Tim Hudak – Toronto Muslims’ Secret Crutch

I thought I would never live to see that – the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party announced that they are not going to make an issue of religion in schools, refering to the recent discovery of an improvised Friday mosque being conducted in a Toronto public school during the regular school hours.

Blazingcatfur, who reported that, has already stated that Hudak has lost his vote.

At this point, I don’t want to be that harsh on Mr. Hudak – I will assume that he is not totally aware what that situation means.

I’m willing to give him some time to dust off his encyclopedia and look up what “conservatism” means. If the book tells him that he must tolerate a barbaric ideology over the interests and beliefs of the people who pay the taxes and whom he expects to vote for him, he is probably reading a Soviet encyclopedia.

Dear Tim, as soon as you show clearly that the majority of people in Ontario mean something to you and you’ll work to defend their interests, you will have my vote. Your party has no right to impose any particular religion on our publis schools.

Until then, you are nothing more than a little crutch, which helps Islamists to invade our public school system.

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  1. Peggy says:

    The PC platform has been published. It is focused on taxes and energy prices. The issue of Muslim prayers in schools is a Liberal problem created under a Liberal government.

    Vote PC and then the PC party can bring some common sense to all sectors of the province including curriculum and religion in public schools.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Thank you for your comments. I don’t think that Tim Hudak is a bad person. My problem is that he was infected by that common problem of most Canadian politicians, which makes them tread on eggshells when dealing with problems caused by an aggressive minority (in this case, the fanatical Islamists). I want too see just one politician, who could stand up and say: “Yes, we have traditions we are proud of. If you don’t like them, don’t come here.”

      Instead, they are pandering to the demand of a barbaric religion, which has brought mostly misery every place where it dominates. That’s why so many Muslims want to immigrate, most of them don’t like the Islamic paradise. Yet when they come here, they try to rebuild the same hell they escaped from with the help of the government and OHRC. Is Mr. Hudak going to do anything about that? If sharia rule is established, all the talk about taxes and energy becomes meaningless.

      Catering to people who hate our traditions is not going to bring him more votes from the Canadians, who don’t want their lifestyles destroyed. And here is a new for him – the Muslims will hate him no matter what.

      The horror of the situation lies in the fact that there isn’t a single party or politician who would work for the ordinary working person (not the union bum). The last politician to whose campaign I contributed was Mike Harris (if I don’t count my support for Rob Ford last year). He was the last sensible politician in Ontario who delivered on his promises. Of course, after systematic blackmail, the welfare croud, the unions and the artists got to replace him with idiot McGuinty and we all know what happened.

      Frankly, I would like to see Tim Hudak take a much more decisive stand on the major issues that violate the rights of the taxpayers. If the taxpayers start leaving Ontario, where is he going to get money to pay off the McGuinty deficit and to finance life-long welfare, union parasites and Islamic barbarians?

  2. Peggy says:

    to admiwrath
    You say this is the ONE reason for not voting PC. I can provide you with thousands of reasons for not voting Liberal. First, this situation was created by a Liberal government. Nuff said.

  3. Dana says:

    I think kids praying at school is no indicator of fanaticism. The fact that Tim is promoting tolerance and understanding of not only Islamic religion, but other religions including Atheism, is something I commend him for. He may have lost your vote, but has certainly gained mine.

    Your blatant display of intolerance towards the HUMANS that share your earth, is rather appalling.


    1. admiwrath says:

      And your blatant muslim propaganda is even more appalling. So you find the presence of that cult perfectly acceptable, even though girls are mistreated and segregated? Is that Tim Hudak’s opinion as well? I should remind you that no other religion is allowed in public schools in Ontario. Why is muslim fanaticism in such a privileged position?

      “Other religions including Atheism” – are you aware of the fact that atheism is not a religion?

  4. jennifer says:

    how dare you call islam barbaric. look at your own bloody past of domination and execution.

  5. jennifer says:

    yet it is ok and even ‘feminist’ for women to go without a shirt in public, becuase it is the essence of ‘equality’-women can do exactly as men. yet when they do this, they are being treated and looked at as meat and objects, which is how the traditional western society deems women. don’t act like our ‘secular’ society values women, becuase it doesn’t. segregation and mistreatment of women is a CULTURAL practice and is not islamic so get that through your thick heads.

    1. admiwrath says:

      Are you sure that your name is “Jennifer”?

  6. Tedjusant says:

    Sounds like a bloke with a dress on.
    How can mistreatment of women be CULTURAL,

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