of that false peace, they are ready to eat alive anybody, who threatens it, even if that person tries to alert them to a real threat.

You can find a great illustration of that attitude at the 11:00 mark in the video, where one of the guys attacking Brazau screams:

“In this country you have the right to practice any religion you want. You cannot impose your discriminatory beliefs on anybody. You are associating his religion with the kidnapping of three hundred girls. Are you fucking stupid?! What does that have to do with being a Muslim? Are you fucking retarded?”

I think this monologue deserves a special award for expressing so succinctly the essence of Toronto’s collective stupidity – no culture or religion is guilty of anything, it is always somebody else’s fault. Never mind that in the case of Islam people of many different races living in diverse places commit the same crimes in the name of the world’s most popular manual of hate and terrorism – the Koran. It is not just about kidnappings – Muslim barbarians burn people alive; behead them; cut their limbs; blow them up with bombs, etc., etc., but for the stupid Toronto hipsters all that doesn’t matter, because they still think they can safely ignore Muslim savagery in the illusionary safety of their town.

If ISIS ever wants to take over Canada, they don’t need to fight. All they have to do is to convince the downtown hipsters of Toronto, who also serve as government bureaucrats, soldiers and policemen that they want to make their system of beliefs accepted in Canada.

Brazau’s subway diaries show that the Canadian value system has been shattered beyond repair. That is the only conclusion after you see how a simple discussion about the dangers of the most violent ideology in the world is met with hostility. During one of his subway dialogues, Brazau was attacked and threatened by three violent Muslims and nobody came to his defense. And I can assure you that the Muslims are watching and planning accordingly.


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  1. The Lone Ranger says:

    When I first arrived in Canada, I use to tell queer jokes out loud on the subway and get a laugh. Now all you get is arrested.

    1. Chris J. Slater says:

      You are self identifying as homophobic? Arguing for free speech? Let me tell you we won’t put up with that in Nanaimo, Canada, sir! We’ve run the rainbow flag up the pole and ALL people in our fiefdom MUST salute it! As a Vancouver Islander since 1978 and Nanaimoite since 1994, I am totally embarrassed by this council! I believe you have shown the world what total fools we have elected to represent us. I can’t believe supposedly intelligent people can be so foolish as to go on public television and spew such overtly homo and anti-Christian drivel. Who appointed them arbitrators and censors of our CANADIAN rights?? To think they’ve taken OUR tax dollars and used them in such a vile and evil manner.

      Nanaimo Homosexual Bullies Trash Christians | BlogWrath – Thoughts on politics and common sense

  2. Riker says:

    next time you want to do this , please invite me 🙂
    I will not only have your six, but can also help with info from a woman’s prospective 🙂 after we occupy the subway can we do something like this in Brampton?

  3. Steve says:

    Free Speech this guy is brilliant …

  4. Winston says:

    Toronto is one messed up socialist shithole

    1. admiwrath says:

      You got that right.

  5. Scureggione says:

    It is now 2016, nearly 2017 and things are worse. The herd needs thinning.

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