The TDSB Mosqueteria Protesters Meet the Taqiyya Squad


Protest at the TDSB building, August 8, 2011



"TDSB - Same Rules Apply to All"


The second protest against the Toronto District School Board’s policy of allowing Islamic prayers in public schools took place on August 8.

In addition to the speakers, who spoke at the July event – G.J. Rancourt, Meir Weinstein and Ron Banerjee – there was a special guest, the prominent critic of radical Islam Raheel Raza.


Raheel Raza


More protesters attended this event than the previous one. The organizers prepared a petition to be signed and collected donations to continue the actions of the coalition.


Signing the petition


The other side was better organized and largely expanded. There was a whole bunch of sweet Muslim girls and a few boys, who did their best to present themselves as victims. That’s why I call them the “Taqiyya Squad” – although nice in the beginning, at certain point they tried to take over the event (more about that later).


The hijab girl needs to learn to spell better



"Thank You TDSB" - from your faithful Islamists


Aren’t they cute? They thank the TDSB dhimmis for letting Islamists control the schools. They invoke “laws” and “fundamental freedoms” which will be gone once Islam has its way. “Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated” – how does that work for the Christians in Egypt?

The smiley hijab girl should get refund of the tuition paid to her university, which didn’t teach her how to spell “CONSCIENCE”.

Then they displayed a long list of organizations, which support their cause:


With friends like these...


Frankly, I would’ve been embarrassed to have most of those organizations as my supporters – many of them have been supporting Muslim radicalism or involved in fraud (like ISNA).

And of course, no event would be complete without the presence of Omar Quyum and his buddies. They were ready and willing to provoke fights and arguments. In the end they attacked even Raheel Raza.


Ready to fight...





The speakers emphasized the importance of keeping our schools secular. In her impressive talk Raheel Raza gave voice to those Muslims, who don’t want to succumb to Islamic radicalism. The defenders of the mosqueteria create the impression that all Muslims are a monolithic group, which is not true. There
are Muslims from different sects and even secular ones, who don’t want to become pawns in the games of the Wahabi fanatics. The traditional Canadian
values are much more important to them.


Raheel Raza speaks


Ron Banerjee spoke about the organizations, which support that prayer program. When talking about the gender segregation in the Valley Park Middle School, the image of what was going on was quite disgusting – he asked how it was possible burly old imams to ask 12-13 year old girls whether they are menstruating.

Meir Weinstein’s topic was the increasing anti-Semitism, which recently caused a hate crime – a synagogue in Toronto was defaced with the slogan “Islam Will Rule” (which CBC chose to ignore).

Blazingcatfur will post videos of the speeches, so you’ll be able to see and hear them.

Very special gratitude is owed to the men from the Jewish Defence League, who ensured the safety of the event. Although there were many police officers present (more than the first time), they kept their distance and it was up to JDL to ensure that Qayum and the other were kept under control (they really tried hard to start arguments).

At certain point, the Taqiyya Squad decided to move forward and take control of the event. Due to the discrete but firm stand of JDL, they were stopped before the police got involved. But what else could you expect from Islamists who pretend to be nice and sweet until they get the chance to stab you in the back?

Luckily, the confrontation was prevented in a way that most participants didn’t even notice.

Here are some more pictures.

Raheel Raza is speaking with the protesters:


The infamous picture of the mosqueteria with boys and girls separated and the menstruating girls at the very back:


Gender segregation in Valley Park Middle School


Mark Harding is trying to make a point to the little Islamists:


Mark Harding


The crowd is listening:





The Taqiyya Squad decides to attack:



Let's kick some infidel ass...


The screaming Islamist (she was at the first event) is confronted with quiet dignity:





The police get involved:




So, what's going on?


The intrusion is stopped:




The JDL wall...


Things are under control:


The order is restored...


Amazing! I took that Muslima’s picture and she didn’t punch me in the face:


The sacred Muslim right to get fried in the heat


The arguments continue:




You can't convince me...


Can we consider this a dialogue?


Did they really cool down?


Qayum and his buddies are called for a little talk with the police:


Please step aside...


Clenched fists in Raheel Raza’s face:


I'll show you what I think...


Raheel tells Qayum exactly what she thinks about his cause, after that she left upset (sorry for the out-of-focus picture, but everything happened too fast):


Things are not really working...


© 2011







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  2. MuslimGuy says:

    I’m just wondering– why all the lying? The Muslims did not start any “fight”. Is it not a deceitful ploy to take a photo that has a man raising his hands *in conversation* and then present it as an attempt on his part to punch Raheel Raza? Do the Islam-haters not have any shame?

    The only time the police talked to the Muslim side is when they offered to press charges against a JDL member who spit on them. The Muslims forgave and forgot, for which the JDL member was thankful. Don’t believe it? Keep your eyes open on YouTube.

    1. Moo Moo says:

      Hey Muslim Guy

      lets not forget when an elderly protester that decided to come out of the crowd an push a young muslim woman part of the so called “taqiyya squad”. Glad to see toronto’s finest step in to diffuse that situation.

      It is also funny how it is the young people who actually go to school supporting the TDSB while an older crowd against it. It is like the people who dont use the TDSB protesting against it.

      Finally, it is nice to see creepy old guy Mark Harding still going after the youth, its been a few years since his antics in Weston Collegiate. If i was those young people, i would be afraid of a guy who targets young people for his “message”.

      1. admiwrath says:

        So what’s your point? If a bunch of young Islamists support a cause, it must be right. Most of the Palestinian and Saudi terrorists are young – following your logic, we must accept terrorism as something good because young people support it.

    2. admiwrath says:

      Who is lying? The Muslim group tried to push its way to the front of the rally to take over and JDL and the police stopped them. And now you try to slamder JDL.

      As of Raheel Raza, she was really upset with that obnoxious guy’s attack. Although the attack was verbal, the clenched fists showed clearly his thoughts. She even mentioned the incident in her interview with Ezra Levant, but obvliously to Islamists the opinion of an independent woman counts for nothing.

    3. Moo Moo says:

      here is a vid of a videographer who took some footage of the protest… watch it until then end where a protester decides to smack him

      1. admiwrath says:

        Stop lying. The little scheme of the Muslim fanatics who support the Islamization of our public schools backfired. If you are so confident that forcing Muslim prayers and disgusting halal food on the city is so popular, why didn’t you organize a support rally of your own? Instead, you tried to take over a legitimate anti-islamic protest. You are beyond pathetic – if you want to get your cult to be accepted seriously, you should move to Saudi Arabia, Iran or another Mulsim sh*thole – they’ll love you there.

  3. SM ISAC says:

    Moo Moo:You and your kind seem incapable of offering any real counter argument, and thus specialize in smearing. What do I mean by “your kind”? Well, like that young Muslim man, whatever his name was, who once again incapable of rational argument (though he is a teacher) goes around insulting people, by calling Raheel Raza “auntie”, another man “grandpa” etc. Sheep’s skin he’s wearing sure peels off easily at the slightest provocation.

    1. Moo Moo says:

      Smear campaign? errr I was there, i saw what happened so did the police. Bit if you’re talking about harding please read the following:

      A relatively recent Ontario case provides an example both of hate propaganda and of the development of the common law in this area. R. v. Harding, provides an example of both hate propaganda and the definition of “wilfully” being defined to include wilful blindness.11

      Mark Harding was a self-described Christian pastor in North York. He was charged under section 319(2) with two counts of wilfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group, specifically Muslims, in relation to two pamphlets written and distributed by him. He was also charged with wilfully promoting hatred through telephone messages at a number members of the general public were invited to call. The counts dated from April 1997, until June 1997. The consent of the Ontario Attorney General was obtained to these charges on June 26, 1997. The accused was acquitted in relation to one of the telephone messages. He was convicted on June 19, 1998, in relation to the other telephone message and the two pamphlets on the basis they contained alarming and false allegations about the adherents of Islam.

      The Court found that the statements were calculated to arouse fear and hatred of Muslims in all non-Muslim people, particularly Christians, including:

      Muslims are a dangerous people capable of terrorism and great cruelty; Muslims are intolerant of other faiths and pose a threat to other faiths; Canadian Muslims are no different from their brethren in other countries, but that they dishonestly masquerade as pacifists; it is the objective of all Canadian Muslims to take over Canada.

      After reading the material as a whole and listening to the witnesses as well as counsel submissions, the judge was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Harding either intended to promote hatred towards Muslims, or was wilfully blind that such was a certain consequence.

      The Court found that, in reference to the defences of good faith or honest belief, it would be a rare case where one who intends to promote hatred can be acting in good faith or upon honest belief.

      The learned judge paraphrased Chief Justice Dickson in Keegstra when he said that he would find very little chance that an expression promoting hatred against an identifiable group is true.

      There was an appeal to the Ontario Court of Justice on law regarding wilful blindness and the defence of good faith on a religious subject. The appeal was dismissed. A further appeal to the Ontario Court of Appeal resulted in a dismissal of Mr. Harding’s appeal and a confirmation of the conviction on October 9, 2001.

  4. The Lone Ranger says:

    @Moo Moo

    If Mark Harding was protesting against radical Catholicism it would never have made it into court. Almost anything in print, a recording or speech that is not politically correct can be regarded as “hate” these days in the Big Empty. Muslims are literally a privileged class in Canada and in other Western nations where they have become almost untouchable. Why?

    The whole point of this demonstration is to protest the fact that the TDSB has allowed a school to (A) hold Islamic prayers and readings from the Koran DURING SCHOOL HOURS, and (b) separate the girls from the boys in accordance with Islamic cultural norms while menstruating girls sit at the back like 3rd class citizens.

    Canadian laws and cultural values mean absolutely nothing to the Islamists, who are not “immigrants,” in the true sense of that word. In truth, Fundamental Islam is a one-way street. You are not here to “integrate” or become “Canadians,” you are here as colonizers, plain and simple. The useful idiots on the left are only too willing to give into every demand you make, stupidly thinking that they are promoting “diversity.”

    But for as long as you continue to loudly demand changes to suit only you and YOUR “kind,” be rest assured that the rest of us will be there to oppose you every step of the way.

  5. SM ISAC says:

    Re Mark Harding: I am certain that when (not if) the whole story comes out, Mr. Harding’s name will have been cleared. You will get a part of the story in the interview that he has given on SUNTV with Ezra Levant this afternoon (August 10) See it for yourself. Truth prevails in the end.

  6. The Lone Ranger says:

    I see Mark Harding has been attacked over this on Youtube (not suprisingly). needless to say, I defended his right to freedom of expression, something for which he would most certainly not have been prosecuted for in the USA. The bigger probrlm here is what this extremist form of Wahhabi Islam is bringing to the West.

    If I may, here is an article in the British tabloid, the Daily mail, written by a (modern) British Muslim woman, denouncing the absurdities and backwardness of the Burka in moern society.

  7. Elaine says:

    can someone tell me when the next protest is going to take place and at approx. what time thx

  8. naveed says:

    Hi there

    What seems hypocritical is that there is a TDSB school called Fisherville Junior High School which allows jews to pray in the cafeteria during there jewish holidays. THe cafe is closed to students the entire day and they are forced to eat lunch elsewhere. So how can JDL and other jews be against islamic prayers when jewish prayers happen to?

    1. admiwrath says:

      Take your anti-Semitic lies to a an Iranian or a Saudi site, they’ll be happy to take them. Just get lost.

  9. Greg Enright says:

    Schools are places for learning and reason, not worship or faith. I cannot believe there’s even a question about whether the activities in question are justifiable.

    No one is prohibited from being religious or from performing prayer while on school premises. That is a commonly held belief, but it’s a mistaken one. If you want to pray, there are numerous opportunities to do so throughout the day — before school, between classes, during lunch, after school etc. Go ahead, pray, pray, pray if you like.

    IMO, however, if kids leave school without permission or fail to return when expected, it should not matter what they claim is the reason. The consequence must be equal for all students. This pretense that faith-based excuses are special cases is nauseating.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Yes, you’re right. If the Muslim kids don’t want to go to the mosque, it’s their fanatical parents’ task to control them. They shouldn’t organize a mosque in a public school at a taxpayer’s expense. The Muslims expoit us enough already.

  10. Elks says:

    It took me one minute with Google to find this now cssialc example of the pseudo-intellectual accusation that everyone is prejudiced, but only Whites are racist. That is the university accredited definition!This is asymmetric, intellectual warfare. The people who want to be good are falling for propaganda designed to control them. Socialists offer to increase the power of the state over them as an expiation of their sins. This only works because they are already good people, with the usual amount of anxiety about the world.This standard argument deserves to be seen in detail to be opposed and laughed at.By Caleb Rosado, Department of Urban Studies, Eastern University, Philadelphia, PA [edited, emphasis added]=== ===Prejudice by itself is not racism. Racism results when someone uses his position of political or institutional power to reinforce his prejudice and limit the rights and opportunities of others.Racism is prejudice plus power. All people can be prejudiced; only those who have power are really racist. African Americans, Latinos, Asians and American Indians (the powerless in American society) can be and often are most prejudiced toward Whites on an individual basis, but they are not racists at the structural, institutional level.Racism requires two things: (1) socioeconomic power to force others to do what you desire, and (2) the justification of this power abuse by an ideology of biological supremacy. At present, only Whites have that kind of power, reinforced by a belief in an ideology of supremacy, both of which constitute the basis of racism in America today. What is described as racism is often nothing more than prejudice and discrimination. A Black or Latino person might use a gun or intimidation to force a White person to submit. This is an individual act of aggression, not a socially structured power arrangement.=== ===This is the message applied politically: When a Black man dislikes a White man or his statements, that is simple prejudice, a regrettable mistake. When a White man dislikes a Black man or his statements, that is Racism requiring the intervention of the government. This is the accepted Liberal view, taught at respectable universities and enforced by the

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